24 Jan 2016

We actually arrived in Chiang Mai since yesterday. Our original plan is to come and take photos with our friend on her graduation ceremony day. Well, we don't want to waste the trip so we will stay until 26 January. We came to Chiang Mai by train just like last time. I don't know why but I like to travel by train. There is a charm of it and I don't know how to explain. I would say that the ambiance through the journey is better than traveling by bus or plane.

There are 4 people including me in total traveling together on this trip. We would like to travel in JR West carriage firstly but were told that there is no more JR West carriage. We were sad and we had got to travel in Daewoo carriage instead. Unluckily again that the location of our seats were not good. They were close to the door and that door couldn't be closed completely. Anyway, we would make sure to get a good seat next time plus we know already that which seat has a power socket. Another travel trick for those who travel by train is that you should bring a power extension cord along. You can get some electric power to your seat and share them to your friends as well this way.

Once it was getting late at night, we came to the restaurant carriage for some food and we had found that Fried Rice is very delicious. We came back here again in the morning and we had some Boiled Rice. The weather was very nice and it was in Lampang Province when we had that. I don't think we could experience something like this on a bus or a plane.

24 January 2016

We stay at Chiang Mai D Hostel :: The Hostel for those who love tranquility and comfort same as last time.

We are here at the restaurant in front of the hostel for some Spicy Thai Noodle before going to Samoeng. It is so good especially this Slow-Cooked Spicy Pork Bone Soup. I would like to come back for more and more, honestly.

There are only three of us left for the trip to Samoeng. There are Jane, Golf, and me. But how shall we get there? I don't think we are able to afford to rent a car so we have ended up renting 2 motorbikes. I would say riding a motorbike into a mountain is very nice. I love it very much. It offers different kind of feeling to driving a car and it is actually better feeling. However, it is not easy to ride a motorbike in Chiang Mai compared to driving a car. hahaha

We depart from Downtown Chiang Mai around 2 PM. We have got our motorbikes rented from Thapae area. There is a lot of motorbike rental service companies in this area. The rental service fee is range from 200 - 250 THB per day. I would suggest you to get the newest motorbike you could find because it would be safer riding it up in the mountain.

We have arrived at Belle Villa Resort Chiang Mai where we will be staying for tonight around 3.30 PM. The resort is on the way to Samoeng from Hang Dong. It is about 20 kilometers from the downtown. I would like to tell you that our room has such a beautiful view.

For more information: Belle Villa Resort Chiang Mai

For reservation: Belle Villa Resort Chiang Mai

I love this resort very much. The atmosphere is totally nice. After unpacking and settling down, we are ready to go to the strawberry farm. It is about another 19 kilometers to go to Samoeng from here and we will be riding up the mountains most of the time. Some parts of the way are easy but some are very winding with dangerous bends. We didn't stop at Samoeng Rice research Center or the strawberry farm though but we will come back to these places next time. We are here at Thetsaban Samoeng Tai Produce Market to look for some foods instead.

We arrive at the market around 5 PM and it seems like all vendors are starting to pack their products away and go home already. However, we are still able to find some foods and what I like the most is these Fried Meatball and Sausages. They are very tasty. There is also a 7-Eleven nearby.

We didn't spend much time at the market because we think it would be difficult to ride the motorbike back when it is dark. We stop at Thachang Hill and Cafe which is right in front of Belle Villa Resort Chiang Mai. This cafe is in loft style with a huge outdoor terrace where you can enjoy the chilling atmosphere with refreshing wind. They even have a fireplace on the terrace.

Thachang Hill and Cafe has just opened not even for one month. Those who travel to Samoeng from Hang Dong please don't forget to stop by. They have so many corners where you can get beautiful photo shots.

It is getting cold at night so the staff prepare the fireplace for us. This is so nice but we stay until around 10 PM only because it starts to rain. Tonight is very cold so we won't turn on the air conditioner. We woke up the next morning and have found out that it is only 14 degree Celsius. We are very happy before realizing that we need to ride the motorbikes back to Downtown Chiang Mai and it would be in this cold weather. I guess our face will be frozen.

