Once it is in the rainy season... The heart is so lonely... It is time to free our heart to indulge with the nature of Nang Yon city, Kuraburi District, Phang Nga Province

Nang Yon city or Kuraburi City, once we mention Nang Yon city, many people might not be familiar with this name. Most of people notice this name once they go to Surin Island, they need to pass this city.

Kuraburi, this city is located near at the border, it I close to Muang District, Ranong Province. It is very beautiful city and enrich with natural diversity.

Apart from Emerald Rivulet Unseen Phang Nga where has been already reviewed https://th.readme.me/p/4437 ,there are also another interesting attractions (we prefer to keep it as the secret)

Luckily, it just stops raining, the sky becomes brighter. It is good time to discover our destination.
The devices are prompt
- Olympus E-pl7 + Fisheye 8 mm.
- Tripod
The first destination is Tham Nang Waterfall - Si Phang Nga National Park.

It is not necessary to be hurry once drive in Phang Nga because there is no traffic jam.

It does not take so long time to get to Si Phang Nga National Park, you can obviously see the sign on the right hand side.

The transport fee is 30 THB

The entrance fee is 20 THB

Since I come for this trip alone, hence I have not taken many photos till I have got the chance to place the backpacker.

I can chill out as much as I want once I travel alone.

I feel that I can indulge my body with the nature, listen to the stream and breath for the fresh air.

I have seen the big group of Soro Brook Carp fish swimming in the river.

I have set the tripod and settle the camera to take the photos while I am walking.

The pavement has been nicely built in this national park. It is nice to take a walk over here, it is good exercise though. However, please be careful about the insects. I highly recommend to bring insect repellent with you as well.

I continue walking around 200 - 300 meters and I finally find Tamnang Waterfall, it is 60 meters high.

The stream has been splashed into the rock at the lower part and it is absolutely beautiful especially once it reflects with the sun ray and generates rainbow.

It is time to leave the backpack and enjoy soaking the body in the waterfall.

Even though, it is such a nice moment but Tamnang waterfall is still not my ultimate destination... At this moment, my stomach has called for the delicious food.

Someone says that " The worth journey is to discover for the delicious food" and my next destination is Lhong Thong (local food).

According to the review, it mentions that the food is very delicious, the restaurant is located behind public transport terminal of Kuraburi district.

It does not take so long time to get to public transport terminal of Kuraburi district... I have seen the orange bus, it looks pretty. This bus will take the passenger to Takua Pa district.

If you would like to use the orange bus service to get here, you are able to do that too. You can take the bus route Phuket - Ranong.

I just continue walking and finally find the restaurant.

Here we are! This is Lhong Thong (local dish) of Kuraburi district.... it is the glass noodle with clear soup accompanied with pork and boiled egg.

The taste: It is so delicious, the pork is very tender. Of course, I could say that I can eat them without adding any condiment. It is worth to drive the car and have this menu over here, I would like to take another portion.

Once my stomach is fulfilled, I am ready to go to our next destination, it is Suanmai Waterfall.

Suanmai Waterfall is not quite well known because it is far from Kuraburi district about 18 Kilometers, it is in Suanmai Village. It is not so difficult to get to this place, you can just simply search from Google. Importantly, the parking is available and there is no entrance fee.

Suanmai Waterfall is under the patronage of Si Phang Nga National Park. I have observed thoroughly, it is very nice and clean.

At this moment, I am so happy to see the waterfall just in front of me, I am reluctant to take the photos to show to my friends. I am sure that they will be jealous of me.

It really refresh me once I see the flowing stream. I extremely retrieve from tiredness.

Apart from beneath weir, there is the small weir where is full of clear water. It is extremely wonderful once it reflects with the sun ray in the afternoon.

It is about 10 meters far, you will discover another waterfall but this waterfall is not high.

Mission Completed ^_^

The beauty of nature has always attracted our attention and it is the reason I have taken so many photos because I believe that it will be the part of my beautiful memory. Even tough, I am just a traveler not a professional photographer but I truly trust that all of these photos will always cheer me up whenever I have faced with any problem.

Please feel free to view below clip that I have recorded during my travel at Suanmai Waterfall.

After I have completed my mission, it is time to go back but I do not forget to have a sip of coffee to boost up some energy. There are various coffee café with nice view in front of Khura Buri Greenview Resort.

Khura Buri Greenview Resort is located in the valley, I used to stay in this resort once I went to travel in Surin Island. The atmosphere of this resort was extremely nice.

The weather is cold in the morning, it is just like Northern Part of Thailand, you are able to swim in the valley during day time. The review will be launched in the beginning of high season of Andaman sea. Please stay tune.

Thank you very much for your attention for reading and viewing my review.

With hope that Khuraburi District, Phang Nga Province will be one of your desired destination

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Special thank to Verasak Pratakviriya for teaching me how to take the photos and giving me the information of Khuraburi.

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