I have a chance to visit the island of Borneo in the last long holiday, the third largest island in the world.

The main destination of this trip is Kuchi, Kota Kinabalu Labuan, Malaysia, and Brunei.

The trip is a chilling trip . I don't have much information about these attraction places so I will go and find out the place that can get my attention right away.

I bought 5 flight tickets international promotion service from Air Asia. Each flight get delayed and canceled so many times. I sometimes feel a bit bored (-__-)

Destination Plan

Jul. 10, 2557 Kuching
Jul. 11, 2557 Kuching, Kota Kinabalu.
Jul. 12, 2557 Manukan island
Jul. 13, 2557 Labuan, Brunei

Jul. 14, 2557 Brunei

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At first, On this trip, we are travelling two people, but my brother must go to Korea to study. So I need to travel alone and take long time to make decision on whether should I go or not?

But in the end, I decide to go. It is my life so why I have to wait for someone? The ticket is already booked with the promotion . Also, this is not the first I have to travel alone. My first trip abroad alone is travelling to North Laos for 2 weeks, five years ago.

But what I afraid of is because I don't have much information about traveling and also I go there in the Month of Ramadan as well.

Kuching -- Sarawak

After determine the place I want to go, Now I have time to prepare for information, and book an accommodation two weeks before traveling.

Main information of this trip is an old review from Pantip and English Information from TripAdvisor Lonely Planet and various foreigner's blog .

For accommodation, I book with Agoda in advance using the 7% discount of Dtac Reward Extra that

focus on cheap accommodation, convenient location and near tourist attraction places.

Kota Kinabalu -- Sabah

The most sadness part is that I can't find the low budget accommodation in Brunei. There are only 2, XXX Baht up. and little information about travelling , I want to cry now.

And then I keep searching until finding the Facebook page that calls Thailand Consulate in Brunei and I find out the Facebook Group. Then ask to join and ask for information. I feel so impressed with Thai people that live in Brunei for helping me.


Starting the journey, Bangkok-Kuala Lumpur

Earliest flight FD 311, 7:10 AM-10:15 AM, I get a return ticket in 1,920 baht.

Of course, travelling with low budget, I must use various benefits worthy.

Use True Red Card promotion is giving one set of Dairy Queen.

I fall asleep and then wake up at KLIA2 and meet raining welcome

I feel a little bit excited because I use service of KLIA2 for the first time .

I am very happy to say that I don't have to use LCCT anymore because its condition is not good at all. There are a lot of people and I also have to walk in the middle of the day to get into the building.

But the rumor is so true that KLIA2 is walking so far to reach the Immigration Bureau. It makes me sweat.

I look at the time and I still have plenty of times before flight departure.

So I buy a sim card. I choose the one that I used it before because the signal is great, I get 26 RM Digi , can play internet for 1 week + 6 RM for calling and then I have a walk and take some photo, then I realize that this place looks like the combination of department store and airport.

Walking through Departure Hall third floor

On the way, you will see KLIA2 signs and airplane viewpoint

Why Thailand airports do not have thing like this ?????

Inside there is a nice Check-in counter and a mushroom or satellite that can change color alternating back and forth.

For the Domestic flight or International flight. Bags will be scanned just one time,

You don't have to take out the belt and when get down the escalator, you will see many shops down there. It is like they intend to make us shopping until we run out of money.

Before getting on board, I met Thai people and I feel very happy, I think no Thailand people will travelling to this zone .

So I talk with him that I want to share taxi with him to get to town if there is no shuttle bus

The flight is AK 5208, Kuala Lumpur - Kuching at 12:55 PM - 14:40 PM, the price is 26.05 RM.

This flight I eat two boxes for free because my brother can not come with me. I take the food with me so I can eat more in my room .

Ps. Nasi Lemak in AK is really delicious more than FD .

Finally I am here , Kuching the city of verdant and cat.

Travelling to the State of Sarawak, you have to pass through the Immigration Bureau too .

