Hello friends, long time no see. I recently have been very busy and not often go out to other province but I still want to write a review for friends to read. Fortunately, I have heard that Bangkok has a new place to strolling and taking the picture which is ARTBOX, a chic market, which this time it is located near Queen Sirikit National Convention Center

Ae! As usual I still use the same beloved phone to take a picture. If you are ready, so let's go there.

When enter the market, you will see the ARTBOX sign which shows that you are in the right place. This place is Artbox market, now let's go.

I go up to the container immediately when I arrive since it nearly be sunset time.

A picture taking from the above side and down to the ground. It really touch my feeling.

If you want to get on the container, you are allow to take picture there only 3 minutes/person. So we go up and down so many times.

Looking down to the market. Today is Sunday so there are number of people more than other day and the atmosphere looks bustle.

Another side of the market is an activity courtyard and area for listening to the music

After I go up and down the container and yet I get this picture.

I stay up there too long and I should go down to walk on the street now

I like the style of how they arrange the store here, it is cool. I spend a lot of money with this store hahaha

The cloudy sky and I walk alone in the middle of crowded people. People who comes alone would feel a little bit lonely.

But when I turn myself to the other side, the sky is bright. It is strange but ordinary.

I spend a long walk that I start to feel thirsty. I take a rest and find some drink at this store, Have a seat

This is the store's page : https://www.facebook.com/Have-a-seat-415083735298221/timeline/

I sit there for a while and feel that drinking only a beverage can not full feel my stomach, and the hungry feeling is overwhelming me so I have to find other thing to eat.

Like what you see in the picture. It is a grill sausage and actually there is a mash potato serve too.

Not yet I am not full yet and luckily I see a fried chicken and squid store. They serve in a very big piece and I can't stand looking at it, so I buy it one.

And again I am not feeling full yet, so I continuous walking to the middle of the activity courtyard.

To find a popular burger store which is called Mother Trucker.

And I buy it right away ( I want to sat that it is my first time, it is very delicious and I really impressed about it)

The light starts to disappear but people are entering the market gradually

Actually there are many zones of Artbox that looks interesting, such as food, a chic corners for taking a photo and a live music area but me myself have a limited time so I can only take these pictures for you guy. And yet if there is other chance for me to be in other market, please go and meet me there, maybe I would open my store in the market. For today, I would like to end my review here. Bye Bye.

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 Wednesday, June 29, 2016 2:26 PM