25 January 2016

We are having breakfast in the resort. I would like to say that Boiled Rice here is very delicious. I have 2 bowls of them. I am not sure if the cold weather has made the taste of this warm Boiled Rice even better. hahaha

We walk around the resort taking photos before leaving. There are some houses in resort style. I guess they used to be ordinary summerhouses but were sold and now they are available for rent. The atmosphere is very nice as if it was in Europe. We have got a lot of nice photos from here.

It is raining and we have no choice but riding the motorbike in the rain back to Downtown Chiang Mai. It is cold as well at only 14 degree Celsius now. No wonder why I can't feel my hands. We check in into Bua Raya Hotel right away after arriving in the downtown. Bua Raya Hotel was just renovated and it is near Chang Puak Gate. If we talk about its location, I would say that it is pretty good. The hotel is close to Chang Puak Bus Station so it is very convenient to travel to other districts from here. In addition, there is a lot of restaurants around the hotel as well as night market.

For more information: Buaraya Hotel Chiang Mai

Facebook: Buaraya Hotel Chiangmai

For reservation: Buaraya Hotel Chiangmai

(Photo credit: www.agoda.com )

You can even walk to a few temples nearby including Wat Loke Molee. Well, we wish we had more time so we could go there taking photos. On the other hand, I am going for dinner with Jane at Xanadu Pub and Restaurant on 17th Floor of Hotel Furama Chiang Mai.

Before going for dinner, we will go to buy our bus tickets back to Bangkok first. We are going to Chiang Mai Arcade Bus Terminal by red minibus. This is where we learn a travel trick from an auntie who sees us trying to get a red minibus. She said we should ask if that minibus would pass where we want to go or not because if we ask the driver "would you take us to...?" directly, the driver will quote the fare very expensive. We have our bus tickets back to Bangkok now and will go to Xanadu Pub and Restaurant right away. Well, we guess going there by a red minibus would be expensive because there is a graduation ceremony of Chiang Mai University near there and the traffic would be very busy. Therefore, we have decided to take the new bus of Chiang Mai that has just been available recently. The bus ticket is 15 THB and they have two routes including Chiang Mai Arcade Bus Terminal - Chiang Mai Zoo, and Chiang Mai Arcade Bus Terminal - Chiang Mai International Airport.

The bus is new and very comfortable. It runs every half an hour. The station is right in Chiang Mai Arcade Bus Terminal. If you can't find it, you can ask the locals for white minibus station.

Anyway, like we said earlier that there is a graduation ceremony today, the traffic on Leab Klong Chonpratan Road is totally busy. Cars can barely move. Jane and I have decided to get off the bus near Hotel ibis Styles Chiang Mai and walk to Hotel Furama Chiang Mai. We arrive at the hotel shortly and we go up to 17th Floor straight away. Wow! The view is totally amazing. I want to scream.

Facebook :: Xanadu Pub and Restaurant

You can see the panoramic view of Chiang Mai with Wat Phra That Doi Suthep in the background without any obstructive buildings from the restaurant. This is very nice and we love it especially in this kind of weather of less than 20 degree Celsius. We don't dare to sit outside though, we better sit inside. Xanadu Pub and Restaurant also offer a live band and it opens from 6 PM - 12 AM.

Jane and I have got a chance to try many good foods today. All dishes are restaurant's specialties.

Baked Ribs in Clay Pot

Crisp Fried Pa-Lo Duck Legs

Seared Tuna with Apple Salad (I love this menu very much, it is very tasty)

Seafood Yen Ta Fo Hot Pot served with Crispy Dumplings

Fried Rice with Crab Meat

What I like about this restaurant apart from the ambiance is that the foods are at reasonable prices. Ambiance and food's quality like this compared to those offered by other restaurants, it is totally good value for money. The foods are all very delicious as well.

