Hello Hello!!! Dek Jew come back this time we will take you to Koh Tao, Surat Thani. we got a redemption from Redeem Travel Fair for 2 places to stay by paying 100 plus 1,000 point form credit card that on join the fair.

we stay at Chamchuri Villa Koh Tao for 3 days and 2 nights and at Renaissance Phuket for 1 night

We are so glad that we chose voucher at Chamchuri Villa. Here we learn more about Koh Tao and just curious that we are actually Thai but never know how beautiful Koh Tao is while it is very well known for foreigners.

All staffs at Chamchuri villa are so nice and polite. They provide the best service since booking through service at the resort which is unexpected for us.

Dek Jew will take you on the tour to Koh Tao and you will see that how beautiful Thailand. Let's Go!!!!

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We took this trip during low season Koh Tao, we were worry about wave and wind and everything. so made changes on our reservation at Chamchuri Villa so many time and afraid that staff might be annoying but she help us make a reservation and find the room where is fit for us. I am so impress with their service mind.

We started from Bangkok in the morning to take Lom Phraya Boat in the afternoon

we bought our ticket ahead from Khao San Road and for our car we park it at sea port 50 baht per night.

Dek Jew found a new on the boat and they both have fun together a long way to Koh Tao

It was raining when we got on the boat we thought that it might not be fun anymore but god is on our side when we arrived at the island the weather was totally different. it is now time to have fun!!!!

There was a shuttle from the resort to pick us up :)

welcome drink with orange juice and cold napkin.

Wow!!! Lobby

Now ready to check-in and go to the room

We take about 15 minutes to walk to our room because it looks like the resort was built on the stone, so it is kind of going up and down along the way.

Walking Path

Here we are, our room Deluxe Cottage 37 which the reservation staff suggested us to choose and it is good as she said.

Another steps to our room!!

This room really has a great view but quite crowded because the main walking path between Chan Bay and Restaurant is right in front of the corridor. It is busy all day and that is okay for us better than quiet.

There are 2 camp beds at the balcony, Dek Jew really likes to sit here and see the sunset in the evening and stars light at night

From the balcony, we can see Chan Bay right in front of us but part of the roof of house No. 35A (Left) and No.44 (right) is protruded on both sides.

House No. 44 is a Pool Villa which is the most luxurious room of Chamchuri Villa and we will upload a room photo later. ^^

Actually, we would like to upgrade to room 35A which Sunset Cottage style, have more space, get a better view, and close to Chan Bay but we have to pay 4,000 baht more.

But what made us decide not to choose this room because we did not like ivory, and also Myanmar's antique statue that line up in the room. We thought that we might not be able to sleep for sure so we did not upgrade and can save money.

Let look across the bay will see the Room No. 32 is one of the most popular room here and you have to walk to the other side, and also you have to climb up to the room which is not quite suitable for Dek Jew.

After put everything in the room now it is time for Dek Jew to go to the beach.

After playtime, then went to see the sunset at Starlight Restaurant which is not that far from our room.

This restaurant is a great point to see the sunset. However, we also want to go to see the sunset at Chan Som Bay tomorrow.

we wanted to have dinner outside but it was very windy so we moved inside instead.

Looking around, there are only 5 tables today.

Dek Jew was getting hungry while waiting for food she said she would eat stones around here instead but before she did that all food came.

Looking at Starlight Restaurant from the top

This restaurant building has 3 floors, when we entry to the restaurant will be on the third floor first and walk down to the other floor.

Right now I am no sure which one is Cha-Ba and which is Starlight. But outdoor is Starlight for sure

This is the second floor for breakfast (Cha-Ba restaurant I guess)

and the lowest one is Starlight

Food here is delicious, Dek Jew ate a lot. When her stomach full, she wanted to sleep so we went to bed early today.

This picture from our balcony

Today we still did not have that much time to take photos because of long distance from port to port and from port to the resort. So Papa went out to take photo around Chan Som Bay.

Did not see the sky full of stars like this for a long time.

That house is Room No. 32 and it looks very cozy

Back to our room, this is living room entry from the balcony no air condition but provide refrigerator, plates, cups and stereo.

Rooms at Chamchuri Villa have different layout. I think that they were built according to the areas because there are some big stones and trees, so no damaging the environment.

For the bed room I think there are too many beds and no space

For the restroom is a little too big, from this picture the bed room door is on the right and bathroom and toilet is on the left and on red wood is a sink

For bathroom, water has less pressure. The resort said it was because if there no rain for 15 days, there would be no water on the island, so they have to save some water. Otherwise they have to buy water from the main land.

For restroom also big there are 3 styles of toilet for you to use.

Because the roof was made from wood, so it's not preventing the geckos to say hello to us. We asked for help from the staff to get rid of them, but not for long that because we surrounded with the nature.

The second morning, we woke up quite early because Dek Jew had a hard time sleeping and crying all night.

Can see the beautiful sea and sky through out the windows.

After Dek Jew woke up we went to Cha-Ba room for breakfast.

But Starlight already clear all tables and chairs

First we have to walk to the top of this building

Then go down to the second floor, many people like to sit here because you can eat delicious food and enjoy a good view.

