The activities that people are thinking about when come to Kanchanaburi is rafting and jumping into the river. But there are many other activity that you can enjoy such as the adventure activities at Homephutoey River Kwai, Kanchanaburi.

We arrive at the resort around lunchtime so we are directly to the restaurant right the way. The atmosphere here is very peaceful and staffs are very nice with warm welcome.

View at the resort is very nice even the weather is a little hot. We also can enjoy the view while eating as you can see in the photo.

After lunch, we go to our room which is Riverside Premier Deluxe.

The room is big with private balcony that we can see the Kwai River from here. After that we go to activities zone where there are swimming pool, kayaking, Hot Spring, or Tree Top (these are in the same area and we can walk there from our room).

Starting with Hot Spring

There are 2 zones which are foot spa and hot spring pool. For the pool they also separate to hot spring pool and normal pool where you can soaking yourself in there as you wish and enjoy the nice around you ^^.

Kayaking ..

Kayaking in the lake.... : )

Tree top zone

This zone is very interesting but it is raining so we cannot take that many photos. However, the staff is very nice, he do summersault for us to take a photo even we really want to do it ourselves.

Actually there are many activities in tree top zone but we do not have any photo as it is raining. And later on we decide to go back to our room otherwise we might struck here.

At Homephutoey Resort is quite suitable for group of friends as there are so many activities all day long and food is very delicious.

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 Wednesday, September 28, 2016 3:04 PM