Today, I will bring you to many popular attractions and local foods in Singapore

I spent 4 days 3 nights on this trip.

Thai version

Popular attractions

- Jewel Changi Airport

- Gardens by the Bay

- Universal Studios Singapore

- Chinatown

- Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

- Merlion Park

Get started!!

We departed from Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) to Changi Singapore Airport (SIN)

The plane almost landing.

Everybody has to go to the immigration area after the plane landed. I recommend to completely fill the information in the immigration form.

During this time, everyone probably knows the spreading of Coronavirus. A good practice is looking after yourself. You should wear a surgical mask and wash your hands frequently.

The first checkpoint, Jewel Changi Airport

The largest waterfall in the building, located at Terminal 1  

This is the first place for Singapore visitor, The Jewel @ Changi Airport, a huge waterfall inside the Changi Airport Terminal 1. 

A ticket is required for those who want to visit the upstairs, but it is free to visit on the ground floor. 

It was time to get into the city. We got out the Terminal 1 by the tram and went to  MRT by the "Train to City" Sign.

The MRT is nice and clean. Only the Green-line is available from Changi to the City. We took this MRT to Farrer Park (Our booked place) cost 3.90 SGD.

I used EZ-Link. Purchased for 12 SGD. This card has a 20% discount on MRT for every trip.

You can only use 7 SGD and another as card fees. The card is available for 5 years.

Every MRT information counter is selling the EZ-Link but with a different collection.

Farrer Park station has City Square Mall and Mustafa Centre nearby.

After we kept luggage at our accommodation, we went to the restaurant for dinner.

We decided to have a local meal. There are many restaurants here, but we chose the one nearest.

This restaurant is named "Junior Kuppana" near Farrer Park

Commonly, the Indians use their hand for a meal but this restaurant provided us the utensils. Every plate had a banana leaf on top of it.

This was my first time having Indian meal. 

I had no idea for what to order. So, I decided to ask for a server an advice. He was so nice and friendly. 

Total cost for this meal is only 80 SGD for 5 persons.

This curry is so delicious. Just put on any roti flour or "Naan".

It looks not that good. But MUST TRY.

This chicken meal is recommended by a server. But I totally forget what does it call.

There is a green unique sauce, my first time tried this sauce!

After we filled our belly, time to visit a Landmark. 

We came to Gardens by the Bay. Stop by Bayfront Station.

We only stay in Bay South Outdoor Gardens because it is a bypass to Supertrees.

Cool breeze here on the bridge, Singapore Flyer is on our sight.

There are only 2 rounds of light event each day. At 19.45 and 20.45 Local time.

Each show takes 15 minutes. Try to find a space to sit and watch it. 

That is my first day in Singapore.

Day 2, I give to Universal Studios Singapore all day long.

I will write a separate content, too many pictures and attraction for here.

After tired from the Park, time to eat!

We went back by Sentosa Express for VivoCity

We stopped at Food Republic at VivoCity

No time to waste ! We order Laksa from Fatty Aunt store. This store shows many certificate about Laksa on the wall. Why not trying?

It tasted like our Thai North style curry.

The fried stuffs in this bowl are additively delicious. Recommended !

The price is around 8 SGD

The department store here is no different from others. 

But there are some souvenirs to be purchased here.

We went back to Farrer Park, but no our home. We walked to Mustafa Centre !

This department store items are SURPRISINGLY CHEAP. How comes the profit?

It opens 24/7. We came here like a convenience store. LOL

All of the stuffs you can find here, JUST COME.

Tried to find a combo pack / promotion. It saves a lot.

End of Day 2.

This is Day 3, so fast. Chinatown is can't missed! MRT Stop by Chinatown Station.

During this time was quite quiet. Because of COVID19 outbreak. Many tourists didn't come here. But there still some stores opening.

This picture shows an Authentication of Chinese Culture

This souvenir store looks like China!

