Songkran (Thai New Year) is coming, we of course plan to go back to our hometown.

Well, anyone is from Maha Sarakham? put your hands up …. shh, seems like no one.

Today Foh Foh would like to introduce a new North-eastern style restaurant in town which was just opened not long ago but the food is super tasty. Who is coming here or drive pass do not forget to stop by here

"Tam Kratoey na Maha Sarakham"

Tam Kratoey na Maha Sarakham restaurant is located at Woon Wai five-way intersection, Old Mahasarakham university. The restaurant is on the right-hand side and there are plenty of parking spaces both in front and right next to the restaurant.

Open daily 11.00 Hrs - 22.00 Hrs.

The restaurant has very nice ambience and clean, and there are indoor and outdoor area for you to choose.

Tam Kratoey na Maha Sarakham restaurant has many signature dishes.

Let's start with the first one

"Miang Pla Pow" - Grilled fish coated with sea salt

The restaurant uses only black tilapia for Miang Pla Pow, it is served with a set of vegetable, thai pasta, and 3 kinds of dipping sauce (sour, sweet, and spicy)

And the second dish, the one you should not miss for any reason "Som Tam" - papaya salad

"Tam Thai Khai Kem" - Thai Style Papaya Salad with Satled Eggs

"Tam Luem Pua" - Mixed Papaya Salad with pork and fish snack

"Tam Khao Pode Khai Kem" - Corn Salad with Satled Eggs

Every papaya salad is prepared by this beautiful lady and they are all spicy, tasty, and super yummy, I can confirm.

Moreover, there are many kinds of soups. For example;

"Tom Sab Kradook Orn Moo" - Hot and Spicy Pork Rib Hot Pot

This restaurant uses only good quality pork ribs, very chewy

"Gang Hed Sam Yang" - Three Mushroom Soup

"Oom Kai Moh Din" - Marinated Chicken in Clay pot

"Peek Kai Tod" - Chicken wings

Chicken wings here is very tasty, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside and not oily at all.

"Khao Pad Moo", Fried Rice with pork

For those who like dry, not sticky fried rice, you would love it here. I highly recommend.

"Moo Tod" - Crispy Fried Pork

"Koh Moo Yang" - Charcoal-boiled pork neck

"Tab Waan" - Thai Spicy Liver Salad

And the food price here is very reasonable, as an example, Som Tam (Papaya Salad) is from 40-60 Thai Baht (around 1.5 - 2 USD)

More importantly, this restaurant is free from

Who ever drive pass Maha Sarakham or plan to go there during Songkran, please don't forget to stop by.

by Foh Foh :)

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 Tuesday, September 27, 2016 4:47 PM