Kan Eang@Pier seafood restaurant is a very famous restaurant on the Chalong Bay, Phuket. They have more than 30 years experience. It is highly recommended for seafood lovers.The look of the restaurant is quite modern with abundant trees being beautifully decorated. Along with delicious food, you can feel the wind softly blowing through you face in a nice relaxing gorgeous view at anytime of the day.

The reservation is available. Kan Eang@Pier would specially set the table at the most enjoyable view for you. It is highly recommended for those who want to celebrate their big day.

Now, let's look at the restaurant in twilight time. When you walk through the door, overlooking the harbor bridge with many ships set aside, you will feel the breeze of gorgeous atmosphere.

It is also spacious inside the restaurant with many views to choose from, whether near the sea or far aside. when you can truly enjoy the Chalong Bay, you will feel more appetite as well :)

Chalong bay bridge stretching far into the distance view, just simply make people happy.

Bay bar corner, a relaxing corner for cocktails and beers. You can enjoy both a private and a friendly time here.

Another view from when the sea is in low tide, when looking really close, you will see small little crabs running around the beach, a favorite time of the children.

It's getting dark now, the restaurant started to put on some lights. Let's see how beautiful and romantic this view is...

The entrance to the restaurant...

Drinking counter, colorfully set in the middle of the restaurant.

The restaurant sign, welcome to take some memorable photos here.

Apart from stunning view, the restaurant also offers a fine wine collection for wine lovers. A sip of wine with delicious seafood, while listening to the sounds of jazz music. What can you ask more!

Bay bar corner at night is another charming place to spend your time. You can sit on the bar, sofa, or the lovers' dinner table along the beach.

The indoor rooms are also beautifully decorated with many rooms to offer. You can use it for private party, seminar, banquet or in the raining day.

When the sun is set, the jazz music will start to play. What a happy time!

Now, let's look at some of the delicious food.

Shrimp chili paste is a must for Phuket. The taste has always been delicious, serving with a variety set of vegetables.

Steamed fish ball. A big fish ball dipping in a homemade seafood source, just beyond imaginatively delicious!

This is a deep-fried pork in fish sauce, coming in with pickles and peppers. So good.

Here comes my favorite dish, lemongrass fish. Fried lemongrass and thinly sliced ginger wrap around deep-fried sea bass in a sweet and sour with a hint of salty and spicy flavor. I can't say how delicious it is but we finished just almost everything but the bones.

Freshly steamed crab meat, serving with homemade seafood sauce, a bit spicy but worth a try.

Stir-fried mixed vegetable, fresh and tasty.

Tom Yum shrimp, not so traditionally spicy but very good for those whose spicy level are still relatively low. The kids enjoy it so much as they found many big shrimps in the dish.

Fried rice, a good mixture with chili fish sauce. Actually, I also want to recommend 'noodle curry crap soup', another Phuket famous traditional food. But I don't have a photo here because my team finished it too quickly. By that, you can see how delicious it must be, right?

Let's finish our dinner with ice-cream. This is a fresh coconut ice-cream topped with crispy pomegranate, sweetened potato and such, so delicious and refreshing.

After finish our meal, one last thing to review is the restroom. I have to say that it is very clean, pleasant, and beautifully decorated.

In short:

- The view of the restaurant is amazing, the sea view, the harbors, the ships in the sea, just love it!

- Fast and friendly service, very well take care

- The food is serving out fast

- The taste of the food is so good, especially that of the homemade seafood sauce

- Enough and variety set of tables to choose from, as per personal preference


 Tuesday, May 5, 2015 1:33 PM