"Had Yao"

Another peaceful beach located on the east side of Koh Pha Ngan
10 Kilometers away from the main pier
This beach has a crescent moon shape with approximately 2 kilometers long
surrounded by ten of stylish and beautiful cozy resorts
There are not many activities to do
but you still can rent a snorkeling mask and go on snorkeling to see the coral reef

Besides these nice resorts, you can also find some nice restaurants and bars located along the side of the beach.
Sound like it could be a crowded and busy beach, right?
But in reality, everything in on the other hand
Because this beach located far away from the main pier up on the mountain, this beach still reserves its peacefulness for ones who want to embrace it.

Nearby this beach is where another little peaceful and beautiful "Secret Beach" located

So this beach could be the perfect answer for one who seeking for a peacefulness yet not too quiet or a couple who love to spending the time happily together

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In The Conner of This World

 Wednesday, August 21, 2019 5:01 PM