"Khao Rong Ruea Ta Muen"  is a stunning natural landmark with limestone mountains that are arranged so exquisitely that it has earned the nickname "Guilin of Thailand." with its pure and perfect beauty of untouched nature.

Supported by Thung Salaeng Luang National Park to make more income for locals, the local hunter and villagers are offering the climbing tour with a guild for nature and adventure enthusiasts. 

How to go there?

The trek starts at "Tham Duan - Tham Dao" (Duan - Dao Cave), which is located in Phitsanulok province's Thung Salaeng Luang National Park to the west.

From there, you must hire a guild to lead you up there. I'd recommend you book the guild in advance on their Facebook page (Search for" พิชิตยอดเขาล่องเรือตาหมื่นอัญมณีแห่งบ้านมุง" page)

Climbers have the option of a one-day or 2 days/1 night hike. And the starting time choices available are 6 a.m. and 3 p.m.
I'd advise selecting the 3 p.m. with 2-day, 1-night.

What you should bring?

- Tight bag, sleeping bag, snack, power bank, and hammock/tent
- Wet tissue
- The tour expenses will also cover a helmet, food (Dinner and breakfast for 2 days 1-night trip), a bottle of water, and thick climbing gloves prepared. However, I'd advise you to take an extra groove or buy additional from the staff.

We can now get started.
The first half of the distance will only be a playground for what really is in waiting for you. You'll be having fun while climbing the natural stairs. But after that, it will get harder, need more climbing, and eventually cause you to start pleading for your life.

But eventually, you will arrive at a viewpoint with a beautiful view that will let you forget all of your pains. And it will keep repeating like this until you get to the campsite and allow you to observe the stunning limestone mountains and vast, verdant rice fields below, and experience a sense of victory.

Once you reach the campsite, the guild will let you rest a bit and choose the perfect location for the settle the tent/hammock. At this moment, you can relax and breathe all the fresh air and beautiful view of the endless green field down below. Take a deep breath. As little did you know, this was just the beginning of the real adventure ahead.

From this point, we will continue the journey to the peak. But this time, there are no easy natural stairs waiting for you anymore. Left only sharp limestone rocks for you to climb up as if you're a mountain goat living in The Andes.

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 Thursday, January 19, 2023 9:09 PM