+++Bossa Blossom Trip : Siam Tulip are blooming, so do you want to go? Let's ask your heart.+++ written by JoinMe2TheWorld : )

"Siam Tulip field" (or Thung Dok Krachiao in Thai) are blooming, so do you want to go ? This trip is pretty simple. Take a ride from Bangkok approximately 4 hours and we will reach our destination. Nonetheless, just watching a blooming Siam Tulip is indeed not our usual program style.

+++Bossa Blossom Trip : Siam Tulip are blooming, so do you want to go? Let's ask your heart.+++

+++Bossa Blossom Trip : Siam Tulip are blooming, so do you want to go? Let's ask your heart.+++

"Siam Tulip field" (or Thung Dok Krachiao in Thai) are blooming, so do you want to go ?

This trip is pretty simple. Take a ride from Bangkok approximately 4 hours and we will reach our destination.

Nonetheless, just watching a blooming Siam Tulip is indeed not our usual program style.

Now that we have a chance to go travelling, we will make it worth by adding all the attractions and special programs in our trip more than the usual.

All in all, this trip is considered a dream trip for all of us.



This trip, we will travel in under a theme of "Admiring the Mist and Watching Siam Tulip"

Now as all the members in the gang are ready, we then go travelling during 5-7 August 2016 as it is the right time for all of us.

How to get there?, I might not have to tell you guys about which route that we need to take or what is the number of the road as in the present if we would like to go to anywhere, we would just search Google Map for it. Moreover, you just arrange which route and where you want to go first or later, that's all. Well, Our travelling plan this time , we would not have to leave and absence from work because it would be only 2 days 2 nights altogether, we set off on Friday evening and back on Sunday night. Now, how to make the most of the journey in our styles, if you guys would like to know, then let's follow and see our trip plan.



Friday 5 August 2016 # We meet up during evening and ride from Bangkok to stay overnight at Lam Narai, Lopburi Province.

Saturday 6 August 2016 # Lopburi - Pa Hin Ngam National Park - Tat Ton Waterfall - Mo Hin Khao - Pha Hua Nak - Sleep at Downtown Chaiyaphum Province.

Sunday 7 August 2016 # Downtown Chaiyaphum Province - Sai Thong National Park - Pa Sak Jolasid Dam - Bangkok.

Day 0 # Friday night, we ride from Bangkok to stay overnight at Lam Narai, Lopburi Province.



Why do we have to set off on Friday night?....Like I told you guys, we would like to see the mist at Siam Tulip Field. Therefore, we set off early on Friday night and stay at Lam Narai, Lopburi Province before.

Well, why don't we go straight away and stay in Chaiyaphum Province?

As because from Bangkok to downtown Chaiyaphum have to drive around 5 hours while Bangkok to Lam Narai takes just 3 hours.



Furthermore, during the morning time, we will go to Pa Hin Ngam National Park at Thep Sathit District which is located away from downtown Chaiyaphum for approximately 1.5 hours.

And if we head straight from Lam Narai to Pa Hin Ngam National Park, it also equally takes around 1.5 hours as well.

You guys might get confused, hence, I suggest you to search in Google Map and calculate the distance along with the travelling time, then you would get more ideas about what I have explained!!!



Or the alternate choice for those who have high budget, you also could head straight and stay at a resort in front of Nation Park. As we have checked the price for the accommodation around National Park, it all costs approximately one thousand++, and if we take 2 rooms that would cost us almost 3000 baht already for only one night.

All in All, for those who have more budget and would like to wake up and watch Siam Tulip right away, you could easily choose to stay around front of National Park. Nonetheless, for those who would like to save your budget, you just wake up a little bit early and ride around one hour to National Park, you could follow our plan by staying overnight at Lam Narai like us.



Well, it seems that I have explained about a route and accommodation for quite awhile. Therefore, now let's talk about the attractions that we travel this time : P

Day 1 # Lopburi Province - Pa Hin Ngam National Park - Tat Ton Waterfall - Mo Hin Khao - Pha Hua Nak - Sleep at Downtown Chaiyaphum Province.

All of us wake up early at 4 o'clock in the morning and take a shower, then prepare to set off from the hotel at Lam Narai at 5o'clock. On the way, we stop by at 7-11 convenience store for breakfast for a short time as we would like to reach at Pa Hin Nam National Park around 6 o'clock!!!



Why do we have to wake up that early?.....Because if we do not reach National Park in the early morning, apart from the mist that we could not get a chance to watch, we will have to take photos of Siam Tulip with a crowded people as a background. Thus, if you guys would like to visit Siam Tulip Field during weekend, I would suggest to visit in early morning as you could see the mist, the sunlight is not strong and most important is there is less people in the morning!!!!



Upon arriving at Pa Hin Ngam, we then park a car and go to tourist service center to pay for the entrance fee along with buying ticket of National Park's shuttle car ride.

