"SUMMER STREET" is another well known restaurant in Ari area. It is called "THE MUST of Ari".

If you see it during the day, you may think it is a coffee shop.

You can either have single dish at the bar or gill by yourself at the tables like this.

Medium-sized set is enough for two of us. At first, I didn't expect much with seafood in the city.

Warm up the stove first. Good point is the food is directly grilled on stove giving charcoal scent.

Oyster is very fresh, I mean super fresh. I'm like "another one please!!!".

Medium set includes squid, Cockle, Spotted Babylon, Mussel, Shell and last one, not matching with others, Giant Freshwater Prawn. It is river prawn that's always matched in set with seafood.

Squid is scientifically not a fish. However, in Thai, it is called "Pla Meuk" where "Pla" means fish. // Same as seahorse is not a real horse right? Haha.)

Cutlery is ready.

This one is "Crab Meat Gratin". Personally I don't like it that much. Could be because it is served slightly cold and I think it doesn't match with the atmosphere. However, it is another menu if you would like to try, not that bad.

Seafood set, M size.

The bill is 916 THB. The food comes in good portion, very fresh and clean. The restaurant is also well decorated in minimalism style, good taste. Spicy seafood sauce, if you are a spiciness lover, this may be match with your preference. The sauce is made in standard flavour which customers can add spice by themselves :))

It is another restaurant that I have to repeat for sure.

Lastly, there is extremely lone line. Would be better to reserve the queue first. Then you can do something else while waiting. For example, sipping coffee at La Liart or Casa Lapin. Walking at Villa Ari is also nice. Staff will call when it's your turn. Very convenient.

Sarun Asawanuchit

 Tuesday, July 21, 2015 10:12 AM