Hi everyone! Foh Foh is back after the last review last year o_O

This time Foh Foh is back with the chic Middle-Eastern style resort

" Al Medina Beach House " at Kung Wiman Beach - Chanthaburi

Al Medina Beach House is a small resort located at the end of Kung Wiman Beach. There are 9 guestrooms which all are fully-decorated in Middle-Eastern style. The atmosphere is just perfect for taking nice photoes and the area is very calm and quiet perfect for total relaxation.

However, it might be a little bit difficult to get here if you are not driving because it is pretty far from the main street. But if you are driving please follow me.

Map of Al Medina Beach House

Once you get here, you will firstly approach the Lobby. There are dining table at the Lobby which give you the feeling of home rather than resort. The staff here are very helpful and friendly. They are kind enough to show the guestroom to us.

Moreover, there is like a lounge area by the beach. We are able to have breakfast right here and I can say that this is fantastic.

Yeah! Finally I got a room key, may I show you around? The first room Foh Foh would like to show you is a huge room named Marrakech. This room can accommodate up to 3 people and there are a balcony and enormous bathroom.

ps. there is also a single bed hiding which I forgot to take a photo, I am sorry TT

Let's move onto the second room named Tangier. It is a 2-story room, we can wake up with the panoramic view of the beach right in front. However, I was a bit surprise that the first thing I see when entering this room is the bathroom, o_O very interesting.

And the last room is Maknes, located at the ground floor and only a few steps away from the beach. When you open the door you can enjoy the sea breeze.

Let's see the surroundings area of the resort. Al Medina Beach House is located at the starting point of bicycle track. The resort also has the bicycle rental service for those who want to ride a bike to Nern Nang Phaya view point. But the way up there is not easy though, too much way up that is why I did not go. Moreover, there are complementary kayak and surf board providing.

There is a set breakfast provided. The set is including boiled rice, tea/ coffee/ cocoa/ ovaltine, fruit juice, bread, fried egss, fries burger. And you have a choice either having breakfast at the lobby or breakfast on the beach.

All in all..

Accommodation: Very clean but there are little shower drain odor odor which has been informed to the staff. The room is not too small, very comfortable. 4/5

Surroundings: Calm and quiet, perfect for total relaxation but there is nothing nearby such as convenient store but I love the atmosphere like this very much. 5/5

To get there: Good for those who is driving there. For those who are not, it is very difficult to get here because Chalerm Boorapha Chonlatit road that leads to the resort is more than 20-kilometer far from main street (Sukhumvit road) and there is no local bus to get here. 3/5

Services: Staff here are all very friendly and helpful. They show me many beautiful guestrooms for me to take photos.

Price: A bit high but reasonable. 4/5

And there is free Wifi, the password is in the guestrooms

Good bye for now with this photo of Nern Nang Phaya..

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 Tuesday, April 7, 2015 11:50 PM