Greeting to all fan club of Readme, Latte Pun Yen Yen would like to take this opportunity to invite all of you to visit the chic resort. This will be the 3rd time for those who have followed our review to X2 Kui Buri (Cross Two Kui Buri ). We hope that you will not be bored even you might know every corners of this resort. For those who have not visited this place yet, you are able to explore how nice this resort is.

X2 Hua Hin Kui Buri (Cross Two Hua Hn Kui Buri) @ Cozy & Modern style.

I'm here again X2 Kuiburi

R e l a x @ X2 Samui Resort actually stayed at the Hua Hin for 1 night before checking to the hotel, we get the chance to wander at the beach.

I continue driving along the way of Ka Lok mountain. Meanwhile, I also look for the nice place for having a meal.

Our destination is Yok Sod Restaurant, it is the popular restaurant at Sarm Roi Yod National Park.

Finally, we reach the destination, we are not reluctant to reserve for the table. Today is quite relaxed because there are not so many people.

The first dish has arrived, it is stir fried squid with shrimp paste and salted egg.

The next is " Poa Taek" - Spicy Seafood Soup.

Steamed crab for 2 portions

The crabs' eggs are super delicious.

The most favorite dish is Oyster accompanying with chili sauce.

To imagine the big oyster with spicy chili sauce, it goes together very well and it is so amazing.

I am really full and it is time to continue to X2 Kui Buri, it is far from Hua Hin city for 80 kms.

Once I check at the map, it should be located at Muang District, which is a bit far from Kui Buri city.

Here we are, the lobby that we get familiar.

The hotel serves lemonade with honey to welcome us, it is such a refreshing drink.

The spa menu at this hotel.

Once I finish checking in and walk pass the modern corner which many guests like taking photos at this place.

It is actually the normal wooden chair but it becomes really cool once it is added with some artworks.

The unique point of its design can be referred as modest, cozy and outstanding.

And this is our accommodation Pool Villa.

The stone wall is very strong with its nice arrangement and it is the uniqueness of the design in this hotel.

The soft fur are filled in the pillow, it creates the tenderness once my head has touched with it. I don't want to get off from my bed.

All furniture are built in order to utilize the space with all purposes.

The wall is very flexible, you are able to place your books or accessories at another side of the wall.

Minibar is behind the bed. It is the zone where consists of a little fridge, closet and a safety - deposit box.

The green twig in the rounded shape bottle really refreshes me.

The welcoming letter and " X2 disturb me " paper are indicated that " there will not be No Disturb sign available at our hotel because we do not want to disturb our valued guests, thus you are able to press 0 once you would like to have your villa and swimming pool to be cleaned"

Complimentary tea and coffee.

After have a look at my villa, I thus explore the bath room, it comes up with classic design which I actually like it.

The length of the mirror is aligned throughout the washing basin.

The water system is mixed with salt, thus the water taste is a bit salty.

Now it is time to have a look at amenities provided in the hotel, there are 2 complimentary

There are also other amenities provided e.g soap, lotion with Yan Spa aroma (it is the signature of this hotel), bathing cap, cotton budใ

You are able to ask for more for some items such as toothbrush kit, sewing kit, match and liquid mosquito-repellent. Please refer to below shown sign.

You are able to take a shower for both indoor and out door.

And the rain showers are available for both sides.

Towel, hand towel and bathing gown are neatly placed at this part.

Shampoo and hair conditioner are contained in the tube, it provides the same aroma as X2 spa which is really the uniqueness of this hotel.

At the final corner of the bath room, there is the big basket with a big towel inside for using at the swimming pool. The basket is on the marble bench.

So, we will now have a look at the swimming pool.

The big sofa daybed are placed against the dinner table.

The swimming pool is black, it is approximately 10 metres from distance where I am actually standing. Even though,the colour of swimming pool is black but it is not that bad in reality.

My vacation starts.

Even though, the swimming pool at my villa is nice but I am curious to explore the main pool of this hotel.

My room is beside the main pool, I take a bit walk and I finally reach the black pool. To imagine how nice it is to swimming in the pool surrounding with the nice view.

I just only take a few minutes to reach the beach. But, I am not able to swimming in the sea due to the red flag warning. It is very windy.
It is totally different from my last visit, the sea is very calm. So I miss the chance to enjoy swimming in the sea today.

The depth of swimming pool is 1.25 metres, it is pretty good.

There is the bar beside the swimming pool, you can chill out at this place.

The snack and ice cream are complimentary but the beverage is not free.

After asking the staff, I found that the resort has just started this service for a month.

The Yan spa is actually beside the main pool but I miss the chance to visit it today because I have enjoyed swimming till the end of the day.

It is already the late evening, I come back to my vialla and prepare myself for the dinner.

And we will have the dinner at 4K (it is read as Fork) restaurant.

This is the only one restaurant at this hotel, and it is not crowded today.

The wooden pavement to access to every zones of the hotel.

Modified colour bar

The special menu for today.

There is still no guests in the restaurant at the moment, thus I feel free to choose my own table.

We choose the big sofa, it is just in case if we are full, we are able to lay down accordingly.

We chill out our night with light cocktail.

This glass is belong to the person who sit beside my table.

Bread comes along with the fresh butter.

We order seabass in Tom Yam (spicy) sauce.

I decide to visit th lobby before going back to my villa.

I would like to say good night with this chic lamp.

Good morning to everyone, I wake up early this morning to spend sometime for walking at the beach.

It is still windy.

This room is Beach front villa, there are 2 floors for 4 people.

Shell is used as ash tray.

I do not actually tend to have breakfast so early but once I reach the breakfast zone, so I decide to have breakfast instead.

Buffet line

Salad & fruit station

Bread and various cereals

The unique selling point at X2 is champagne breakfast which you could not find elsewhere. But I can have a sip only.

You are able to have sef - service to take salad, bread and cereals.

You can order for tea and coffee from the staff.

The main course is a la carte menu and you also order from the staff for the same.

I order shrip porridge for this morning to match with the vacation at the beach.

Apart from that, I also order for omelette, ham, sausage and mushroom.

And end up this breakfast with homemade blueberry yogurt contained in a little cute bottle.

Eventually, the vacation has come to the end, it is the time to prepare the luggage for checking out and be ready for the real world of busy life.

It is the time to say goodbye fro X2 Kui Buri, my friends have ever asked me whether there will be my 3rd visit for this place, and they can already be noticed the answer. If I have got the chance, I will visit this place for the 4th time.
I especially like the hotel design, peacefully atmosphere, privacy. I can recharge my enery at this hotel.

It is no need to use many words to describe how nice this hotel is because it is already my 3rd visit. Thus, this guarantees that this hotel is very good.

Good bye all staffs, review followers and the strong wall of X2 Kui Buri. Good night.


 Tuesday, June 2, 2015 4:27 PM