Hi Everyone, welcome to a cool off trip at Andaman Sea (Krabi)...

The Fine Day @ Andaman

with four islands: Phra Nang Cave - Koh Kai - Talay Waek - Koh Poda

In a beautiful morning, the tour agent comes to pick us up at the hotel and drop off at Ao Nang Beach. Then we get on the boat and our guild today is Khun Alex...LET'S GET IT STARTED

(This trip we go with Baracudus travel and agency)

Not too far from Ao Nang, this is our first destination of the day.

No.1 Phra Nang Cave

Which is located on the opposite side with Rai Lay Bay. There are many resorts and restaurant with beautiful sand and sea as well as stalactite in the cave. The highlight here is a very interesting story of To Nang Shrine that has a connection with other islands in Andaman Sea.

In the past, most of fisherman will come to the shrine to pray for their luckiness before sailing.

Rock Climbing is the famous activity for foreigners.

No. 2 Koh Kai

This is the island that has a mountain look like hen.

(We did not get on the island just taking photos from the boat and snorkelling.)


No. 3 Talay Waek (Separated Sea)

This is the highlight of the trip. Unluckily, today has no Separated Sea due to water rise up. When the water down, we will see the Separated Sea with with a conecting path to the three islands which are Koh Kai, Koh Mo and Koh Tub. You can actually walk to those islands.

No. 4 Koh Por Da

This is a private island with white sand and clear water. However, there is no entrance fee for the island. This island is not too far away from Ao Nang Beach but it is quite a busy island.

The Journey

You can buy a package tour of 4 islands with speedboat or long tail boat from Ao Nang Beach at around 2,000 Baht.

For this trip, thank you very much and goodbye

See you on my next journey^^

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