Today I have a chance to review a new rafting place where is also a new tourist attraction place in Kuraburi, PhangNga " Emerald Rivulet " or Klong Nang Yon.

We start our journey from "Khaolak", Takuapa, PhangNga. We stop by Bang Deen, Thai-Muslim restaurant for breakfast, the restaurant is located in Talad Yan Yaw, Takuapa. The popular menus are Roti-Mataba and Chicken Biryani.

Fried chicken gizzard with fried red onions

Chicken Biryani

These are my breakfast.

And follow by Roti-Mataba

Bang Rochard fries roti and egg for us.

Most of customers are local people as they know that it is delicious.

You can find Thai - Muslim restaurant Bang Deen, Takuapa on the Google Map.

After that, we are heading directly to Kuraburi.

Due to it is rainy season, we only hope for a nice weather so that we can get nice photos for all of you.

With the speed of 70-80 KM/Hour, it takes us about 30 -40 minutes to get to Kuraburi.

Our meeting point for bamboo rafting is "Prathat Nang Yon" which you can easily look it up on Google Map or take a small path beside Kuraburi School and continue straight. If you still could not find it, you can call P' Noi at 086-268-6888 for direction and more information.

You will see the white advertisement board on the left as below when you arrive.

Our meeting point at Prathat Nang Yon beside Klong Nang Yon.

The atmosphere of the meeting point is so great.

Very clear water in the canal

While waiting for the raft

It is very beautiful when you see many colors of stone at the bottom.

I am standing a piece of the world that is so beautiful...^^

I really want to lay down here but P'Noi told me that the highlight is at the beginning of the canal!!!!

Even when they call me up, I still standing there hahaha.

From "Prathat Nang Yon" to rafting point takes about 10-15 minutes (No phone signal).

And here we are...Emerald Rivulet (It is quite similar to the Emerald pool in Krabi).

Clear and steady water which you can see through the bottom.

If you are afraid, you can try the bamboo raft that tight with a tree at the coast before going for real.

See closely, it is really clear water.

Thank you to our model from Yala

Due to the water from this point flow from the forest above and seem green that's why they call it "Emerald Rivulet"

Do not waste any more time...let's go>>>

- Distance of Bamboo Rafting is 3 KM.

- It takes about 1 hour (depend on the water level)

At the beginning there are both fast flow, slow flow, deep and shallow during the way of rafting. (Mostly, it is shallow. If you do not know how to swim, there is life vest provided as well).

At the middle of the way, we stop by to take photos and swimming at Don Hin (Rock).

Having so much fun^^

After taking photos, we continue rafting. Water is still clear along the way.

At end of the canal, it is quite deep as we cannot see through the bottom (for your safety, hold on with your life vest).

There are many points that we can stop by for swimming but it is raining so we have to be hurry to get back to the starting point and swimming here as we expect at first.

And after that you will be very hungry!!!

After changing, P' Noi suggests us to come to Mr. Kosak seafood restaurant which is very famous in Nang Yon, Kuraburi.

Recommended menu is "Moo Ko" which crispy sweet and salty pork.

And "Fried Flathead Lobster with black pepper" but today there is no Flathead Lobster so we change to fried crab with black pepper as they suggested.

Other menus are also very tasty and delicious.


[Bamboo Rafting expense conclusion]

1. 300 THB/ person including Coffee Break
2. 500 THB/ person including lunch and only accept in group 8 people up (food by Kuraburi women group association). There are only 4 of us so we have lunch around that area.

See in this VDO below

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