Activities: Food and Beverages

Yesterday, I went to Ginbaan Shabu with my younger brother. We followed the review from Payunbud, who said it was very delicious.

I didn't take any pictures of the locations because I drove in and forgot to take any (feel free to curse me at this point 55+)

The shop is located at Lat Phrao 130 (opposite Wisutthani, a popular tutoring center in the old days, where 80% of students in the area must have been and must know).


The restaurant is still new. The management system is not yet in place. The owner has to run the queue himself for almost everything.

The food variety is not that much. There is only plain rice and the noodles are Korean instant noodles, glass noodles and udon. (Personally, I like Korean instant noodles 55)

Personally, I really like the content. I like it a lot.

That's Japanese shabu-shabu, where the meat is thinly sliced so you can dip it and eat it right away. (Mentally counting shabu-shabu)

Hilarious! 55+

The highlight of this restaurant is the sukiyaki dipping sauce.

So delicious! I mean, really, really, really, really, really, really, really delicious!

Price 350 Baht net

-Restaurant atmosphere-

-My younger brother told me to post his picture and promote it.-

Song #Don't judge the whole world by one man

#Please support my shop 55+

Restaurant menu


Raw meat

Uh oh

The sukiyaki dipping sauce is the best I've ever had. )


Let me share some light knowledge with you.

Why do they call it a shell..... Okay.

Paul, I may not have many pictures because I was too busy eating. 55+

The first review may not be very good. The camera is still not very familiar. I apologize for any mistakes. I will improve next time ^^

350 baht net, eat until you beg for mercy

Oh, almost forgot! The ice cream here is also delicious. We each had 2 sticks (who said we were full?).

Sarun Asawanuchit

 Friday, July 5, 2024 2:38 PM