Mum Aroi Seafood is a seafood restaurant that open for a long time and very famous in Pattaya. Due to its atmosphere, taste of food and especially located by the sea so you can enjoy a beautiful view and a fabulous taste of food. You can enjoy beautiful sunset and fishing boat in the sea. For parking, there is a big parking lot and staffs to help you with parking and look after your car.

There are many famous menus at Mum Aroi depends on each person. For the price, it is a regular price for restaurant in Pattaya, acceptable price not too expensive and valuable for quality and quantity of food.

This picture is the first zone of the restaurant. Now the restaurant has been extended to support the number of customers that increasing especially on holidays. If there are lots of customers, we probably have to wait a little bit but not that long.

These are views and atmosphere of the restaurant. Just so you know, the restaurant is quite long until the last orange light at the curve.

After waiting for a while, we get a table in the beach zone (that what's staff called), which is a big table by the sea and the backrest of the seat can be adjusted.

Even though there are lots of customer, service is still fast, we do not have to wait for food, taste still good as usual. But the prices are increasing a little.

The first menu is Kaeng Som Kai Pla (Hot and Sour soup), we order this menu every time we come. Today we order a small portion in a small hotpot, for a big portion will serve in a hotpot.

Yum Pu Ma (Blue crab spicy salad) another menu that we order everytime, it is only 100 baht and you get a very fresh crab.

Pad Cha Talea (Fried seafood with basil and pepper). All fried menus here are tasted not too nippy but for people who like it more nippy may not like it. This one is 180 baht if I remember it correctly.

Sea Brass in Fish Sauce, the price is increasing from 380 baht to 450 baht. But it is still a big size sea brass.

Our last menu is Talea Dued (Seafood in hot soup) we cannot remember the price. We finish all food and feel really full because every menu are serving in a big portion except blue crab spicy salad.

After that we walk around the restaurant to find out how fresh our ingredients are.

The last picture is the restaurant kitchen, there are a lot of staffs that's why we do not have to wait for too long.


- Food taste good, great view, parking space and fast service. Staffs might talk bluntly but it is understandable.

- Price is not that cheap and also not too expensive if you compare with quality and quantity of food.

- If you go in a big group, I suggest that you make a reservation before going there and must be on time because if you are late, they will your table to the other and you have to wait on the queue which will take a little longer.


 Tuesday, May 5, 2015 2:16 PM