It is noon now. We went to Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice at Maxwell Food Centre

Just wanna know the legend is real.

We ordered half-sized chicken priced at 12 SGD and the hainanese rice for 5 plates cost 4 SGD. Relatively cheap comparing to the quality. 

The Chicken is REAL. Soft and Rich of taste !

This is Bak Kut Teh from the rear or Maxwell. In my opinion, it is too plain. 

I supposed that this taste is original, LOL, never have tried any Buk Kut Teh before. 

It was only 5 SGD.

This plate is AH Tai Hainanese Chicken Rice. The direct competitor of Tian Tian.

This set cost  3.5 SGD including Soup.

After we are done, we walked to Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.

Taadaa ! Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. This place is one of the most famous temple in Singapore. The Chinese style architecture is applied fully to this temple.

On the upper floor, there is a sculpture of Buddha. 

No photo taking except the ground floor.

The temple is closed the 2nd and top floor during this period.

Formal attire is required, but they will lend a cloth if the traveler failed to meet the temple requirement.

After we finished, we went into Chinatown. Most of the stores were opened. 

Unfortunately, it was raining.

We passed the ice-cream shop and met a handsome cat selling ice-cream.

We can't resist to buy Durian Ice-cream. Feeling like eating Freezing Durian.

This is one of the souvenirs we purchased here.

Next stop, Merlion, the Singapore's Landmark. This is a requirement while traveling to Singapore. We rode MRT to Raffle Place and leave at Exit H. Continue walked for 600. Finally, Merlion Park.

At Raffle Place nearby, there is a boat service to Merlion. I don't sure about the price.

While walking, we found a nice neat bridge in front of The Fullerton Hotel. 

Let's take a snapshot.

Finally, we made to Merlion Park. It is beautiful here, Marina Bay Sands can be seen in the opposite side. Cold wind breeze here from the Bay.

This one is a Mini Merlion. How Cute.

When we walked in a long time, which made us feel hungry so we looked for a food shop nearby Merlion Park.

This Bingsu cost 16.50 SGD. So expensive, but it is large.

We walked along Jubilee Bridge to take some photos of Marina Bay Sands.

Relax atmosphere here.

We went straight back to our hotel. At the back of our hotel, there is a seafood restaurant, Bee Hiang Seafood, this restaurant is a Chinese style restaurant. 

Every dish of this restaurant is delicious, we spent 169 SGD. 


Because of Chili Crab!

This is Hong Kong noodle, UMAMI.

Oyster Omelette, oyster smelled really fresh.

Butter Prawn, Sweet!

Dragon something, couldn't remember. Very nice.

Lastly, Chili Crab, the must try in Singapore. The reason we are here!

Almost done for this trip,

We went back to Changi International Aiport.

Look what we saw! Olaf from Frozen. They will change the mascot here every time.

He can rotate ... :)

A souvenir from Changi? Garrett Popcorn is one of the best choices.

This is a view from the toilet, who will believe this?

Bye Bye, Singapore.

About Tax Refund from Mustafa Centre. 

A traveler have to purchase at least 100 SGD Tax Refund. 

The Tax refund counter is located at B2.

Just give them a Passport and receipts. They will process it. 

Then do the refund at the Airport. 

For those who have a GST refund item in a Check-in baggage. 

GST refund is available before pass the passenger gate.

But for those Carry-on, Tax will be refunded at GST refund in the gate.

The cost for this trip:

- Flight ticket 3300 THB

- EZ-Link Card 12 SGD ~= 270 THB

- Traveling expense other than EZ-Link 5 SGD ~= 112.5 THB

- Sentosa Express 4 SGD ~= 90 THB

- Universal Studios Singapore Entrance ticket 1500 THB

- Accommodation 2243 THB / 3 night

- Food and Drinks 3000 THB

Total cost 10,515.5 THB

Ultimately, thanks for reading. See you in next trip.

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