'The Sanctuary of Truth'; The hidden beauty attraction in Pattaya, Thailand

'The Sanctuary of Truth' is an amazing biggest wooden castle and the only all-wood sculpture building in the world, located in North Pattaya, Thailand.

Only 2 hours from Bangkok. Stay peacefully hidden beside the sea coast in Pattaya, Thailand.

This place is called "The Sanctuary of Truth" or "Prasat Satchatham" (ปราสาทสัจธรรม). According to its name, "Prasat" means "Castle" and "Satchatham" means "Truth" which also shows the attention to its existence. This castle was built out of pure curiosity about life as "Mr.Lek" (owner) wanted all visitors to visit this castle while re-visiting their life to find the answer to the question “Who we are, where did we come from? How did we exist? life will go on and what is the purpose of life?"

Here you can see the majestic wooden work carved by hand which took so much time to create each of the masterpiece Artwork inside. These works are inspired by Buddhist and Hindu beliefs from Thai, Cambodia, and India legends blended into each detail in every single corner of the castle, even on the roof.

So being in here, you'll feel like walking through the Fary tale from these three beautiful countries

This place got a reputation for beautifulness among international tourists in Pattaya and it also is one of the special unseen places in Thailand

You can also see The Traditional Martial Arts and Thai Dancing Shows or open your world to new experiences by trying new experiences such as riding an elephant or horse, driving ATV car, and shooting a gun.

So next time you come to Pattaya, thailand, don't forget to put 'Sanctuary of Truth Castle' on your list

How to go

I'd suggest you go to North Pattaya and take a bus service (Song Teaw) to Naklua Soi 12. 'The Sanctuary of Truth' is located 800 meters away so you can either walk there or hire a motorbike



Normally the ticket will cost 500 THB but you can book the Special Price entrance ticket here >>

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 Friday, April 19, 2024 6:26 PM