Hello my dayoff with such a hot weather! This year is actually hotter than many other previous

years. Well, I guess nobody want to stay at home in the middle of the weather like this. And if one

would think of a place to escape the heat, it can't be anywhere else but the sea... Today Latte Pun

Yen Yen will take you to one of the top destinations by the sea which is Cha-am - Hua Hin. I would

also insert a trip to bakery houses to increase our level of sugar in our body and a seafood

restaurant. Then it will be about the private stay at Springfield @ Sea Resort & Spa.

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The main mission of this trip is to go and relax with my family at Springfield @ Sea Resort & Spa. We depart from Bangkok early in order to be able to make some stops along the way.

Firstly, we make a stop at Cha-am Beach to look for something delicious to eat. We choose to eat while sitting on the beach chairs on the beach. The foods that we order are those seafood including squids, shrimps, mussels, crabs, fish, and so on. For your information, this set of photos was taken on the previous trip.

The good thing about eating here this way is that you will be so close to the sea, your bare feet are in the sand, and foods are not expensive.

However, it is not convenient. You are eating right on the beach so the wind is very strong. Your hair will be messed up and you will find your body sticky. Eiei

Banana boat would be a good choice for activity in the hot weather like this. Riding it with all good friends would be fantastic and it would cool us down too.

Then we are heading to our accommodation for this trip. Seafood restaurants and bakery houses will be discussed later on.

We will be staying at Springfield @ Sea Resort & Spa, a 5-star resort where it offers high privacy to all guests this time. It is located between Cha-am and Hua Hin. The resort is only about 15-minute drive from Cha-am. ...We do the check-in right away at the Lobby after arriving at the resort. Well, it is a pity that I didn't have a chance to take a photo of the Welcome drink because I was busy sorting out our room.

Springfield @ Sea Resort & Spa has been rewarded by numbers of travel website and online accommodation booking website including Booking.com, Agoda, and TripAdvisor.

The first thing I want to show you here is this main pool. It seems to me that it is the highlight of the resort. They are totally huge and there are three of them.

Those families with children must love it here.

These poles in the middle of the pool are like the cool decorations during the daytime.

Let's see what would they be at night!

There are so many relaxing areas around the pool. There are pool chairs, small pavilions, and beanbags spreading throughout the area.

Water activities are also available... They look fun.

This is the resort pool for kids equipped with water slide. The pool is not deep at all designed for children specially.

Everything is well designed so it looks very tidy and nice. It is also very clean. There are staff taking care of the cleanliness all the time.

I have no clue what is this waterfall for at first. After I have taken some photos around here for a while, I see kids sliding down and having fun...

Oh! It is a water slide. This is so cool. hahaha

Next to the pool is the Kids Zone. It is a small playground but big paradise for children.

There are also some relaxing areas for those parents where they can chill while having an eye on their children. It is very shady here as well.

Let's have some refreshing drinks at Coffee@Sea before going to the room!

Coffee@Sea is a cafe by the beach. It is newly opened and the latest zone of the resort.

You can enjoy overlooking the sea view while having your favorite drinks. This cafe is close to the beach, it is just a small street in between.

The cafe in decorated in different colors. It is so pretty. It is also windy here, very refreshing, and perfect for a nice chill time.

Reading your favorite books and drinking coffee here would recharge your energy truly.

I have got my corner. I guess this is the best corner for me to chill since it is facing to the sea. ^_^

My corner has been carefully selected so it is time to order something nice to drink. I want to order some coffee but just realized that I already had one this morning.

I then order the refreshing Italian Soda instead.

This Blue Hawaii is totally nice. It is perfect with the view of the sea like this plus the calm sounds of waves... This is a paradise for traveler indeed.

Well, drinking Blue Hawaii with nothing else seems to be incomplete. So, I guess ordering some bakeries would be a good idea. Eiei

I choose to have a piece of Blueberry Cheesecake along... The cake is nicely prepared and decorated. It looks very yummy.

Blueberry Cheesecake is always delicious but with a decoration like this, it is superb. ^_^

Let me end this enjoyable time at Coffee@Sea with this last photo.

Now, let's go to check out the room and see how nice it would be to stay in!

There are 7 room types in total at Springfield @ Sea Resort & Spa as follows.

1. Deluxe @Sea

2. Grand Deluxe @Sea

3. Springfield Pool room

4. Junior @Sea

5. Pool Villa Beach Front

6. Family Suit

7. Royal Suit

The first one that we will have a look is this Deluxe @Sea which located in the building.

Even though it is the first room category, the room is 44-square meter big. It is nicely designed and decorated. The bed design is also very cool and chic. It is like the bed is floating.

There is a huge sofa bed on the side. You can lie down comfortably.

There is a swing on the balcony. It is overlooking the pool view which is very nice.

There are minibar, LCD TV, and sound system on the opposite side of the bed.

