Sawaddee Ka Everyone

Today I would like to take you all to Backpack to Khao Yai by Train!!!

The trip is 3 days and 2 nights.

For the tent, you can rent from the nation park but we would like to safe some money so we bring our own and pay for camping area and other equipment instead such as fire place, canvas an so on.

Just so you know, we go there during Rainy Season.

Departure ::

- Step 1 : Buy the train ticket to Pak Chong for 84 THB (there is also a free train but you might not have a seat)

- Step 2 : Arriving to Pak Chong and walk to 7-11 to get on the public bus to Khao Yai National Park for 30 THB

- Step 3 : Buy the entrance ticket to the national park and hitchhiker. Luckily while one of us buying the ticket, talk to someone and he is willing to drive us to the camping area.

Train Ticket 84 THB

On the way back ::
- Hitchhiker down and another luck a nice uncle willing to drive us to the train station^^

- Go back by the free train

During this journey we have met all nice people who help us to get to our destination. : )

Train Ticket 0 THB

At the viewpoint...say cheese hahaha++

We choose to camp at Pha Kluay Mai

We pay for camping area 30 THB (150 THB for tent rental for 2 pax from the national park)

On the first day, after prepared our tent it time for our dinner which we prepare from home and cook...

Grilling pork

Wow!! look so tasty

After that go to shower, chit chats around the fire place and grill Marshmallow

Second day, prepare breakfast

Then go to hiking on natural trial

After get back to the camping area, it is raining and it is very hard to build fire so we all move inside the tent and have some noodles. There are a lot of slugs during raining.

There is a deer come out at night very excited.

Wake up on the next day, it is time to go home.

This trip might not have that much information because we did not plan to go just want to go there with friends.

The end of the trip, we spend around 800 THB and it is might be cheaper if we do not bring our own food because there is a shop and restaurant up there which is selling food around 40-50 THB per dish.

For more information visit :

It is my favorite trip 🙂
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