After passing through the Immigration Bureau. Then I find the car to go to the city right away. Walking ahead to Golden System Car Rental booth

Because there is a shuttle bus, cost 9.99 RM/ person to Tune Hotel
, but the next round you have to wait for another 1 hour, so I have a conversation with other traveler to take taxi into town. Chartering a taxi to Kuching city costs 26 RM.

I take taxi around 15-20 minutes to Kuching city

Thai people who I go back together ask me for only 7 RM for taxi fee and then I say goodbye to him. I take a walk to find the accommodation which takes around 10 minutes more.

Cats come to welcome me

Accommodation is located at Wo Jia Lodge Kuching. It is booked through Agoda which costs 378 Baht.

It is located in a very good location which is located on the road along the main Bazaar Sarawak river, convenience to walk around. Room includes air conditioned, a public bathroom. There is a free serve of tea, coffee, bread to eat for free in the morning.

[Spoil] คลิกเพื่อดูข้อความที่ซ่อนไว้http://wojialodge.com/

And here I meet new friends. She comes from Switzerland

She invites me to try a boat cruise, it costs around 19 RM for 1 hour, so I agreed with her, So I can have a friend to talk and walk in the town together. I really very jealous, she comes here to travel just four months, and she had already gone to Thailand 2 times too.

In the evening, I have to split from new friends because she has to go out and buy a bus ticket to the national park .
So let's buy food to eat. I see on the review that seafood here is not expensive at Top Sports Food Court so I am going to take a look there.
I can say that after I arrived I get confused, I don't know where they sell the food and I see only the building around. So I have to ask the guards, he says that I have to take the lift to the sixth floor, if I remember correctly it is a rooftop.

Sitting and eating alone, it's cost 26 RM
Orange juice 5 RM + rice 1 RM + garlic shrimp + butter 20 RM.

Before leaving to go back to the room, I then book a car to the airport at Tune Hotel
, the staff informs me that this round nobody join with me I will have to pay

20 RM is for chartering. If there are more people, they will refund 10 RM.

I meet new friends at the hall again, we talk to share tourism information, and know that now Kuching is so silence.
Tomorrow she is going out to the park. But can't find a group to Join. so she has to go alone.
I said to myself it is good to stay here just one night because going out to the park to see monkey or seeing tribes are not my style.

I go out for a walk around the town this morning because this afternoon I have a flight to Kota Kinabalu. Attraction places in the city mostly are the museums .

Starting from the first place. Crossing the street then you will see the museum.
Sarawak State Legislative Assembly, it is located on the opposite side of the Sarawak River. You canget on a boat to there and take a photo .

There is a fortres on the side where we are standing but I don't know what its name.

Opposite the fortress, just walk across the street there is Sarawak Tourism Complex.

After a walk to see the city, visit the museum in that area and then find food to eat.

Ps, you can not take the photo inside the museum , who like the museum here, you can walk through many museums at the same times.
like Textile // Sarawak // Chinese History museum
But Cat Museum is very far and you have to go there by car. .

Finally, I can't find people to divide car cost , So I have to charter a car to the airport.

But this price is also cheaper than a taxi outside. Because to call taxi on the street, they set the price at 26 RM.

Departures from Taguchi has to pass the Immigration Bureau but going out no need to stamp the passport.

The flight AK 6354 Kuching - Kota kina Baru at 1: 40 PM - 3: 05 PM, the price is 29.05 RM.

I also book the food on the plane also but when I postpone the flight, the food is gone too.

Arrive at Kota Kinabalu Airport, Air Asia will land on the 2th building

You have to pass Immigration Bureau like before and stamp to enter Sabah state. This time, I am lucky that there is a shuttle bus to town cost 5 RM for each person.
Previously you have to take only taxi of 30 RM from the airport to the city which takes around 5-10 minutes.

The Shuttle bus will stop at 2 places which are Center point department store and car ferry which goes to the mountain for climber.

I stop at Center point and walk to accommodation for about 3-5 minutes, not so far.