Minibar and the complementary tea, coffee, and cookies are nicely prepared.

Bathrobes, safety box, and umbrella are available inside the wardrobe.

Let's move on to the bathroom! All amenities are nicely placed in the translucent bottles under its own Springfield brand. They smell pretty nice.

They have both shower head and shower jet... I love it. Eiei

The next category of the room that we will have a look is this Junior @Sea.

This room type is perfect for a couple.

The highlight of this room would be the design of the bedroom. The floor of the bedroom is higher than the living room and the mattress is like placing directly on the floor. In addition, the bedroom is totally separated from the living room by the sliding glass wall.

You might be worried that wouldn't it be hot inside the bedroom but actually there is another air conditioner inside.

The sofa set comes with some magazines... There is also a swing on the balcony so I guess it is the signature of the resort since there is one of them in every room.

The difference in the bathroom is that they have bathtub in this type of room... You can dip in the hot tub with no obstacle to the bedroom view. It is very romantic.

The Pool Villa Beach Front is up next. It is a private pool villa.

This type of room is located right by the beach but just a small street in between... It offers you an amazing sea view.

The Pool Villa Beach Front is a 2-storey villa. So, let's start off with the second floor first which is a living room!

There is a pretty huge sofa with many comfortable pillows. This is perfect for a total relaxation. You can also roll on it comfortably.

Dining table is available too.

It is designed in a light pink color tone. This makes the atmosphere of the room very relaxing.

These are slippers they provide and they are available in all rooms.

Let's go down and have a look on the first floor which is the bedroom! It is very nice in design and there is a sofa at the end of the bed.

There are bathtub, shower, and rain shower inside the bathroom and another highlight is that the shower room is without a roof.

Now let's check the private pool out! There is also a swing in a small pavilion by the pool as same as those on the balcony in other guestrooms.

If you look for a chill private place overlooking the sea in the crazy hot temperature like this, this Pool Villa Beach Front would be your perfect choice.

You can jump into the private pool to cool down freely and get refreshing anytime. Moreover, this pool is also get you close to the sea with an amazing sea view. This is wonderful, isn't it?

The highlight of the pool is not only the view but also one part of it, is translucent like this. Those who want to get an underwater photo shot can do it easily with regular camera here. The photographer doesn't need to dive into the water either.

You will get a lot of nice photos underwater for sure.

You can also access to the pool directly from your bedroom.

The last room type we will go and have a look is the highest category of room in the resort.

It is the Royal Suit located on the top floor of the building and there is only 1 room available. I guess we need to call it a top VIP room.

The Royal Suit is also the biggest room in size. The living room has TV, refrigerator, dining table, and minibar.

This sofa set is beautiful in a unique design as well.

Royal Suit has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living room, and a balcony with beautiful view.

Let's go and take a look at the main bedroom first! This main bedroom has a king size bed.

It is designed and decorated pretty similar to other room types but with more decoration items and facilities.

This is the view from the window in the bedroom.

There is a TV on the opposite side of the bed... There is also a bathroom in this main bedroom.

All amenities are nicely set. What I like would be this light blue soap on a shell shape soap dish. It offers such a great ambiance of the sea.

The Jacuzzi with the sea view inside the main bedroom is totally nice and it would be so relaxing dipping in it.

The second bedroom has two single beds.

The size of the room is just right and you can see the sea view through the window from this room as well.

The highlight of this room would be a huge Jacuzzi and a large swing on the balcony.

The swing is big enough to accommodate 2 people.

I guess we have explored enough on the guestrooms. Let's move on to the Spa!

Welcome area at the Spa

The light aroma and light music are just perfect for a good start of a spa journey.

Herbal tea smells so nice and the cold towel is refreshing. I feel calm which is good before the massage get started.

Both single and couple treatment rooms are available. The one that I have is VIP treatment room with 2 beds.

More importantly, there is a Jacuzzi.

The treatment bed for Thai massage is placed on the floor directly.

They even have a treatment room especially for foot massage.

The Fitness Center is located next to the Spa... Those who like to exercise can come over here.

On one side of the Lobby, there is a lounge called Melody @Sea opened from 10 AM - 9 PM.

There will be a live band performing in the evening. They play very sweet and romantic songs. Most of the people are here to chill and relax while having some bakeries, cakes, and ice creams.

The Lobby at night is as beautiful as in the daytime.

This is Gourmet @Sea, an all-day dining restaurant.

It is also a venue for in-house guests to have breakfast.

I would like to end today with the photos of the main pool at night... It is so pretty. I wish it were opened until late at night so I could at least jump into the pool once right now. Eiei

The poles in the middle of the pool that I was wondered what they are for during the day have the lights on at night. The color also changes from time to time.

It is beautiful and romantic somehow.

The new day has come and I woke up early to go and watch the sunrise.. I miss it though. Eiei

Anyway, the sun is still not that high up and I guess this is good enough... Cha-am this morning is so peaceful.

