will take everyone to Amari Hua Hin Hotel today. This is one of the favorite hotels for many people as it's very spacious when including the condo area and it's fully equip with the facilities.

What I want to recommend before you make a reservation is that the Deluxe room is almost the same, let it be the size or the facilities, except the view. It also doesn't come with bathtub. So it really depends on the view you wanted when making a reservation here. Also, this hotel is not near the beach. But if you want to enjoy the beach, there's a golf cart service to Shoreline Beach Club, which is a personal beach.

It's quite easy to go to Amari Hua Hin Hotel, just following the route of Hua Hin towards Khao Takiab. It is located a bit further from Cicada Market. If you are staying here, you can walk to this market easily.

The hotel entrance is beautiful and clean. The security guard is there to take care of you at all time.

There's also a golf cart service to Shoreline Beach Club. But my apology, this review only stays at the fitness zone. We get hungry in the evening, so we didn't get to go to the Shoreline Beach Club. I feel a bit sorry that we didn't get to enjoy the sunset.

An atmosphere at the check in area... It's quite spacious. Several staff is there to welcome us. Even though there's a lot of people checking in, we didn't wait long.

While we are waiting for checking in, there's several beautiful chairs for us. Nonetheless, it's not so needed because the staff check us in very fast.

Now, it's time to go to our room. This time we are staying at the same building as we checked in. There's two buildings for the hotel service and the rest of the buildings are for condo services for someone who are interested to buy. All are located at the same area but just at different zone.

This is our bed. Such a comfy bed. It has several pillows. I have so good sleep that I almost didn't wake up for breakfast.

There's many channels available for TV and they are all clear and have good signal.

Full Facilities inside the Closet

Tea and coffee are inside the cabinet.

An atmosphere inside the restroom is very clean. There's also a rain shower which is hot and strong.

There's no fruits but coconut and banana candies putting inside the box. It is so easy for us to enjoy.

This is a sofa corner for a relax time, quite comfy.

When looking outside from the balcony, you will see this kind of view. I must say it's not so ocean view as the sea is quite far away. When I booked this room, I was expecting to have a closer view of it. But seeing only like this, I'm thinking that reserving the pool view is enough.

There's this kind of chair placing at the balcony of every room. It is quite comfy for sitting. We can enjoy the sunset or the stars from here.

This is the view from the 7th floor. Since the day we checked in, there's heavy rain so this is all we get. I think it's quite beautiful still.

Let's go explore outside. This is the walkway and how it is decorated.

In front of the Elevator

This is the view in front of our elevator, quite beautiful.

Inside the elevator, there's also a button for disabled people as well as the emergency bottom in case some unexpected incident happen.

The pros of Amari Hua Hin is that they provide a children play room.There's many activities for the kids including games.

Next is the fitness room. We spend quite sometime here. There's quite a lot of equipment for exercising every part of our body. When you come in, you just need to tell your name to the staff and they will give you a bottle of drinking water.

After the exercise, it's the evening time so we are ready for dinner. At first, we were going to go to the Tom Yum Fish Head restaurant at Soi Hua Hin 51. But then we searched in Google in case we could find something more interesting. Then, we found the Giant Buffet which has just opened at Hua Hin Market Villa. So we decided to go to this one instead.

If you are interested, you can click here for its review Giants Buffet yakiniku

Next is breakfast. Well, I wake up quite late. It's already 10 a.m. when I wake up so I hurried down. The photos are not so good as the battery is out and seem like I didn't plug it in last night. So the photos are not that impressive.

The breakfast is served at Mosaic restaurant. The room is quite spacious. We just need to tell the room number and the staff will seat us. There's quite a variety of breakfast, some is delicious and some is not. Usually I like to try rice porridge first. Here, the pork rice porridge has very little meat. I used to read the review, it's not like this.

For the hot food line, hot dog tastes very good as they use good quality ones. There's two type of bacon served and it's delicious too. But the fried line doesn't taste good. The fried noodle is not so delicious.

For the line of salad, fruits and yogurt is great. It is very delicious. Another dish I like very much is the pork knuckle and rice. I had two of it.

After breakfast, we go explore the swimming pool now since it was raining yesterday. Today the weather is very good and with few people.

Let's start from the walkway to the pool. We just need to walk until the end and there's a way into the pool.

A Sunbathing Corner

This corner is for children, the water is very shallow.

An Atmosphere near the Pool

This is the bar near the pool. Aqua – pool bar serves beverages and several Thai food, including snack.

The swimming pool is so great and I really want to swim. I also brought my swimming suit but didn't get to swim since I have to hurry out to do something.

I think this is a favorite corner of the guests as I saw many guests stayed here after swimming yesterday.

After that, we go explore at the Reef Deli – Bistro & Internet Café. It has a good atmosphere both indoor and outdoor.

It is very beautiful and has such a great atmosphere. There's customers sitting at several tables. The cake and beverages look so appetizing.

The outdoor of Reef Deli – Bistro & Internet Café has such a great atmosphere. It opens for lunch and dinner. It also offers ice-cream too.

I think the walkway atmosphere is quite good so here I take it for you guys to enjoy.

Now, let's take a look at Coral Lounge – lobby bar. It is a perfect place for those who'd like to enjoy afternoon tea.

The atmosphere of Coral Lounge – lobby bar is great. It offers tea, coffee, and wine. It is such a perfect place for chitchatting or simply just hanging around.


 Thursday, June 2, 2016 10:30 AM