The day that we travel there, the mist is pretty beautiful as we could see it since we get off from a shuttle bus, this is really worth waking up early.

We walk up a bit further and then we will find a walkway, that National Park provides for tourists, stretches down to Siam Tulip Field. We walk along the way and the atmosphere is just perfect with a cooling wind and the mist that flows by.

During we walk along the wooden way, in our mind we think that how much blooming Siam Tulip that we could see this time?

The deeper we walk, the more blooming Siam Tulip we start to see.

We have got a chance to see Siam Tulip, cooling wind and the mist, all of the above are perfect enough for us. What else do we want more!!!???

It's like God knows that we might not get enough, thus, he also gives us the rain which we could hardly manage to keep our camera in time. Lol. : P

Thus, I would like to suggest if you travel to Siam Tulip Field, you should prepare umbrella or rain coat with you.


The rain is falling for a while and it then stops, we could feel refreshed a bit from the rain. Moreover, the mist that begins to fade away in the first place, is flocking up again because of the rain and we are all having fun taking photos.

During we walk and take photos along the way, we have faced with a family which consists of grandfather (not too old), aunt, father, mother and children. They all step out of the walk way and then walk into the field to take selfie photos by not taking any notice to a prohibition sign at all.



I just feel fed up by their behavior and would like to warn them, but then again, I scared that they will hit me as there are many people in their group.

Before I travel here, I do a research and know that there will be officers position in many spots and they will make an announce warning tourists not to walk down to the field.



It maybe because it is still early in the morning, thus, the officer has not come yet. Well, I think this kind of thing is no need to wait for others to tell you as it is a personal consciousness that everyone should have. We should help conserving attractions for others who travel after us to get a chance to see the beauty of those places!!!



After watching Siam Tulip, we walk back to watch the view at Pha Sud Pan Din. Yet, we have faced a problem as there is a thick fog spreading all around the area that our photos which we take are look like a white wall as it is all in white color. Lol.

Thus, we don't have a picture of Pha Sud Pan Din for you guys. Yet, I will post a photo of the plants around that area instead then.

Now, it seems that the rain is going to fall down once again, thus, we hurried to go to our next point at Pa Hin Ngam. We arrive at Pa Hin Ngam arond 10 o'clock and it is rather crowded here during this time. However, the mist is still there floating all over the area of Pa Hin Ngam which I think it gives us a kind of beautiful feels in another kind of sense. There is a thick mist, thus, we will use this thick mist to cover up a crowd that appear into our camera frame. As if there is no mist covering those people, I also do not know how I can take a photo without having people inside. Lol

After that, we jump on to a shuttle car to get out to a tourist service point in the front area. Then, we jump up to our car and plan to ride to our next destinations which are the Tat Ton Waterfall and Mo Hin Khao. We drive from Pa Hin Ngam National Park back to downtown Chaiyaphum which takes us around hour and a half. Well, as we still have pretty much time left, thus, we will stop by to check-in at the hotel that we have reserved to take a nap a bit as we all wake up pretty early in the morning.

Almost 4 o'clock in the afternoon, we head out from downtown Chaiyaphum and it takes us around half an hour to reach at "Tat Ton Waterfall". We wander around and take some photos, then we will go to Mo Hin Khao next to watch the sunset scenery there.

A route from Tat Ton Waterfall to Mo Hin Khao takes only 10 minutes drive. Apart from taking photo of "Mo Hin Khao" and "The Elephant Rocks" (all the rocks look similar, yet they are different in size). The day that we travel to that area, there are a lot of beautiful grass flowers for us to take some photos.

When the evening light starts to disappear, we then drive further a bit to watch the sunset scenery at "Pha Hua Nak"

We stay at that place until it is dark, then we drive to downtown area to find something to eat. Well, I have additional advice for you guys, if you would like to stay at Pha Hua Nak until dark, then please prepare your mobile battery in advance as a route back from Pha Hua Nak to downtown is considerably dark. Yet, you could still drive and not dangerous at all. Nonetheless, there area a lot of crossroads that if you don't use GPS from Google, you might easily get lost.



As for our dinner in downtown, we eat at "Baan Bai Toey Restaurant". The food is tasty and the price is not expensive with a live music to listen to, everything is great actually. After a meal, we then go back to our accommodation to take a nice sleep as we feel sleepy from an early morning wake up.

Day 2 # Chaiyaphum - Sai Thong National Park - Pa Sak Jolasid Dam - Bangkok.

Today, we wake up not too early and head out from the hotel at 7o'clock. We stop by for breakfast at downtown area before. Then we will drive to "Sai Thong National Park" next which takes us around one hour to reach at the destination.

