The rainy season is coming. We are so excited to see the greenery surrounding.
The outstanding geography of Phang Nga province is mountain and cliff, they have been reflected the beauty of Phang Nga very well.

We do not have much time to stay here, hence we decide to visit some places instead.

It rains heavily in the afternoon, it is necessary to find some place to shelter from the rain. We choose to shelter in the cave.

Tham Sam Rock Art

It is in Tambon Tham Nam Phut, Muang District, Phang Nga province
This cave is the lime stone cave, there will be the big sign indicated " Tham Sam Rock Art"

Tham Sam Rock Art

This cave is suitable to be the shelter from the rain.

We thought this cape would be like the big mansion in the former time.

Let's have a look inside the cave.

According to the sign at the entrance of the cave, it is mentioned that this cave has presented the art in early Rattanakosin era during B.E 2394 - 2453.

Even though, we are not archeologist but we think that it is very beautiful.

The art which is created from imagination

The painting of birds and flowers are represented as the heaven.

Next is the human place.

Lastly, we guess it should be hell.

The painting is created from imagination where await for next generation to visit.

This shelter should be preserved to be the place of learning and imagination for our next generation

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Hello Phang-Nga

 Monday, September 5, 2016 11:20 AM