Accommodation at Kota Kinabalu Lavender Lodge, I book through Agoda for 2 night cost 728 RM.

It is a man Dorm with 5 beds , bathroom and food service.

Near station , but quite far from the seaport, you have to walk around 15-20 minutes.

[Spoil] คลิกเพื่อดูข้อความที่ซ่อนไว้http://www.lavenderlodge.com.my/

Maybe my face look super friendly so roommates talk to me as usual.

He is Chinese people from Guangzhou. Excellent English. At first, he plans to come to Thailand.

But Thailand has some incident so he has to change his plan to Malaysia instead.

2 young British people are also sharing the information from a trip too . This is call travelling alone, but not lonely at all.

Fried banana ball and fried pork ball in Malay style.

Fish traffic circle

Kinabalu, a big city that full of people, very lively

When I see the seafood market, I feel sad that I come here alone .

If I come with many people I will more happy because the price is not expensive. And the important things is that this city have a lot of Department store to walk around.

After I get recommend from Chinese new friend. He tells me to go to Manukan Island .
Actually, I have enough time to go to 3 islands in 1 day; Sapi // Manukan // Mamutik but I choose 1 island because I don't want to hurry and want to relax and chill out.

The first round ship sails at 8:00 Am. Walk into the port you will find the booths selling ticket. you can choose whatever booth you want. Find the booth you like or just go to ask and look for the ship schedule because every booth sell at the same price .

Price of the ship sailing is 23 Rm for 1 island,

2 islands are 33 Rm, 3 island 43 Rm + tax from ports is 7.20

And diving equipment should rent from this side, it is cheap than rent on the Island .

And entering natural park entrance fee costs 10 Rm for foreigners

From port go to Manukan Island, it takes 15 minutes. Today is very nice sunny day, the water is clear, good sea don't have too many people, have water police and lifeguard taking care anytime.

Don't worry if you did not bring any food here because island also has food to sell. This island has everything, don't have to be afraid of straving. Resort , Bar , Restaurant , and Super Market .

When Evening comes, I plan to go to Sea market to hang around and take a photo .

But it is heavy rain fall ! Can't go everywhere , stuck here in the middle of the way.

So I shelter from the rain, sitting and eating Laksa andThe Tarik at the food court .

Then continue with a dessert at Suria KK

End of the day. Today I wake up early in the morning to pack my luggage and buy some snack to eat on the boat. Today we will go Brunei.

I bought the ship ticket in advance since yesterday at Booth No.4, economy-class 60 Rm + seaport tax is 3.60 Rm. Take to boats from Kota Kinabalu - Labuan // Labuan to Brunei

Ship departures at 8:00 am. and reachs Labuan at 11:30, we sit until we are getting bored, and the important thing is that it is very cold. It is good that I prepare stuff for cold weather.

Ps. Don't worry there is a small shop on the boat as usual.

Finally after we have long time sitting in the ship. We finally here in Labuan, island of duty free like Langkawi Island . The next sailing will be on 13:00 pm so we have time to hang around and find something to eat for 2 hours .

I eat at Chinese Restaurant

After full, I kill time by walking around here but today is very hot day. I walk with my bag and sweat a lot.

Almost time for boat to departure, I have to go back to the port. Go to paid the boat tax 10 RM

And wait for the call to the inside, scan the bag to pass the immigration Bureau and go out from Malaysia.

The boat to Brunei is smaller than Malabuan. Don't have many people around here. It will take approximately 1 hour to Brunei.

And on the ships I have meet new friends, she is a girl from Sweden.

She goes into town to meet people who let her has free accommodation.She meets that people from some website , I don't remember.

Entering to Brunei. Immigration Bureau asks that how much money that I carry and have to show them. I just have 90 SGD and I can pass through this.

PS: Brunei can use Singapore currency. But will change as the Brunei currency mostly.

From the Muara port to Bandasery, it takes time around 30 minutes.

But I wait for the bus here, waiting for nearly an hour, almost have to rely on the taxi. The bus just costs 1 SGD but taxi is 30 SGD.

