@ Plearn Wan (Hua Hin) "Travel back to the old time"

# Only one day is enough

Plean Wan is a small market with traditional old market style. There are foods, candies, toys and thing that we have played when we was young. As its basic decoration in vintage style, it still gives a feeling of an old time that's why it is charming and attracting people to come.

# Let's follow us

At entrance !!!

This announcement is to ask everyone to support the market by buying a real T-shirt from the market not the fake one.

Alright let's go inside>>>

This is the first time that we come, it feels like we really go back to the old time.

It is a vintage style house with 2 floors and there are selling souvenir and other vintage items.

Slow life & Vintage & Hipter...very intend!!!

Even the market is not that big but they have well managed...over all is very nice^^

It is such a good place for people who like photographing... believe me!!!

# Family Day...Whoever we come with, we are always happy as this couple. Even they can barely walk but they come together and take care of each other...it is such a good moment.

# It is very vivacious as there are so many people.

An old music for collection

Old candies that we use to eat when we was young.

All snacks look so delicious and there are so many...I do not know which one should I try first^^

She probably hungry...Having ice-cream already^^

Learn Wan is another destination for foreigners...it is another Amazing Thailand.

The hero mask which we used to wear and fight with friends...All good memory since we were young...

It can make us smile every time we are thinking about it^^.

Games that we used to play (some of you might not even know the game^^)

#Oh!!! Cute little girl^^

Wow!!!...Famous signer also here

# Ending with something we have never seen>>>

We have gotten a good memory even spending a short time here. It is a place where you can come for relaxing, eating, and taking photos. It always be a good memory of all visitors

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 Thursday, October 6, 2016 3:59 PM