I just cross a little street then I am right here on the beach.

This is an activity by the beach prepared by the resort for in-house guests.

For those who want to just lie down and listen to the sounds of waves, beach chairs are available. These beach chairs will be set with the beach chair pads later in the morning.

It is time for breakfast... Gourmet @Sea is in front of you. You can enter through the Lobby or from here.

I actually want to have a table outside but the weather doesn't seem to be nice.

We then have decided to just sit inside where air conditioner is available... so we could eat happily.

Buffet breakfast line is pretty similar to other hotels and resorts. Thai food, international cuisine, and Egg station are available... The corner I love the most would be this ancient Thai coffee corner.

You can order whatever way you like to have your coffee.

They also have Sweet and Savory Grilled Coconut-Rice Hotcakes.

Pancake with Coconut Pandan Custard and Thai Tea Custard look so yummy.

You can have Chinese Doughnut here as well.

I love this Boiled Rice with Squids and Egg the most.

Children are very happy having breakfast... because the foods are delicious and there are so many of them. ^___^

Breakfast is done and I am going to take the children to Emotion @Sea for some activities.

Springfield @ Sea Resort & Spa has an interesting activity for children who stay here to participate in this summer, it is a drawing and painting contest.

The winner would get a complementary stay at Springfield @ Sea Resort & Spa. You can ask Front Desk for more information.

For children between 3 - 7 years old, it is a painting contest of corners in Springfield @ Sea Resort & Spa.

For children between 8 - 12 years old, it is a drawing and painting contest under the campaign of "my favorite corner in Springfield @ Sea Resort & Spa".

Children can also paint the cartoon doll plaster of Paris

This activity is available on Saturday and Sunday only and it is not complementary.

Families can have their favorite photo screened on a t-short or ceramic cup as well...This is so cute.

I would like to end my happy stay here at Springfield @ Sea Resort & Spa with this photo. I would like to use opportunity to thank Khun Nammon and Khun Vara, the managers of the resort as well.

They have taken a very good care of us on our entire stay, I am very impressed. Therefore, we will be back for sure.

It is time for me to take you to seafood restaurants and bakery houses now.

The first seafood restaurant I want to recommend is "Sangwian Seafood". It is right next to Springfield @ Sea Resort & Spa.

It used to be a small restaurant by the beach but it is a big restaurant nowadays.

Foods are served in a very good timely manner... We actually order more than this but I am not fast enough to take photos of everything. Eiei

The next restaurant is "Pa Heat Seafood". It is at Cha-am Fishing Pier. There is a lot of restaurant around here as well where you can have very fresh seafood.

The menu that I always order every time when I am here is this Steamed Squid with Lime Sauce. It is very spicy and these squids are full with eggs.

Oysters with Herbs, oysters are huge served with some side dishes.

Steamed Crab, the meat is very sweet.

Baked Salted Prawns

Stir-Fried Spicy Clam, this is one of my favorite menus. The clams are sweet and chewy.

Fish Cake and Fried Rice for children

Che Khiao Seafood is the next restaurant. It is in Hua Hin. The restaurant offers such a nice atmosphere by the beach...

Deep Fried Dried Squid as the famous local dish

Stir-Fried Crab in Yellow Curry

The last dish is Deep-Fried Snapper with Sweet Fish Sauce.

Since we are in Hua Hin already so let's drive a bit further to Sam Roi Yod where there is a famous restaurant called "Yok Sod" Eiei.

Although it is quite far, the foods are delicious... This is the view from my table with a very good atmosphere.

The first dish I need to order is Oysters... They are served in a very nice decoration looking so yummy and it is totally tasty.

Stir-Fried Squid with Salted Eggs... very nice

Steamed Crab, look at their eggs!... There is a lot.

We are done with the seafood... so let's go for some bakeries and desserts.

Today I will take you through Naepkhehat Road in Hua Hin. You can whether come from Hua Hin 53 or Hua Hin 55.

My most visited dessert shop or bakery house is "Baan Khrai Wang".

I love it here because it is right by the beach... with beautiful view and calm ambiance. You can even walk down to the beach directly for some photo shoots... It is very nice here.

Refreshing cold drinks

The cake that I think it is the best here is "Young Coconut Cake"... It is so soft.

This Chocolate Lave Cake is also superb.

The last one is Coffee Cake which is very tasty as well.

Another bakery house located close to Baan Khrai Wang is "Chub Cheeva". It is very cute and colorful in design and decoration. You can find a lot of good spot to take photos.

Next bakery house is this Ob - Oon Bakery in Putahracsa Hua Hin...

The bakeries here are all homemade.

I hope this review of mine will be useful for you one way or another.

Lastly, I would like to invite you to visit my page through this link. You can go and have a look at my style of traveling and eating... and I have got to say Sawasdee Kha for now.



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