During the social distancing situation in Thailand. Actually, it does not mean that we have to stay only at our home. But we have to take more good care ourselves and other people. Wearing mask when enter to the crowded area, use alcohol gel more often, do not touch pick the food by hands and we can go out but follow the rule when visit every places.

Today I and my friend Yui want to get in to the city center after we were stay home for 2 months during COVID situation. 

Now many places are open for visitors,shops, restaurants but still keep distance between queue, table. At the entrance of every places providing alcohol gel and temperature check.

We start the day by drive and park the car near Wat Pho because we do not want to hop around by air con car but we want "Tuk Tuk". After parked the car then we walk along the road near Wat Pho. We drop by at a small congee shop which I tried many times but this is first time for Yui.

We order normal menu and Yui really like congee here. The taste is so good and the aunt is very kind and friendly. And for 2 congee and drinking water is only THB 95.

Finish light breakfast and then I got a Thai coffee. See this coffee in the plastic bag wrapped with the rope which I can carry on during the trip.

We got Tuk Tuk and I told driver for the places that we want to visit. Firstly he took us to Wat Suthat but unfortunately the temple was closed. 

Then we change to visit Wat Ratchabophit Sathit Maha Simaram Ratchaworawihan has a royal cemetery which is located outside the Maha Sima Wall of the Eastern Temple. 

Adjacent to Atsadang road Along the old moat canal King Chulalongkorn Graciously pleased To be built to contain the relics of the bones (bones) and the body of the bones (ashes) as a royal support for the royal patronage, royal patronage, the mother and son of his daughter There are various architectural styles. 

The pagoda, Phra Prang, Thai temple, Khmer style (Lop Buri Prang Art) and Gothic style, located in a garden with Frangipani trees and shrubs. 

Beautifully planted The important monument is the 4 golden pagodas, arranged in order from north to south. I visit temple many times but it again first time for Yui. I like this temple as besides of the history of the temple there are so beautiful architecture all area.

We left to another temple "Wat Bowonniwet.Wat Bowonniwet Vihara" or Wat Bowonniwet Vihara Is a first class royal temple Worachai species Located on Bowonniwet Road and Phra Sumen Road, Bowonniwet Subdistrict, Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok Established by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Sakdiphon Front palace of King Rama 3.

The principal Buddha statue in this monastery differs from other temples in general: it has 2 main Buddha statues and is important because it is an ancient Buddha image, namely the Buddha Chinni . Which was brought from the northern sanctuary Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat Woramahaviharn Phitsanulok Province By inviting the whole body around the year 1830 and Phra Suwannakhet or "Phra To" or Luang Pho Phet, the main Buddha statue enshrined behind the Buddha Chin Si Is the first Buddha statue of this temple Which His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Sakdiphon Brought from Sra Taphan Temple Phetchaburi Province

After visit 2 temple Yui need some coffee then I took her to nice Starbuck in Khaosan.

We got our drink and sit separately table. 

Spent around 20 minutes then we left and Tuk Tuk took us around to see how Bangkok look like during this period. 

There are no traffic so we can go around and reach from place to place easily. But now it time for lunch and I want to take Yui to try a Thai Authentic Cuisine Restaurant name "Anya" as they have many special menu.

The restaurant located next to the Ministry of interior Office. 

I booked the table and order set menu as this kind of food need time to prepare. 

The first menu we call in Thai "Khao Chae" this is not food but it is a kind of afternoon break menu like afternoon tea but Thai people prefer to eat and drink cold and this menu very famous during summer. 

The main dish is jasmine rice in the flower water which make you feel fresh and good smell when you drink the the water together with rice. Each spoon is recommended to have with each side dish then you can taste the difference taste.

This is first time for Yui. At the first spoon her face can not say she likes or not but after second and third then she become enjoy this menu.

We enjoy eating and talking till our set lunch are ready. 
We ordered difference menu then we can try more menu. 

My one with the steam rice with yellow curry and pineapple. Tom Kha fish, Fish cake and some snack.The set included desert and fruit.

Yui order another set. Rice, green curry with chicken, sweet and sour fish, some snack and fruit. 

Beside of that we ordered signature menu. Noodle with crap curry and I like this menu very much.

The food are so good and the way they display each dish are amazing. The herb drink which we order is bergamot juice and this is recommended because this drink can cool you down from high temperature outside.

We were full.

But Yui again need some coffee. I notice that there is new Starbuck shop close to Hua Lamphong Railway station. This shop is on the ground floor of Chic Hotel and they have very good space.

And she got her coffee.

We still have time and driver suggest us to visit another temple call "Wat Intharawihan., the royal temple is known for Luang Phor To, a large Buddha image, holding a bowl of alms Which is the highest Buddha statue and statue in Bangkok

At present, Luang Phor To, Inthawihan Temple Is the highest statue and Buddha statue in ฺBangkok, statues and Buddha images The 8th highest in Thailand, the temple has organized an annual event. Between 1 - 10 March every year However, when Dhammakaya Buddha, Thep Mongkol Pak Nam Phasi Charoen Temple which has a height of 69 meters, complete construction Will make Luang Pho To Became the 2nd tallest statue in Bangkok instead.

So, today we visit 3 temples in Bangkok. Enjoyed wonderful lunch and coffee. 

Most of all hopping around Bangkok by Tuk Tuk is very good experience especially for Yui who never try before.

We shared some shots to our friends and they complain us did not invite them. Then I have to plan for next trip which every one can join.

Let's plan.!!!



 Monday, May 25, 2020 1:39 PM