"Khao Lom Muak" (It makes us feel smaller)

Before Khao Lom Muak is going to close for recovering, we cannot wait anymore so we just go with no plan.

We take a van Bangkok - Prachuapkhirikhan and arrive there in the late night. Then we find a room for a night as P' Manaw suggested "Mon Talay" (Even the driver also asks us why are we come so late, because we afraid that the national park will close more than anything else^^).

"Here we are Mon Talay Hotel"

Luckily, we do not come during hight season so there are rooms available for walk-in guest

#After check in we go out to take some photos around there before going to bed^^

The night atmosphere is quiet and peaceful...especially it is not hot...

#As it is very quiet, we can hear a clear wave sound that hit the coastal...

# Such a beautiful reflexion

# It is such a wonderful moment that there are only us here...After having fun with taking photos it is time for us to go to bed...zZZ

In an early moring, we are heading to Khao Lom Muak right the way

When we arrive, we have registered first.

Alright let's go the last day of Khao Lom Muak (it will be opened again next public holiday).

There are 7 stages for us to go on...the first stage is staircase..easy easy!!!^^

# We have a lot of companions

# There are officers look after us at each stages to make sure that everyone is safe to go up to Khao Lom Muak.

# We stop by to taking photos as it is so beautiful more than expected....

Next is rope stage...Everything is slow down and must be very careful.

# Friendship can happen everywhere whether we do not come together...^^...

Finally we are here at the top of the mountain...(This is still less difficult than Phu Kradueng)

That's why every one want to come ^^

# There are Buddha foot print and Buddha image for worshiping.

# The Thai Flag is the sign of arriving here...hahaha

"Everyone is enjoying finding their corner to take photos...when you come you will understand"

Panorama view of a good memory...

Everyone looks so happy... It is hard to explain why do we travel... But in every journey we will meet people who like the same thing or similar.

"A new journey always bring us a new friendship"

It is time to go down...keep it slow and be careful...

Waiting each other and go down together...

Arriving at the bottom, we will see these little cute one "Dusky Langur " (Really want to steal it home hahaha...so cute)

"Their eyes look like wearing contact lens all the time"

# It is time for us to go back to the hotel...taking motorcycle with tug to go back

We try to remember everything from both side of the road because in every journey it is always a good memory for us. It is time to check-out and go home...let's take a few photo before leaving>>>

We go back we went yesterday to take some photos during the day.

# Above are the over all of this trip

And it is time for us to really get to go back...

This is another trip that we think that it is very valuable for visiting

Thank you very much for reading and following

See you on my next journey...

Total expense

Van from Bangkok 480 THB/2 pax

Van from Prachuapkhirikhan 400THB/2 pax

Motorcycle with tug round trip 200THB/2 pax

Hotel room with air condition 700THB

Food and Miscellaneous 170 THB

Total for 2 pax is 1,950 THB


 Tuesday, November 8, 2016 4:13 PM