As I said before, food here is very delicious even they did not have that much as other big hotel.

From the restaurant we can see Chan Som Bay on the left

After breakfast we walk past room 44 and see housekeeper cleaning the room so we ask to get is and see inside

The front of Room No. 44

This House is very big but we only can take a photo by the pool because staff did not have a key for the other room.

Clearly see Chan Som Bay

Wanna stay here

House No. 44 shares public area with House No. 26A, 26B and 26C which are pavilion and private path to the sea.

Private Pavilion near the beach of house no.44 and 26

Our program today is to travel around the island

So we rent a four wheels because there is some part that quite difficult to pass.

First destination that we stop is Tanod Bay on the east of the island where is so peaceful.

The sea is so pure and beautiful except for the sand is not smooth as I thought.

This abandon hut used to be a small shop

Dek Jew and Mama take a little break here because it is very very hot otherwise we will pass out soon^^

We wait here for a while and let Papa go take a photo on the very day.

Waiting to see this man jump of the cliff

Even it is very hot out there, once we get under the shadow wind helps us to reduce temperature

Departure from Tian Bay and heading to the mountain. We stop at the view point and take some more photos

This is our number one bay that we really like; Leuk Bay. We are so impress with colour of the sea, and did not expect that Koh Tao would have this so awesome beach and sea. it is just so impressive.

Then we stop by at Aow Leuk 2 Resort. we order 2-3 glasses of smoothy and sit here for a while. enjoy the atmosphere and good view. Some sea breeze just made us feel so relax and do not want to move. Oh NO!!! our driver call for us let go to the next destination.

From where we sit, it can see another resort that line up on the stone and can see a great view. Maybe next time we should try this one.

Shade of sea colour is so so beautiful

And again, Dek Jew and Mama sit and relax at the restaurant, let Papa runs shutter around Leuk Bay

While foreigners from different continants try to come here but we have never thought about come to Koh Tao. Actually it is because we did not notice that here is going to be so beautiful.

Even Papa used to come here once, he also did not notice that there is this beautiful beach because he was busy with scrub driving around the island.

Then continue our trip to the New Heaven restaurant

Mama used to read some review about restaurant, it said that this restaurant located in such a good view point up on the mountain. From here we can see Tian Bay. But because If we sit at the terrace it is going to be very very hot so we sit inside is better. When other foreigner come they choose to sit at the terrace outside, I wonder if they feel any hot or sunburn out there. Let see for the food, it tastes so good for us and we like them a lot.

Tian Bay view from New Heaven restaurant

After luch we heading to Cha-Lok BayBan Kao

This stop did not take us that much time because they did not have place to sit to take a photo

Here we are, our last detination for today Ree Beach

At first we want to walk along the beach and have the driver pick us up at the next beach but because of the water is rise up, beach is narrow down and also foreigner are sunbathing on the beach. we probably have to jump over them to pass. So we decide to call our driver back here and take us back to the resort, it is better this way.

Back to our resort, because during the day was very hot that she did not really play with sand and sea so Dek Jew go to play in at the beach right away

After played and showered, we sit and relax at our balcony

As always, Papa go out for sunset picture at Chan Som Beach on his own.

Today we did not go for diner at the restaurant but already room service instead because Dek Jew was so tired and fall asleep already.

Body Massage Pavilion

Elvis Beach Bar

Our last morning, we will walk to Nual Beach after breakfast, they said that we can walk from here

Good morning from Chan Som Bay

We are so lucky that all three days that we stayed there is always clear blue sky so we can get a beautiful picture for our fans

Walking from Chamchuri Villa to Nual Beach

We have to walk pass Bamboo Hut before arrive to the beach. The own of Bamboo Hut is also a relative of Chamchuri Villa. This resort does not have a beach but the water in front of the resort is so clear and beautiful.

We sit here for a while then the owner invite us to see the Pool Villa Room N0. 18

We used to read the review about this room from BP by MedicinePath which said that it is so beautiful.

Room No. 18 at Bamboo Hut is so pleasant

Dek Jew want to go in to the pool but only can play with her hands

We took a lot of picture and feel like we want to stay here as well

From Bamboo Hut to Nual Beach

Because of the weather is so hot, make us feel like it is so far, do not know when we are going to arrive there but we can make it. There are many small resort and foreigners here.

Papa leave us under the coconut tree, he go to take a photo under the hottest sun again.

Neal beach is not that famous but can get a beautiful picture on every corner.

On the way back, we stop at Bamboo Hut again and call for a shuttle bus from Chamchuri Villa because we are barely walk.

We come back to the resort, take shower and wait for shuttle bus to sea port.

We are so impress with this trip, it might be because we did not expect for anything before but we always got the great view of Koh Tao and the best service from Chamchuri Villa. We definitely like it here.

Now it is time for Dek Jew to say good bye, will see you again for the next journey. We will continue to review our trip even sometimes it might be late but we definitely going to be back. Just do not forget Dek Jew ^^

Dek Jew Chill Out

 Wednesday, April 8, 2015 1:59 PM