A beautiful of Phang Nga bay with one day trip!

After me and Pui finished 3 days 2 nights in Chiew Larn dam. We continued to stop by in Phuket for 2 nights before return to Bangkok. The reason is I want to try one of the tour which I heard many friends talking about it. However, Pui preferred to stay relax at hotel and sit with her works then I booked join tour with John Gray Sea Canoe.

I had experience with this company long time ago for canoeing in Krabi but never try their tour in Phang Nga before. The tour as their website is Phang Nga Hong starlight. It was a tour join with big boat and other tourist around 30 persons. They sent the van to pick up me from Amari Phuket Hotel and it took around 40 minutes I reached to the Aor Por pier which is meeting point and I reached the pier around 1230hrs while the trip will start around 1300hrs then I have some free time to relax. 

I got first shot by their staff while waiting and listening their guide briefing about the tour program.

1300hrs tour guide finished briefing and we all walked to the pier to get on the local truck to get on the boat.

Their tour guide are professional and everyone full with energy and services mind. All local guide at the boat welcome all customer very friendly.

After everyone get on board, the tour guide leader briefing again about safety instruction during the tour and introduce local tour guide. Meanwhile, they start prepare lunch on the table.

All lunch menu are simple but taste very good and most of all they all fresh cooked. 

I really enjoy papaya salad and grilled chicken. I saw some customer are vegetarian and they also prepare separate food for those customer as well

Drinking water, fruit, coffee, tea also prepared on the boat and you can see in the picture. Wi-fi also there.

The boat took us around 30 minutes to the first spot for canoeing

Tour guide leader announced and they had a small activity to let the customer pick the tour guide name from the box which made everyone excited. But I think all of them are good guys. 

All customer got on each canoe. I saw small kids also enjoy while sitting on the canoe with their parent. This activity is not dangerous so it good for family as well

They took us see around the islands to see beautiful of the stones, small caves and I saw some sea crabs.

For first stop took around 30 minutes and everyone return to the boat for relax. And there were fruits and snack prepared on the boat.

The boat continue to second spot and everyone got on canoe again

This one they took us get in the cave which called "Lod Cave" we have to lay down on the canoe while passing the low ceiling and dark from outside to inside the cave. It was excited.

And when we passed the dark cave then inside we can see beautiful view

And I found this fish ( I think they are fish but they can walk )

The clear water stay still and not too deep.

The weather inside the cave is fresh and cool. No bird or other animals there but I can hear sound of insects

Spent time around 15 minutes inside the cave then we came out and see around outside the cave again

Then return to the boat. And we found that they prepared some material to do something and I knew that all those material to make Krathong (because I'm Thai). 

They have flowers, banana leaves, banana tree etc.,

And each tour guide who took care their customer for canoeing bring those material to them and every group start making Krathong. 

I saw everyone enjoy making it even they do not know how to make it from beginning but each tour guide are professional

Especially my tour guide

He did amazing job to cut the orchid to be a lovely birds

We both made a beautiful Krathong

And it was dinner time so we all enjoy dinner, sunset dinner on the boat

And after dinner we all got on the canoe again (but this time was after sunset and the sky getting dark)

Tour guide prepared the lighter to light up the candles and stick and put in on Krathong. 

All Krathong were light up and we make a wish as the tour guide instructed and then released them to the sea

We all sit on the canoe and wait till the candle melt down and the candle light gone then we picked our Krathong back to the canoe and bring back to the boat

Tour guide said we did this activity to experience it but we do not leave those Krathong in the sea to keep the sea clean and clear. 

We return to the boat and again enjoy fruit and drink while the boat heading back to the pier

We arrived to the pier around 2000hrs and it was a fully enjoy tour. I would regret if I did not try this tour today. 

I will try their other tour if I have chance to come to Phang Nga or Phuket again next time. Because since first time I tried their tour in Krabi and again this time in Phang Nga. I really happy with them.


 Monday, June 24, 2024 10:28 AM