Coming to Brunei this time, I was helped by my friend in Brunei to book the accommodation.

Because at first, I plan to stay at Pusat Belia Youth Hostel which the price is just 10 SGD but the room is the dorm type.

My friend contacts them and knows that hotel is now full. And then he helps me reserve at K.h. Soon Resthouse.

Accommodation at Brunei K.h. Soon Resthouse, the price is just 35 SGD, public bathroom to share, very good location, close to all tourist attraction, and opposite to the Brunei hotel, 1 block next to the car ferry of the city.

During Ramadan, Brunei is so quiet, and will bustle again in the evening at 3 pm if I remember.

And Brunei is very strict. Sell food but can't eat at the restaurant .

From the hotel, walking about 5 minutes to Yayasan shopping mall.
Which the opposite side is Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque .

Other side of the mall is the Brunei river.

You will see Kampung Ayer village in the middle of the water and see the boat shuttling passengers all the time.

It is the tourist attraction place too, but I come alone. This place is quiet so I afraid if I go there the stored will be closed.

Bandar Seri Begawan Royal Wharf

Taman Haji Sir Muda Omar Ali Saifuddien

The town of Bandasery is really quiet

Walking around here and find the food kiosks, the price of food is not expensive it is just 1-2 dollars

Look beyond this you will see the Pusat Belia Youth Hostel which has already renovated.

There is a Chinese shrine at the corner nearby...

It is evening time now. Let's start finding something to eat and find free Wi-Fi to play. But, now I have no

idea so let's go to KFC. There is signed Free Wifi.

The spicy chicken here is delicious, have a little sour taste too.

Seating until you are bored and don't know where to go. I see Coffee bean store on the way back to the room so I go to eat orange juice in 3 dollars.

At First, there is no people and when it is 3 pm many people are here , may be there just finished the pray together.

And my friend in Brunei comes over and say tomorrow I will cook something to let you eat. He is so kind and I am really impressed.

We have a little conversation and I have to say goodbye to go to bed, I ask reservation in the hotel that today have a lot of people or not and they say today is fulled, I don't believe them and feel a bit scared hahaha.

I was scared at first but I unexpectedly sleep well. I wake up early and see a lot of people here. At first, I think he lies that the hotel is fulled booked. I go out to the market besides the hotel while waiting for the food from my friend.

Wow, he cooks a food for me, looks very yummy

I really appreciate the kindness of this Thai people.

Next I am going to visit The Royal Regalia Building. I can take a photo only in the main hall here. The bag has to leave in the locker.

I don't know where to go , at first, I want to travel in the city zone but the time of bus here is erratic.

So I just play Wifi at Coffee Bean, at this time I still can't buy any food to eat .

I get bored so I go ahead to the airport. You can go to the airport with many bus lines. But many people suggest me to go with 23 line.

It takes about 15-20 minutes and you have to tell the driver to stop at the airport, otherwise they will not send you in the inside. T_T.

Brunei airport. The new terminal is finished.

The important thing here is the bag weight, its weight must not over 7 Kg. I check at counter and front gate.

The flight AK 279 Brunei - Kuala Lumpur, 15:55 PM - 6:20 PM. price 47.00 BND.

What is this ? This is Beautiful

And the Nasi Lemak is served I am really hungry now.

The foods in AK Flight are not so many to choose

And then come to the final flight to fly back to our home.

I walk until I feel tired, the airplane parks so far away. I have to go through Immigration Bureau twice.

International side , the bags will be scanned 2 times and the strange thing is that there are many beverage stores before reaching the second scanning round.

Almost everyone is carrying the bottle of water and it is confiscated , good thing is that I didn't buy it, just buy snacks otherwise I would feel irksome.

Flight FD 316 Kuala Lumpur - Bangkok 20: 50 PM - 22: 00 PM.

The End. Hope my information can help Thai people travelling to Higuchi, Kota Kinabalu, Labuan, Malaysia, Brunei more easier.


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