Hello Fans! Last week, I went Villa Maroc @ Pranburi so I would like to present you because I stayed at one bedroom villa which has review about this not much.

I visit villa maroc resort for my first time and there is very beautiful. I've checked for many times before I go there but when I arrive, there is more beautiful than I think. Although there is a small resort but very beautiful. There is near by the beach just walk a little bit. Even the sand is not white but natural. There are quiet and not so much people. My room is close to the beach and chilling with lying down in front of my room, wind blowing, and people in the water and playing in the sand. So here is the one resort which located not so far from Bangkok and suitable for take a rest. It doesn't take a long time for driving from Bangkok. I stopped to eat Kuay jap (paste of rice flour) at my favorite restaurant in Petchburi and stopped at Market Village Huahin. After finish all of my business, I'm ready to take a rest then suddenly go to Villa Maroc and arrive there about 2pm. I didn't take a picture from in front of the hotel because I think you have seen a lot.

Because when you walk into the resort then you will see a beautiful entrance. My feeling like staying in Morocco is coming.

After that, I inform to the staff that I booked already then staff will invite you sit for waiting and give you a welcome drink with refreshing towel

Welcome drink tastes strange but delicious and they have mint smell too.

After finish drinking Welcome drink, I take photos of Lobby and I like it!

Waiting for a while, then staffs come to ask me for taking a photo. First, I wondered why they want to take my photo then I know it when they give a welcome card with my photo to me in my room.

Finished taking photo, staffs take me to my room.

The hallway to go to my room is colorful. Very beautiful!. I really like it! @Carol_UU Here is really beautiful, staying one night is not enough.

Walking pass Fitness, There is beautiful in Blue color.

The orange building is two bed room Villa. I can't remember name of the building because each room has specific name.


The stairs to go up to two bed room.

Just go downstairs a little bit then will be my room. Pool court room will be the same side of my room and in front of that room is the fountain like this. Beautiful!

The white building, I also can't remember name of the building too. But I heard staffs called White Building and I stay here.

The big entrance door of my room has knocking on the door too.

When I open the door, I will suddenly see sofa for guests then must call guests' sofa, isn't it? :D

Living room zone is high ceiling.

Next to the living room zone is the three steps of stairs and then is the door to go outside to chilling close by the beach and another side is bedroom.

Counter Bar has many facilities such as caps, tea, coffee, and kettle and coffee machine are well prepared.

Looking trough the Counter Bar.

Turn right and open the door to get good air and the beach.

Counter Bar!

Seeing to the left side are wall and stairs to go up to mezzanine. Here has towel for swimming.

There are many sizes of glasses and refrigerator.

I take a photo from my bedroom for seeing the overall image.

Here we go to my bedroom and my soft bed. It's very very soft and very comfortable.

From my bed, going down stairs is sofa for watching TV. I should say the room here is designed by steps that make room more wide.

Here is another corner.

Here is TV. TV's cabinet can keep TV into the cabinet to see the scenery of the beach outside.

Behide the bed is the two wardrobes.

The equipment inside the wardrobe is slippers for walking inside the room. It's a morocco style.

The red dress, I wear for sleeping and feel comfortable. These are sandals for walking outside. Another cabinet has an umbrella but I didn't take a photo.

This is the detail of room interior. I think here they quite pay well attention to the design in each room and get good result. Because this is very beautiful and well-matched of arts.

The counter Bar is designed in perforated design. Beautiful!

The beautiful design of pillows, Comfortable!

There are IPod touch and loudspeaker for listening to music in the room. When staffs take you to the room they will explain how to use the room and using IPod and give an IPod to you for listening to music and give it back before you leaving. @Cheesier thank you for your attention. I think this room has personal swimming pool because there are swimming pool next to the room. It just not king of personal pool like Pool Villa.

You can eat all of food inside of refrigerator. In the evening, They'll give a chocolate to you in the refrigerator.

Let's go upstairs to see my favorite thing of this room.

This room is a mezzanine room. There are a cushion to sit on the floor, Television and DVD Player. It's a small room with warm atmosphere and cooling by air condition.

