"Mam Tom Yum Goong @ Khao san road, Banglumpoo.,"

Once, I went to pay homage to Wat Bowonniwet, the old shopping "Banglumpoo", which is now different from the original.

Open kitchen along the way Show the ingredients to see the freshness
and cleanliness to choose from.

Restaurants in Bang Lamphu are quite a lot. Now the Bangkok way is classified as a zone especially selling food Today we will stop by to eat at "Mam Tom Yam Kung Bistro".

Seating area And the atmosphere in the bistro.

Mam Tom Yam Kung bistro is not difficult to find because it is in Bang Lamphu area, Khao San Road, the way to Wat Bowon Niwet Wihan,. Mam Tom Yam Kung bistro In front of the car park building of Bangkok, next to the second shop. Opposite to Bang Lamphu Department Store

Seating area And the atmosphere in the bistro.

Mam Tom Yum Kung is a Thai restaurant. By order But can also make other food menus off the menu as well In any case, there are various dishes on the menu. So many to choose from. Plus it is suitable for bringing foreign friends to sit and eat as well Because the menu is in Thai, English and Chinese, the food is famous according to the name of the restaurant, "Tom Yum Goong".

Fried fish cake

The first dish that we ordered is an appetizer dish. A fried fish cake With delicious dipping sauce Going together with many people will have a slight advantage, that is, they can taste a wider variety of food. For the fried fish cakes of this restaurant. The first word that bites Gives a gummy, bouncy sensation and the scent of spices fills the mouth. You can smell the taste of real fish. The more you dip the signature sauce of the shop that gives the sweet and sour taste. And enjoy chewing of crunchy peanuts, and chewing until you actually have to order a double.

Spicy cockle salad

Yum dish is another menu that is worth trying. Today we ordered a spicy cockle salad. A real big cockle, It was blanched and removed from the new shell, plate to plate, providing the freshness and sweetness of the mussels. Plus with spicy, spicy, sour, salty, sweet, just right, chewing is fun.

Coconut Shoot and Seafood Spicy Salad

This dish is like bringing the sea here because of the variety of the sea such as big shrimps, small shellfish, dipped in egg yolk, ready to eat fresh squid. Sweet, delicious, really fine.

Garlic and Pepper River Prawns.

Another dish that is considered the signature dish of the bistro, apart from Tom Yum Goong, this is a must. Garlic and Pepper River Prawns, Fresh Shrimp Peeled enough to be easy to eat, head firmly attached with fresh shrimp fat (depending on the season) deep fried and mixed with garlic, pepper. Sweet Biting the bouncy shrimp meat all over the mouth. The more you get hot rice to mix and eat, this will be delicious.

Tom Yum Kung

This dish must be considered a "great dish" in the name of the bistro. A lot of Herbal ingredients Large selection of river prawns to swim in the delicious sour, sweet, salty, oily and fragrant tom yum soup. The more the crunchy, sweet, nutty coconut shoots And the softness of a large piece of straw mushroom Even more flavor enhancing this dish of Tom Yum Goong I am too happy to be happy. How spicy do you want Can notify the chef.

Stir Fried Miao vegetables with Crispy Pork.

This plate of big pieces of crispy pork is the hero Because of the crispy, crunchy taste of pork skins that are fried until puffiness The tenderness of pork belly Goes well with stir fried miao vegetables The taste is salty, oily, and crispy. Enjoyable. Please ask for another dish.

Stir Fried Crab Meat with Curry Powder.

This dish is perfect for those who like to eat crab. But lazy to peel because the crab meat of Maam Tom Yum Kung bistro comes in large pieces, fresh mixed with curry powder. Make the fragrance absolutely diffused Get the sweetness of onion to drive the flavor of crab meat that is already sweet For more deliciousness, hot steamed rice has to come.

Fried Prawn with Salted Egg.

I will say "Prawn" here is really cool, even though it's a small restaurant on the street but I can tell you "Fresh Deng Sweet" no matter what you use to cook it, it is really delicious on the menu of the restaurant. "Stir Fried Squid with Salted Eggs" but we ate shrimp for two menus. I think the shrimp are great, so I ordered "Stir Fried Shrimp with Salted Egg" to eat instead.

The food has arrived, the rice has arrived,
and the friends are ready and I must say that they are even more ready.

Customers keep walking into the store, even if it's not at mealtime.

Cleanliness gives a full rating. Keep the table fast all the time.

Besides serving food, sitting and eating at the restaurant Mam Tom Yum Kung Bistro Also serve Deliveries By ordering through the lineman at 089 815 5531.

Various food menus.

At the price of friendship.

Choose as you like. You can order outside of the menu.

Interested in asking or ordering food You can contact us at this number 089 815 5531 or if you pass by, you can stop by and try it at this location. 13.76104638710321, 100.49857681269512


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