"After me and Wat came back from trip to Kanchanaburi last week. He has idea to travel to another green area called Khaoyai. But as this trip will be during weekday so some of friends are not available then we have to find new group."

Finally, we got 4 men (Wat, Diw, Aek and Title) and myself for trip 24-26 June. We book simple hotels and will stay one night in city and another night near mountain area. Khaoyai actually is the name of National Park which some part is located in Korat Province. And there are many interesting places in Korat Province besides of Khao Yai. And this time we will visit those places.

Day 1

We left Bangkok around 7am and this is good time to start the tour because everyone do not have breakfast yet and we will have it at local restaurant on the way.

Baan Suan food avenue is strongly recommended for this routing as there are lots of food stalls, good prices, clean venue and most of all clean toilet.

After breakfast we continue to the first stop which is Sawang Daowadueng Foundation where there are lots of the Chinese god statues. 

When we arrived and listen orientation from staff who explain how to explore and worship to each god then we started with the main hall.

The main hall is located on the small mountain and the building have 2 level. Inside the hall are lots of Chinese god statues for visitors to worship and pray for their purpose. Some people pray for lucky, some pray to get kids, some pray for happiness.

After main all we continue to worship other gods statue. 

I do not have much have knowledge about Chinese gods but for me this is fabulous place.

Outside the hall they also have important god statue for worship.

We spent around 1 hour there and then left for lunch. We chose Baan Mai Chai Nam ( Waterside House) today. This restaurant is decorated with toys, dolls and lots of things which owner put them here like a museum.

The restaurant is large and separate to be corners which we can choose. If you are coming by car or van you can park the car in front of the restaurant and just a few steps to reach to the restaurant. But if you are coming with big group in the bus. You have to park the bus outside and they will send the shuttle to pick you up.

Their variety menu suitable for kids, young people and everyone.

We start with appetizer

Then main course

Follow by dessert

After lunch we continue to visit the temple name “Wat Thammachak Semaram”. There is the oldest and biggest reclining buddha image which made of red sandstone. This buddha image was built in 657 AD. It is 13.30 meters long and 2.80 meters high.

Normally, Thai people go to temple for worship and pray. Here are many Thai people visit and pray with flower, incense sticks and candle.

We left the temple and heading to the hotel which booked at "AisanA Hotel". This is medium size hotel with nice and large lobby. And as we are arriving on weekday so there not many guests. 

After checked in we all went to the room and we have 1-2 hours for refresh and relax before go out for dinner.

The room is nice, clean and all facility look new. I like the room with high ceiling because it make me feel comfortable. The bed and pillow are soft and clean.

We all were ready at the lobby and heading to the local restaurant name “Je Noi Kratok” which is one of the famous local restaurant in this area.

We order 6 menu today.

Chicken wing

Spicy pork salad


Stir fried mix mushroom


Stir fried green vegetable with glass noodle (recommended by chef) And this is very good menu.

Finished dinner everyone full and today we do not have space for dessert. So, we went back to hotel to take rest and prepare for tomorrow.

Day 2

Everyone was ready at lobby as we plan to leave around 8am to visit the important temple in this province. 

The temple name “Wat Sala Loy” which is the temple where they keep dust of the bone of the heroine name “Thao Suranari” She is the royally bestowed title of Lady Mo, also known as Ya Mo, who was the wife of the deputy governor of Nakhon Ratchasima, the stronghold of Siamese control over its Laotian vassals. In 1826 Vientiane King Anouvong invaded Siam seeking complete independence. All the people in this province and other visit this temple for worship to her statue in the city and also at this temple.

At the temple we saw very beautiful architecture of ubosot. The shape of this ubosot is difference from other temple and there are no any painting on the outside and inside wall.

The main buddha image is in standing while other temples are sitting. This is beautiful buddha image. We worship to the buddha image and then moved to another small and old ubosot which was the first ubosot of this temple.

There are not any painting inside this ubosot as well. But there are many buddha images for visitor to worship.

After that we moved to worship the statue of “Thao Suranari” and pray for our luck and happiness.

And the time is for lunch. Wat suggested this restaurant “Bay Marina” the restaurant is located at the “Shun lee hotel Korat”. The restaurant decorated like gallery keeping old camera, toys, dolls etc.,

We ordered fish

Deep fried crab meat roll

Deep friend pork leg with seafood sauce (order by Diw)

Stir fried Fresh water prawn with yellow curry

Egg noodle with dry pork (my menu)

And clear soup with pork wrapped with Thai omelet

All food is very good. The taste is very good and the prices also amazing cheap. I recommended this restaurant for your next trip.

After lunch then we continue to visit “Prasat Hin Phanom Wan” with similar architecture with Prasart Hin Pimai which is very famous for visitor.