Walking to outside, There is a little porch for seeing beautiful scenery. In the room, the sun shines through the perforated design and can see the shadow of perforated design very classic and beautiful!

This is the view of porch outside.

Here is another corner.

The windows and doors can slide to open and close.

If you look from outside then you will see the living hall like this picture.

Next to the mezzanine room is door to go outside to the deck's stairs.

Other Building is Pool Court. I take photo the deck.

Up to the deck, there is small swimming pool and you must fill the water in by yourself but it takes very long time so I decided to fill the water in my bathroom and soaking in the warm water of Jacuzzi.

And they have sofa and many pillows also to lie down and watching the stars on the sky at night in cool wind.

This is views of the deck in many corners and a view of Pool court building.

Let's moving a little bit to see another corner for watching the beach and the resort next to us.

Looking below, there is swimming pool next to my room. There is not very big but be shady by trees. I swim there and feel comfortable because it's not too hot.

This is the scenery of the beach in front of resort. You can chill walk on the beach. There are not busy and not so much people but it's not too quiet in the evening.

Let's going down before survey the bathroom, I stopped to take a photo of details from TV's cabinet at mezzanine.

Coat hangers lay in front of the bathroom.

The bathroom has 2 doors one from living room zone and another one from bedroom.

Let's start seeing from living room zone…

Seeing straight, you can see it's divided in two parts, one is toilet…

And another one is sink and shower zone. The bathroom is very wide and has many zones.

Toilet zone, the sink of toilet zone, during doing your things then you can see the picture and also sink like this.

The toilet zone also has 2 doors and you can lock both for feeling like personal.

After finish with toilet zone, let's go next to shower zone then you have to pass the glass that has a very beautiful frame like this.

Then, walking down the stairs from a couple of steps…

Taking a photo turn back from shower zone then you will see that you have to go down the stairs for a couple of steps.

A little bit moves are the entrance door of bathroom from bedroom.

I take a photo from exit door to shower outside of the bathroom.

There are 2 sinks.

There are sink and clearly glass.

The sink on your right hand side.

And the sink on your left hand side.

There are body lotion and tissue papers.

The huge bathtub or Jacuzzi.

The color windows and faucets that when water comes out and it will overflow on the tab.

Any accessories and shampoo.

Here is the water controlling. The water is good warm and can be set that you want water flows out from shower or rain shower and also from the roof flows down to the bathtub.

The bathroom's windows.

The shower zone outside also has accessories too if you want to change mode to shower in the open air. Don't worry, the other people can't see because of the very high wall but the sound can sneak.

The bed of shower zone outside.

Let's go out from bathroom and looking to room on the seaside. There are 3 beds for lay down in the evening or in cool wind. Perfect atmosphere!

Other corner.

The white building that I stay. I'm so proud to present. :D

The atmosphere of the beach in front of the building and it's suitable for family, couple and all. Great!

A little bit of the atmosphere on the seaside in front of the room. Such a very nice atmosphere and I really want you to feel.

Take this photo in the evening with the sun shady and cool wind. I take this photo before we go out eat to my favorite restaurant named "Gin Poo". But this time doesn't have crabs to order but I reviewed already so I do not take a photo. However, you can read my recently review about Gin Poo Restaurant. I just reviewed not so long time ago. But this time I order 4 dishes of food and 2 dishes of rice and water cost about 500 baht. It's more save because don't eat crabs.

Next, this is a picture in the night after going out eat both food and dessert at Gin Poo Restaurant and The overnight dessert bar in Pranburi.

Atmosphere of swimming pool in the night. It can be more and more beautiful.

I forget to tell you something… The top of the building is Bar. You can go up there and drinking. But for me, I'm so full so I prefer to go back to my room so I don't take a photo of the atmosphere in the bar. If I have a chance to come back again, I will do. But I don't know when so I think not soon because of price…Hahahaha :D

The romantic atmosphere of footpath. Let's hold each other hands and walking to the room.

Walking to watching the lights, I take too many photos and I can't see the floor then I fall down to the gutter.

In front of my room in the night.

The atmosphere inside the room at night. At night, you will get other feeling. It's very romantic.

Let's go next, I go to take a shower.

