The holidays will be coming soon again and if we just decide to stay home, the time will end up useless. Thus, let's better head out and go travelling. But we only have one day, where we could possibly travel within one day? The answer suddenly pop up in my mind that I will go to Kanchanaburi by train then as I would like to travel by this type of transportation for so long because it feels really classic to me.

Anyway, I have to search for the roughly information before heading out, thus, without wasting anymore time, I straightly search for the information and knew that the nearest train station is Nakhon Pathom station. Thus, I will mark the place instantly and will travel on this route in this coming weekend. Now, let's go.

(07.00am) Hop on a van.

@Mahachai - Nakhon Pathom

Start the journey.

Now, I have arrived at Nakhon Pathom station already.

First, I would have to present my ID card to the officer to receive a free train ticket, Lol. (Love it)

Everyone is waiting for the train that will arrive very soon.

(08.50am) As the train has not arrived yet, thus, I have a little time left to walk around taking photos.

(09.00am) Train has arrived at Nakhon Pathom station.

Now, everyone is getting on the train and take their seats. If sitting on the left side next to the window on the side that turning the face toward the head end would be great as it is an awesome spot for taking photos. I called it the "open corner".

(09.02am.) The train gradually departs from Nakhon Pathom station and heading to its terminal station which is Kanchanaburi-Namtok station.

Looking in the train, there are people from all ethnicity, nationality, tourists, students, couples, at all kinds.

But for me would be "One Man Show" Lol. Travelling alone with the first time travelling on the train, feel a bit strange and excited at the same time as I never been on a train before. I think the first time of trying new thing would be like this, I will get used to it later on, I guess. Lol.

The train will stop at the stations periodically for passengers to get off and on at the stations.

The view from both sides, we will see the fresh green mountains that easy on an eye throughout the route. Moreover, there is the wind that flows by and hits our faces, it makes us feel pleasant while watching a wide grassland along the way.

There are always a new thing to explore while travelling.

These are my companion on this journey. Some awake, some asleep as prefer.

Then we are arriving at a bridge over Kwai Yai River.

There are a lot of souvenir shops around the area. Now, the train is gradually moving to the Bridge on the River Kwai.

This spot is one of the spots that tourists love to stop by to take a photo.

There would be a small area that stretches out which suitable for taking photos and step aside from the train.

The area at Kwai Yai River.

In Sai Yok Garden area, there are many activities to do for tourists who love adventure style, it seems like the amusement park with the viewpoint inside.

Finally, we are at the Death Raiway at Krasae Cave.

I have faced with the Hipers teenagers along the way.

There are many accommodations located by the river, I will use the service in next time.

The train will stop here and head straight to Nam Tok station afterwards.

Now, we are arriving at the terminal station at last which is Nam Tok station.

Yeah, finally I have arrived at our destination and now my long trip in next time will be pretty easy as I did explore the route already. For this time, I better get back home unless I will arrive home late at night.

Please follow my long full version trip in EP.2. See you guys again soon.

(I will post all the pictures in this trip for you guys to have a look)


 Monday, November 28, 2016 3:52 PM