"When our meeting point is in the middle of Bangkok"

I and P Hong ( "P" with same pronunciation with sister in Thai language) have appointment today to join meeting in the morning. And as we did not meet since our last trip to Sukhothai so we want place to sit and talk.
I decided to find some place where we can meet and convenience for P Hong to take MRT to her home and I can stay overnight and clear my works. And I got a place suite to both of us. The Continent Hotel Bangkok https://www.thecontinenthotel....joined campaign Rao Tiew Duay Kan which I can get discount 40% from their price. 

I booked Deluxe Room but I want to get better view room so I paid for upgrade to Continent Panorama Room. And here is my room. 

The view from bathroom is amazing even I don't think I have time to enjoy lay down in the bathtub.

And this is the most important area for me.

I checked in at 2pm as normal check in time. And get in to the room as P Hong will arrive around 5pm. I spent hours for my works. 

5pm P Hong arrived and she went direct to the restaurant and call me to meet her there. And she found some place for good shot.

I also like this decoration.

It was a time for Sundown and hotel have promotion for Sundown Package. Start from 5pm-7pm with free flow drinks with very special prices.

I like this menu, at first bite I was trying to analyze the ingredients. P Hong said that this is shrimp tip with tamarind sauce and white sesame.

Second dish is grilled fish on top with sweet and sour sauce.

Grilled shrimp dip with sweet and sour sauce with cucumber and red onion.

Chicken wings grilled with Thai herb.

I like this menu the most. It is difficult to tell all ingredients inside. There are dried minced chicken with deep fried red onion with some spice sauce put in stuffed steamed bun.

After all dished served to our table. We start talking and enjoy eating. The view from this restaurant is amazing because there are no high buildings cover the sunset view.

We expected to see beautiful sunset today. 

But the sky full with clouds so we can see only this view.

We ordered some more dish.

This Pad Thai is very delicious.

But P Hong likes this menu.

Grilled ribeye with Thai spicy sauce.

P Hong really enjoy red wine.

Staff recommended cocktail menu to us and we picked this two. We were enjoy panoramic city view and food, drinks. And the last two menu for today was dessert.

It was almost 7pm when we finished everything on our table. And P Hong prepared to leave. The prices for food and beverage here is reasonable price but taste is good.

I got in to my room again and after refreshment I start working again. There are many emails inbox. I finished all works for today before normal my bed time 11.00pm. 

And I closed my eyes with this beautiful view from my room.

6am is my normal wake up time. The city also wake up as well.

Before shower and start a day I turn on laptop and start some works. After shower then go up for breakfast around 9am. 

Their restaurant for breakfast is not big but not too small. Staff led me to the table (at the corner).

And my breakfast start. When I reached to hotel for check in yesterday I saw few guests at swimming pool, restaurant and lobby but this morning I saw more guests at restaurant so may be this hotel is popular.

This is the menu which I never miss.

Food are good quality and delicious. Now I'm ready to go out for another meeting outside. Since I have meeting at 11.00hrs and not convenience to carry all stuff with me so I talked with hotel and they so kind to offer me the late check out to 2pm which is very good for me. I can go out for meeting and come back have quick lunch at Terminal 21 shopping mall and walk to hotel to pack all stuff and check out. I had meeting at Sukhumvit Soi 4 so I just walked from hotel to sky train ( Asoke Station) and took sky train to Nana Station and walk to hotel which I have meeting. Very convenience.

After meeting I took sky train to Asoke station and drop by at Terminal 21 for lunch. After that walked back to hotel and prepare to check out.  It was a good 24 hours at this hotel. Very convenience to go out for works or relax. Prices is reasonable and good quality of food. That's why they are popular in this area.


 Friday, March 25, 2022 5:01 PM