Hi everyone, we are TRIP'LE, the three girls that working is secondary but traveling is our primary. We are really fascinating in having new experience so we would to share our experiences that are very exciting. We hope that it might be useful for anyone who would like to travel like us.

Are you ready???? Let's go>>>>

: The adventure and slow life in Southern Vietnam :

The first reason that we choose to come to Southern Vietnam is the desert and another reason is this country has variety of nature such as forest, desert or even in the city center.

-- All in one --

Plane Ticket

Booking with Air Asia

18 May 2016 : BKK > SGN

23 May 2016 : SGN > BKK

From Ho Chi Minh To Dalat

By Vietjet Air

18 May 2016 : SGN > DLI : 19.50 pm. : 750 THB

Exchange Rate

10,000 VND = 15 THB

*Rate might change upon the market*


Sim Card of Mobifone 130,000 VND = 200 THB

Sim Card of VIETTEL 290,000 VND = 450 THB


Taxi : Starting at 5,000 VND or 7 - 8 THB


Fuji : xm-1 and xa-2

18 May 2016


We get the plane ticket in the afternoon so when we arrive to Ho Chi Minh in the evening and have to continue to Dalat by Vietjet Air. While waiting, we are so hungry so we by a family set of Popeye's Chicken. The total is 380,000 VDN. as it is the first time for us to use Vietnamese Dong so we give them about 500,000 VND. The cashier is very quickly take the money from us and do not give us the correct change. This is one thing that you must be careful.

► Dalat

“A nice city"

We arrive to Dalat at the late night so we take the shuttle to the city and hurry to get to the hotel. We separate into 2 groups and stay in different hotel so we will review both hotel.

> Lu Tan Inn : We see it from Instagram, it is a very cute hotel like in the tale that we read when we was young. There is no air condition in the room because the weather is quite cold all year. Staffs are very nice and kind. Breakfast serves 2 styles which are Pho or Bread with Eggs.

The room rate is around 2,000 THB

> Tulip Hotel : Located in the middle of Dalat, in front of Lirn Hoa where selling breakfast, local food and bakery 24 hrs. Moreover the hotel also closes to Cho Dalat Market. Staffs are also very nice and good take care.

The room rate is around 800 THB.

(Sorry no photo of this hotel)

19 May 2016

“Around Dalat"

Do not forget to try Dalat Milk...Very delicious^^

We decide to rent a car so that the driver can drive us where we want. We rent a car with Tulip Hotel for 200,000VND/Person (300 THB/Person)

Please see below list where we are going>>>

1.Bao Dai's Summer Palace

2. Crazy House (Hang Nga Guest House and Art Gallery)

3.Datanla Waterfalls

The activities here is Roller Coaster...It is really fun^^.

4. Dalat Train Station

5. Truc Lam Pagoda

We have to take a cable car to the other side and the driver will go to wait for us over there. The place that is also near by the temple is Tu Yen Lam Lake which is one of the most beautiful lakes in Dalat. After that, we walk down the hill and we are so surprised with the view around us.

6. Dalat Flower Gardens

Or you can go to some places that closes by or restaurants or do not want to rent a motorbike, you can take taxi as it is quite cheap starting from 5000 VND or 7-8 THB

20 May 2016

The next morning we are still travelling in Dalat. Today we go up to Langbiang before move on to Mui Ne

Transportation to Langbiang

Taxi = 100,000 VND or 300 THB (There are 6 of us so only 50 THB/Person)

Jeep to go up and down from Langbiang = 40,000 VND / Person or 60 THB/Person

After that come back to the hotel, pack our back and take the bus to Mui Ne which will pick us up in front of the hotel.

How to contact them??? Ask the hotel to help us for that. Please inform the hotel 1 day in advance for arrangement.

Bus ticket = 130,000 VND / Person

We departure from Dalat in the afternoon and arriving in Mui Ne in the evening...Sleeping along the way zZZ

Coming soon


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