Chiew Larn, where you can feel the real peaceful

I and my friend Pui had a long time plan to travel to Khao Sok and Chiew Larn lake and finally we have matching available period for both of us. 5-7 June was a perfect time. We flew from Donmuang Airport with morning flight to Suratthani Airport. We book 500Rai which provided airport transfer and long tail boat from Chiew Larn pier to resort. 

5 June - we arrived Suratthani Airport around 11:35hrs but schedule of shuttle service is 13:00hrs so we spend time at airport for lunch and relax. 13:00hrs the driver greeting us and we took around 1 hour from airport to Chiew Larn lake but on the way driver took us to visit the beautiful viewpoint. 

It was first time for Pui so she was excited and enjoy every corner of the Chiew Larn dam.

After got some nice shots from the view point then driver took us to the pier to check in and wait to get on the boat to resort. 

After paid for admission fee then wait around 20 minutes then we got on the boat. If you are travelling in June suggest to bring small luggage as you can see how far from the entrance to get on the boat. As the low water level you have to carry your luggage down on steps. 

And this is our boat.

The boat driver welcome us with smiley face and we left the pier to visit some highlight before go to resort.

Driver stopped by at the Khao Sam Kloe. An amazing 3 mountains in the lake.

Actually, along the way there are lots of beautiful mountains. This is my 4th times visit this place but I still love this place and put it the most favorite dam in Thailand.

Before arrive the resort, driver took us to see a Bos Gaurus.

The driver said there is only one in this area which not far from resort. And then finally we reach to resort (the boat took around 1 hour from pier to resort). This is 500Rai which very famous for the beautiful location and properties itself. 

Another beautiful smiley face welcome us at the pier and took us to the room after check in.

They have swimming pool for sharing and one small swimming pool for honeymoon room. I chose Villa type so our room located in the middle of resort as I expected the best view in the morning.

Our room is duplex with one big bed on the first floor and 2 mattress up-stair. Pui preferred first floor and I also like up-stair so this is my place.

And view that I can see from my upper level.

And this the view from the front of our room. 

And on the back side also beautiful

We spent short time for relax and refreshment then start first activity "Wildlife Safari". We got on long tail boat again.

There were one tour guide and one staff from resort on the boat and explain about the forest and wild animals.

We found lots of Bos Gaurus

We found lots of hornbill but my camera cannot catch them closer

We were enjoy the wind blow around us along the way. The clear water and the green forest around us made us feel so relax.

It getting dark so driver took us back to resort.

We back to our room and refresh and enjoyed first dinner

Their food was amazing delicious. I chose Thai set dinner while Pui chose Western set and we shared.

And I fell in love with this signature drink

We spent around 2 hours for dinner as all food are good and the weather was nice. After that we back to our room for bed time.

I set alarm clock at 05.30am as I expected to see the most beautiful moment before sunrise.

And here what I got

I woke Pui up and we took kayak to the border to see more beautiful view

And this what we found

How can these small plants grow up very beautiful like this

And when we look back to our room after sunrise. All around us are green mountains.

We back to our room for shower and prepare for trekking tour today.

Our amazing breakfast

Everyone preparing 

And we were on the long tail boat again for 40 minutes from resort and the boat ran deep inside the lake

We arrived the pier and continue walking around 1.2kms to another side of the mountain

The same tour guide was with us and explain lots of information about the forest

Walking 1.2kms is not easy for some people who do not often go outdoor like Pui but she was enjoy with everything along the way so you can see her feeling from her smiley face

We arrived to another side of the mountain to get on the bamboo raft to visit Pa Ka Rang cave.

The bamboo raft took around 15 minutes to arrive to the cave

I visit this cave every times when I visit Chiew Larn but I also excite and enjoy walking inside this cave. 

All those beautiful stones hidden in the dark and shining when you point the light to them

I can say that no any camera can show out their beautiful than your eyes

I had tried my best from my mobile phone

The tour guide was nice. He explained lots of information about cave while I was enjoy taking photos of those beautiful stones.

After the cave and walked back to the pier. There are hundreds of butterfly waiting for us at the pier and we got on the boat return to resort but I got some souvenir from the Park's officer

We arrived back to resort and had lunch then relax in our room

But the sky was too beautiful to lay down on the bed in the room

So, I picked my laptop and sat for checking my work for few hours. They have wi-fi available so I was so happy.

After cleared some works, I enjoyed floating on the board

And the dinner time come again

Tonight we chose Thai set and they served difference menu but we love all

Finished dinner but we still at restaurant as the weather and view was so beautiful

My eyes saw clearly stars but my camera cannot show it

We finally return to our room for bed time.

Last day in Chiew Larn we were enjoy breakfast (again)

And the view

We enjoyed breakfast with this stunning view until check out time

And I really cannot ignore them. Smiley faces from all staff from arrival until to departure.

I was curious how come they are so professional and look really enjoy take care all customer and I guessed that they might working there so long time. But I was surprise, some staff just started working less than a year but we did not feel it. We fell their high experience with their services.

We got on boat, Pui got some souvenir for her family.

We end up our trip with very good memories from Chiew Larn. And for myself, I can come again and again to this place. I LOVE IT.


 Friday, June 21, 2024 8:21 PM