After open the door to get inside the room in the night. I found that the room has turn down already. Whatever lay in a mess them there are back to clean again.

And the card that I got when checked-in is laid on my bed.

Let's see the room in the night mode. Inside the room, the lights aren't too bright but there are dim in a romantic style.

Be careful when you walk because there are many steps of stairs. Once, I enjoy taking photos then I almost fell down.

After come back from outside, everything set neat and tidy.

Late at night, I'm in this room and watching TV alone then I feel so comfortable. I really like here. When I feel sleepy, then I go downstairs to sleep.

Conclusion with my red dress :D Normally, other resort will be a suit after a bath but here I wear like pajamas. After have a nice sleep, waking up in the morning and let's have breakfast!

Breakfast of Villa Maroc is prepared for you in set such as American set, Soft-boiled rice and Morocco set and I choose American set.

Then I so regret and I think why I don't try to eat Morocco food.

I sit at this table. So colorful!

On the table, there are spoon and sugar for tea and coffee but the one thing I like is the crystalline sugar like this.

There are 3 pieces then take it to stir in the tea (one piece for one cup)

The atmosphere of the table beside mine, they're gone and it's good corner to take a photo.

Besides food, there are also fruits, salad and yogurt that you can eat.

The bottles of seasoning.

Salad's Bar

Fruit and Yogurt corner

Bread and jam corner.

Here is food, Soft-boiled rice set!

And follow by Omelet. Normally, there are a bowl of soft-boiled rice too but I forgot to take a photo.

This is American breakfast.

After breakfast time, then we go to spa. Yesterday it was full then we make an appointment for today.

Here is Spa. Just walking to another side of resort the nearby Pool Villa.

Here is Spa building, next to here is the entrance of Pool Villa but I didn't go inside. It's seem like personal.

After finishing with Spa, Let's take photos.

Let's see the atmosphere inside the resort. Yesterday I didn't take the entire photos. Although the resort isn't big, but there has many beautiful corner.

The previously photo was the swimming pool in the night then let's see the swimming pool in the day.

Another beautiful corner in the day.

Camp bed for sunbathing.

The rest corner beside the pool. If it's in the evening, it will be nice atmosphere.

This swimming pool is suitable for children because it's not too deep.

Here is another view point of swimming pool. Beautiful!

During going back to my room, I don't know what this room is then let's see.

So, here is library. It's painted in yellow color. Very beautiful!

Here is also very beautiful room even design of the table, tiles, and furniture are so beautiful!

I stop at Fitness and take a photo a little bit.

Here is swimming pool and the sea beside my room. The pool court building also can see the scenery like this too.

Back to my room and spend the time in Jacuzzi before I leave.

At 12 o'clock, staffs call me immediately. Maybe there are someone waiting for check in to this room so I hurry to take a shower and pack my bag.

This is the key of the room. I forgot to show at first.

End with the building that I stayed again.

So, I would like to say that I'm very impress to stay at Villa Maroc for this time.

The room is better than I think. Because of the resort is nearby the sea like doesn't the road to separate so make me can touch the Pranburi's sea in utmost. Even if the resort isn't very big but there is beautiful design and has not too much room then it's not so busy and it's very personal. Everything in resort is very nice it shows that they are concentrate to decorate such as the small pieces of mosaic tiles to decorate. The name is well match to be Villa Maroc.

About services, all of the staffs are so kind and friendly. If they know that we are guests then they give us a good welcoming. I ask a security guard that how about Khun Tan and everybody said Khun Tan is very kind. The shops beside the resort is also decorated by Khun Tan in order to match well with the resort style.

About disadvantage is a few for me but they still have. Inside of my bathroom if you can see from the photo, you will see that some points are color faded and look not so clean.

The sofa in the deck is not so clean and I find some dirtiness but for me it's never mind because I just stay for one night and I don't use that area so much. I just take a look. First, I wanted to take a bath but I think it will take long to fill up, so I went to shower instead.

End of Villa Maroc review, I really want to go back again when I see all of the photos I took. It's such a happy time.

Ps. If anyone visit mu review, Please comment to cheer me up and I would like to say thank you @PeakCSCU17 If you have chance, you should go there. Very comfortable!

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