For myself, I like the music in this show both in English and Chinese. They amuse each other between each characters. So the show is funny and interesting, even Princess Soamsawali is also having fun and making jokes in the show. I really like it and I want to use it once...

Kin: "One day I will go to visit you"

Niuhuru: " Okay, Let me know if you are coming..... ( 5 second pause and say..) then I will pretend not to be here."

It's so funny. Hahahahaha

Mr.Mui or Prince Chatrichalerm Yukol gives some bouquets to Princess Soamsawali.

One thing I like is in the end of the show before the curtain are closing. All of the actors and actresses prostate to Princess Soamsawali. Then the princess suddenly returns a greeting and said It's better to be informally. And that means The princess do not mind and being friendly. She is one of the royal dynasty that I'm especially delighted.

*Yehanala is the surname of Cixi Taihou's father.

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 Wednesday, May 13, 2015 1:24 PM