Upon arriving, we manage to pay for the entrance fee and then contact with tourist service center. As we are riding in a small car, thus, the office suggests us to buy National Park's tourist car ticket as from tourist service center to the area that have blooming Siam Tulip will have to ride pass through a rivulet and maybe a small car could not get pass thorough. However, for those who ride a pick-up car same like National Park's car, you could drive straight to tent area by yourself.

From tourist service center to the tent area is around 9 kilometers away. Upon entering into forest area, even it is now 9o'clock already, there is still a mist floating around. When we get off from a car, the driver tells us to walk along the cliff continuously around 2 kilometers and we will reach Bua Sawan Field no. 1 as now it is the highlight area here because the flowers is 100% blooming all around. We start walking from Pha Pho Mueang, the route is go up and down on the hill a little bit, yet it is still alright. Well, we find that there are not much tourists here comparing with Siam Tulip Field at Pa Hin Ngam National Park.

It takes us only awhile to reach our first stop which is "Pha Hum Hod". And even it is almost 10 o'clock now, the mist is still cover up around the cliff area. We stop by to take a photo at a popular corner for all tourists, then continue our journey to the next place.

Along the way, there are blooming Siam Tulip to be seen from time to time, some in little area and some are in large area. Thus, we stop by to take a photo. to tell you guys the truth, it is just only our excuse to take some rest. Lol.

After that, we keep on walking again to our main destination today which is Thung Bua Sawan no.1.

When we reach at Thung Bua Sawan no. 1, we are all stunned as there are a lot of blooming Siam Tulip all around like the driver told us. Moreover, the field is huge which has the same size as a big football field with blooming Siam Tulip filled up the area. We all walk along and find a corner to take photos as we prefer.

All in all, although the entrance route to Siam Tulip Field at Sai Thong National Park is more difficult than the field in Pa Hin Ngam National Park a little bit, yet, we prefer this place more. The walk way in each spots will be away from each other but there are officers to look after tourists, yet the officers here don't have to get tired to supervise and keep warning the tourist not to break the rule.



We hardly see any tourists breaking the rule and walk down to the field here. We all really enjoy with the blooming Siam Tulip, thus, we stay until almost noon. Now that we start to feel hungry, thus, we will head back now. However, on the way back, we will stop by at at field no.4 which there is White Siam Tulip at that area. Actually, the officer suggests us that we could skip this place as during that time there is less White Siam Tulip in bloom. However, from the map, it is pretty near, thus we decide to try walking there. Well, there are some "White Siam Tulip" to be found only a few of them and they are smaller than the pink one.

We finally find the blooming White Siam Tulip as our wishes, then after that we walk back to the tent area. On the way that we walk back along the cliff, the mist is disappeared by now which could allow us to see the view in a far distance.

Upon arriving at the tent area, we go and find something to eat for lunch at the food shop around the area. We order stir-fried pork with basil leaves for each person, the taste is just ordinary, also with the price, it is not expensive than the downtown area. After lunch, we ride on a tourist car to the outside area (the ride is all included so you do not need to pay again). After we go out, we then ride our car to continue traveling at "Sai Thong Waterfall" which is located in National Park as well. We take a walk by the waterfall and watch butterfly flies by, and then we leave the National park around 03.30pm.

On the way back to Bangkok, as we calculate the time and find that there are still some time left, thus, we will stop by to another attraction which is the "Pa Sak Jolasid Dam" during in the evening. From Sai Thong National Park ride to Pa Sak Jolasid Dam would take around two and a half hours. It is located on the route back to Bangkok, hence, we would just stop by. We arrive at the dam almost 6 o'clock in the evening, yet the sunlight is still strong. We then take a walk at the ridge dam. The area is prohibited for car to ride at the ridge dam as this area will be used especially for relaxation. There are people come to exercise such as running and pedal a bicycle as the atmosphere in the evening is pleasant. We sit there and watch the scenery until the sunlight is disappeared, then we continue ride back to Bangkok.

And this is the end of our fun trip during weekend. Now, we will get back and ready to go working on Monday again: P

Total expenses for 4 people with a private car would be around 1800 baht per person

First night accommodation at Lam Narai, Lopburi 200 baht / person

Second night accommodation at downtown Chiayaphum 250 baht / person

Car gas for the whole trip costs 1800 baht, divided by 4 people that would be 450 baht / person

The entrance fee for Pa Hin Ngam National Park + Tat Ton Waterfall + Sai Thong + Pha Hua Nak are around 400 baht / person

(This price includes the entrance fee for each person, the entrance fee for private car and the shuttle car for tourist in some attractions)

The rest would be foods and snacks cost for 2 days which is around 500 baht / person

Well, let's meet again in our next trip, yet I don't know where to, but I will tell you guys for sure : )

I will leave my page here for those who like traveling and taking photos, you could go and chat with me at FB: https://www.facebook.com/JoinMe2TheWorld