There was announcement about monsoon which effect to central of Thailand during 26-27 September. Me and Yui planned to drive to Nakhon Nayok the green area which we can see large rice fields to get fresh air.

Yui have idea to visit one of important temple in Saraburi name Wat Pa Sawang Boon where there are known by Thai as 500 pagodas temple.

We drove on the Rangsit Nakhon Nayok to Kangkoi where the temple located and arrive temple around 9am. The temple is easy to reach from the main road of Kangkoi-Banna road. And first thing we can see when we enter to the temple area is beautiful small golden pagodas around the main pagoda.

We drove pass the pagodas as the first stop is on the top of the mountain to worship the pagoda and see a nice view.

We parked the car and walked up to the pagoda.

There are many people visit and pray for their luck.

Unlucky that during rainy season all tree grown up and cover the view so we did not get good panoramic view from the top.

After that we drove down the mountain and parked the car again. There is big reclining Buddha deep inside the temple area.

This temple is famous for Thai people spend their time during weekend for meditation. And there are Buddha relics inside the main pagoda where Thai people visit for worship.

We spend short time each stop as there was shower raining during morning. We left the temple around 10.30am and heading on the Banna road to the restaurant which recommended by our friend who live in Nakhon Nayok area. The name is “Fourbuta”.

We reached the restaurant around 11.30am. There were not many people yet so we start order our lunch.

And we got these menu for 2 of us.

Tuna salad

Chicken steak

Chicken wings

And spicy beef with basil.

She was always happy when we go out

We finished all dishes very fast. All food are delicious and all staff are friendly and provide very good services. Most of all, the prices are really reasonable.

After lunch, we walked deep inside the restaurant’s area. There are ponds, small fruit farm, vegetable farm and huge rice field.

Unfortunately, the sky today full with cloud as it was almost rain again.

But we still keep walking around and get many nice shots.

Long time did not take this fresh air and see green panoramic view as covid keep us away from everything.

I like this area the most, we can see rice field 360 degree around us.

The wind blow around us, the weather cool and moister.

She was very happy.

But it was raining again so we did not spend much time there.

We left the restaurant around 2pm. I was unlucky as I planned to buy some organic vegetable and fruit but when we came out all were sold out.

I suggest this restaurant because the location is each to reach. Just around 40 minutes from Rangsit on Rangsit-Banna road. To get fresh air and enjoy good food, you should come and spend your hours here.


 Tuesday, October 5, 2021 7:30 PM