Hi everyone! Lattae Pun Yen Yen is back and this time I will take you to experience the classic stay at one of the most unique hotel in Hua Hin, Piman Plearnwan - a boutique hotel.

And if you are ready, let's go back to when we were young!

"Piman Plearnwan"

Beautiful blue sky in winter at Hua Hin.

Piman Plearnwan is located in Plearn Wan Vintage Village. Once you are there you can park your car at the parking lot on the ground floor of the village directly.

Then there will be a staff come and escort you to the Lobby to check in.

There is a room type booklet where you can see what types of rooms they offer here and you can choose your room according to your preference from here.

The Lobby is well designed and decorated, very beautiful.

While we are waiting for the room, the staff has brought us a breakfast menu in order to choose for tomorrow morning as follows.

1 Bread and sandwich

2 Drinks

3 Hot main dishes

1 person can choose one item from each category.

This yellow ancient closet makes the lobby look even more outstanding.

There are numbers of old stuff collections inside. I really miss the time when I was young.

Every corner is decorated with ancient items such this radio as an example. I have never even seen this kind radio before. It must be used before I was born.

It is guaranteed by this Thailand Boutique Award for 2 consecutive years.

We are here a bit early so we got to wait for the room a little while.

This refreshing welcome drink is served together with cold towels while waiting.

The room is ready now and we will be staying on the 3rd floor this time.

Plearnwan village has 3 floors in total.

The parking lot for in-house guests only and some shops are on the ground floor (1st floor).

Shops and restaurants are on the 2nd floor.

And Piman Plearnwan is on the 3rd floor and to get in you need to use the key card.

Amazing Thai alphabet chandelier, I have never seen.

All the rooms are named after Plearn such as Plearn Nidhra, Plearn Arom, Plearn Ta and the room that we stay is called Plearn Nidhra.

The key card is needed to open the room and we get 2 key cards.

The room is not too big or too small.

The room is designed in sweet color tone with retro theme, I love it.

What I love the most would be the pastel green color hair steamer and I think my mom would love it too if she was here.

This in-house phone is working even though it doesn't look like one.

The room is decorated with the stuff we used to play and see when we were young such the advertising poster as an instance.

The highlight would be this LCD TV that has been designed to be like the ancient one.

Even if we know it is LCD TV but the way they designed is well matched with the theme of the room.

And this bright blue color chair is just outstanding, I am very impressive with this boutique hotel after all I have seen so far.

I would say they have done a great job with all the details.

Look at the fan and air conditioner! They colored and covered them well with right materials to make them look old.

The non-smoking signage is well created with the wording used in the old time, super cute!

The room comes with the balcony allowing guests to overlook the busy village at night.

There are nice little chairs in the balcony so you can take a seat while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

The closet next to the entrance looks like the pattern of Thai style mat, very unique!

This high toilet looks like the one in China, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Another highlight would be this big water earthen jar in the bathroom. So today I will get a chance to take a shower by using this which I used to do it when I was a child.

As we all know that this old traditional Thai way of showering, the water is cold because it is kept in this big water earthen jar. But you don't have to be worried here since you are able to heat it up and you can heat it up like 15 minutes before taking a shower.

Whoever is not familiar with this and doesn't want to try, you are able to take the normal shower too but with cold water.

Amenities set, they are all made from Thai herbs. There is a name tag on it and also the description of benefit from each of them.

There is no refrigerator in the room but there is one in the main public room where you can come and enjoy complementary snacks, fruits, and drinks as well.

In this main public room is designed in orange and red color tone.

There is also a balcony at the main public room where you can come and chill anytime.

Plearn Wan cafe, pretty expensive though.

Look at this snack in the can which they are used as a prize on the sport day when I was young....oh! I miss those days.

Now let's take a look at Plearn Wan village at night and see how beautiful it would be!

I feel like I am in the temple fair and I want to take a ride on the ferris wheel.

There is also an outdoor cinema.

Standing game booths.

Lucky draw.

Let's grab something to eat while enjoying the beautiful Plearn Wan village at night from the balcony in my room!

Actually there will also be a birthday celebration fireworks for the King of Thailand tonight and I have made an appointment with my friend to go and watch it from her place by the beach. Unfortunately, she can't make it and I feel sad a bit right now.

But guess what? While we are eating, we heard some firework sound and we can, we can see it.

Oh my god, I am still lucky enough to get a chance to see it and we are lucky that we choose to stay here because it is not far from Klai Kangwon Palace.

I am very very happy now.

Photos are all taken by Nokia Lumia920.

We end the night with this empty and quiet Plearn Wan village. It is not easy to see something like this though because it is always busy here.

Good morning Hua Hin at Plearn Wan vintage village! One main advantage of staying overnight here is that we get a chance to take photos of Plearn Wan when there is no one.

Plearn Wan village is not opened yet and we are going to have breakfast at the cafe in front of Plearn Wan.

Coffee latte and Americano as we have ordered upon checking in.

Tuna sandwich.

Toast with butter and condensed milk.

Main hot dish is Minced pork congee, not bad!

Another one is Vietnamese-style fried eggs.

Done with breakfast and now let's make the final tour around Plearn Wan before going back home!

In front of Plearn Wan village is decorated by ancient TV. I recognize them because I used to watch this huge black and white TV when I was young.

Do you want to get some drinks?

Wow! This ice cream is now 5 THB, it used to be only 1 THB. I guess I am too old now.

And this Piman Plearnwan trip ends here.

In summary, I would rate this stay at Piman Plearnwan 9 out of 10.


- The staff are all very friendly and helpful

- Even though the room is not that big but fully-equipped and very well decorated

- Wi-Fi signal is very speedy

- There is no refrigerator in the room but there is one at the main public room with all complementary snacks, fruits, and drinks


- The breakfast system is not that good. We have to go and have breakfast at the cafe in front of Plearn Wan village where it is opened for anyone. This doesn't provide you a high level of privacy. Furthermore, there is quite a lot of people not from the hotel when we are there and this slow down the service. We get our breakfast very slow and we got to ask all the times that we haven't get this and that. I think they should pay more attention to guests from Piman Plearnwan because we have ordered the food upon checking in since yesterday.

Apart from the breakfast, I have a wonderful stay here.


 Tuesday, May 12, 2015 10:58 AM