The dinner is done and we will take a red minibus to Tha Phae Gate. We walk to Kalare Night Bazaar from there and then to Ploen Ruedee Night Market. What attracts us into Ploen Ruedee Night Market is a jazz song... Yes, there is a jazz band here.

Sadly that it is raining, if not we would have sit here, chill, and enjoy the jazz music while having a glass of beer. I love it here very much and I will be back here next time for sure. : )

26 January 2016

Our plan for today is to go to Chiang Mai Zoo and we will start with Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium. However, we woke up with the cold weather of 9 degree Celsius. It is showering and foggy as well. We didn't prepare enough warm clothes for this kind of weather but that won't stop us from going. We left the hotel around 10 AM and the weather remains the same. To be honest with you, I like it though. It is showering, foggy, and cold as if I was in London. hahaha

If you want to visit Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium firstly after entering the zoo, you can tell the ticket officer right away. There will be a shuttle taking you there directly. You can also get a separate ticket to Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium later after walking through the zoo and that can be done in front of the Aquarium. We will buy it now so we could be dropped off in front of the Aquarium directly.

You can even buy a ticket in advance through this link Chinag Mai Zoo Aquarium

There are both freshwater and seawater fishes for you to see here. There are amphibious fishes in front of the Aquarium but I couldn't find them though. hahaha They also have a fish feeding show as well as diving activity. : )

Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium is a 2-storey building. There are freshwater fishes on 2nd Floor and seawater fishes on 1st Floor. After the Aquarium, we are out to see other parts of the zoo. One thing I want to tell you is that, there is a corner right in front of the Aquarium that you can get a very good photo shot.

Wow! This is like I was in Japan (please don't mind me! Eiei). Well, we are here at Chiang Mai Zoo, one thing we shouldn't miss is to go and see Chuang Chuang and Lin Hui. The admission fee to see them is 50 THB per person.

It is already after 12 PM, time flies! The rain hasn't stopped yet and we don't think we can walk further to see other animals. We would like to go to Khun Chang Kian before ending this trip but the quoted minibus fare is 400 THB per person. The driver said that he would let us stop at 4 places including Khun Chang Kian, Hmong Hilltribe Village, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, and Kruba Srivichai Monument. We don't think we have enough time because we have an appointment with a friend later. Therefore, we have ended up going to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep only. We have found out that we have made the right decision soon after because it is very foggy along the way with the rain. In other words, it might be dangerous to go to Khun Chang Kian under this kind of weather condition.

And yes! It is 8 degree Celsius up here at Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. It is raining and freezing cold. There is a lot of tourists too. Well, we wear trainers so it is not convenient to walk around so we are here at a cafe instead. We are having some coffee and waiting for our minibus that will pick us up at 3.30 PM. In addition, we can't really do much up here because it is very cold.

I would suggest you to have some Hot Mocca at this cafe. It is so good. I even want to have the second cup. It is not expensive either, only 50 THB.

Then we have made it back down to the town. Another landmark for good photo shot can't be anywhere but Ang Kaew Reservoir in Chiang Mai University. We don't know how is Ang Kaew Reservoir going to be in this kind of weather but we guess it would be beautiful with some fog above the water surface. This is what we see when we arrive.

This is Pang Ung (Mae Hong Son) in Chiang Mai University. The fog right above the water surface at Ang Kaew Reservoir is totally beautiful and the atmosphere right now is fantastic.

I have got loads of photos from this trip in Chiang Mai. I would like to use this opportunity to thank Jane Hathairat who travels with me all along and more importantly being as a good photographer of mine. hahaha

P.S. 1 ... I am lucky to be in Chiang Mai during this time because the weather is nice and cold. I don't have to go up into the mountain for this kind of weather and I love that.

P.S. 2 ... I love to ride a motorbike up in the mountain but not as the driver. It is so much fun. : )

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P.S. 4 ... I already want to ride a motorbike up in the mountain with all of you again. > // <

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