We were lucky when we arrived there was another group arrived with welcome dancing. I like the way they dress in Khmer style and the way they dance is so beautiful.

I got good shot with them.

And got many shots around area. I really to visit this kind of the place even I do not have much knowledge about their history but even walk around to enjoy architecture is good enough for me.

This place was built since around 16th – 17th century to be place of worship and this one is number 5th biggest in Thailand.

In the main area I found there are 3 buddha images which people worship with flower, incense sticks. And I walked around the area and get many shots.

And this is I favorite shot took by Title.

After that Title have idea to visit the pottery village name Dan Kwian which is well knows for the quality and beautiful of pottery which sell to all area in Thailand and some also export to other countries as well.

We arrived the village and lucky that we met with a famous artist who molding a big owl bird.

He is profession. This big 4 birds take only one week and the price for each is THB 2500. The prices is so cheap when we saw how he made it.

And this owl inspire Title to get some pottery as souvenir to his home.

And he got this one. It too big to put in our van but it doesn’t the matter. They have delivery service. I like the shape and color of this pottery.

We left the pottery village and heading to the view point to see beautiful sunset. “Yai Tiang Mountain” is the name of the mountain where there is “Lam Takong Dam” located. And that view point we can see the beautiful panoramic view of the express way, water and mountains.

They provide bicycle with only THB 10 and you can ride around the reservoir but since we do not have much time before sunset so we just walk the view point.

We arrived the view point on the right time. The view is amazing.

We got many shots from here.

And then we go down from the mountain and heading to the restaurant for dinner. And today we will have dinner at “Chanpha Restaurant” This restaurant is famous for fish menu.

Steam snake head fish with spice sauce and vegetable

Fried chicken with tamarind sauce

Fried mix vegetable


Fried papaya salad

Fried fish with sweet and sour sauce

Food is so good (again) and we all are full, no dessert today. So, we heading direct to hotel. And this hotel was booked by Diw with the simple reason because he like the painting on the wall at this hotel which he saw on the internet. This  hotel name La Rena Maroc.

We arrived to hotel quite late and it dark so we did not enjoy the wall painting. After checked in we all direct to our room.

My room decorate in Moroccan style (and I think every room will be the same). I like it, room is clean and comfortable bed and pillow. 2 bottles of drinking water and amenity in the bathroom. In general if compare with the price which we booked is not too expensive.

Day 3

Since we booked room without breakfast because we want to have local breakfast today. So, we checked out around 7am and go direct to the local food shop called “Khao Moo Dang Suphan”. This is a famous shop in this area. They have only 4-5 menu but all menu are very delicious.

We all ordered same menu which is rice with grilled pork with red sauce and crispy pork and topping with sweet sausage and gravy. And everyone also order soup.

Travelling with a group of men is also good because they are good for eating then I can order more item even I can not finish but they can help.

This shop is strongly recommended for you who travel to this area. This shop is not far from the hotel which we stay last night, it takes around 15-20 minutes by car.

Today is last day for this trip so we want to keep it lazy. I suggest them to visit Toscana Valley which is hotels and there are many restaurant and café which we can enjoy drinking coffee with good view.

Unfortunately, this period which effect from COVID during few months so some shops and restaurant still not open yet. So, we can just walk around and take photo.

Anyway, we got many good shots from here.

And it is almost lunch time then we moved to “Krua Kampan Restaurant” a local restaurant which well known for local people and tourist.

They serve mainly Thai food with good taste. The venue is large and comfortable and good view.

We order few menus.

Deep fried chicken

Mix mushroom salad


Fried dried fish with red curry

All food are good except for soup I think (personally) should be more spice and sour.

We did not have dessert at this restaurant because we have other idea.

We left for Bangkok Wat suggest to drop by and enjoy mango at “Khaoyai Mango House Farm” the café which serve all mango dessert such as sticky rice with mango, mango ice-cream, mango smoothy, mango pudding etc.,

We arrived to the shop at the right as there are not much people there. We got the table outdoor because we want to enjoy the view. They also have air-con but we prefer open air.

We order few menus to join.

But I personally ordered sticky rice with mango as I really like this menu.

We enjoy the view and the taste of dessert. I have to say that I love this mango, not too sweet or sour but good in both and the sticky rice is not too much milky with coconut milk. I cannot believe myself finish this menu myself.

Besides dessert there also the view which you can take nice shots around the cafe.

Finally we completed this trip to Korat and Khaoyai in 3 days. And it time to go home. Many people know Korat but they might not know what Korat have besides of Khao Yai National Park. Even we spent 3 days this time but I think there are many places that we did not visit yet. So, I recommend you to try the trip like us as we drop along the way and this make us feel that 4 hours from Bangkok is not that far.


 Saturday, June 27, 2020 2:18 PM