Normally, I must come to work in Korat province in the weekend but this week is quite special because I need to come on Friday. I actually do not want to drive the car back home. Suddenly, I have an idea of visiting Siam Tulip in Chaiyaphum province, it starts blossoming in rainy season. I have checked the distance and it is only 100 meters. I then decide to drive the car and spend a night over there.

Once I finish the work, I start my trip right away. I do not need to prepare so many things as I have all necessary thing at the back of my car.

The sky is absolutely beautiful, it is well contrasted with the green field. I would like to stay at this place as much as I can.

I continue driving and finally reach the entrance of Sai Thong National Park. It is where I will set up my tent and take a rest tonight. Before entering to this national park, there will be the night market where you can find many dinner menus. Once I get inside the national park, I am not reluctant to contact the staffs for the space to set up tent but I have been informed by the staffs that it is not ncessary to use my private tent because there are tents and necessary amenities for sleeping available for rent. Since I am only guest at this moment , hence I have got the chance to choose the tent which matches with my preference the most.

I think at the river bank would be the nicest location, I mean it is the proper place to enjoy seeing the stars at night.

Furthermore, it is women volleyball match, I have asked the staffs whether I can join watching this important match with them. Staffs are very friendly and they have also explained me about tomorrow activity, we will go up to the top hill by the villager's car around 6 am.

After finishing the discussion, I then take a shower and continue watching the stars for a while. At first, it is quite difficult to sleep because the weather is not so nice for falling asleep. I go to the toilet at late night, I have seen that there is only family setting their tent beside me. I have noticed later that there is the house / resort for rent. Most of the tourists prefer to rent the house or room in the resort.

I wake up early morning but I have not had enough time for preparing the breakfast, hence I need to be tolerant for being hungry for a few hours. I have awaited for the villagers' cars, once they have got enough passengers around 8 -12 people per car, then they start the journey.

The driver continues driving till the parking zone, I then need to continue walking about 4 kilometers to Field number 1 (Thung 1), it is where we can see many Siam Tulip comparing with other zones.

This is the step which is the beginning of this journey. Let's go.

The morning weather is absolutely gorgeous as it just stopped raining.

And I finally arrive at the place in the legend, it is called Pha Ham Hod.

It is very foggy, we could not see anything but it is very nice. Let' s continue going to the next destination, we will come back to take the photos.

The pavement to Siam Tulip field is covered by foggy curtain. Here they are Siam Tulips, I could not imagine how beautiful it is once all of them blossom at the same time.

I continue walking till Field 1 (Thung 1), the place is named as the most beautiful filed of Siam Tulip.

This big tree is very outstanding in Siam Tulip field.

I decide to take a rest and take some photos here. I will go back another way.

The orchid

Siam Tulip in another zone

I come back to Pha Ham Hod cliff, there is no foggy curtain. The view is extremely wonderful.

I arrive at the parking zone to take the car back to the accommodation. If you take your private car, I recommend to take the pick up because you need to drive pass the waterfall with high level of water. Otherwise, villagers' cars would be the great option, it costs THB 60 per person.

Once I arrive at the tent, there is the person who recommend me to go to Pa Hin Ngam National Park, it is on the same way back to Bangkok.

I continue driving around 1 hours and half to reach this national park. There are numerous tourists here.

I continue driving for 10 kilometers to Pa Hin Ngam National Park, there is no the parking area because there are many tourists.

I spend sometimes searching on the internet for having some idea of interesting places in this area and find out that there are Mor Ham Tung Cliff and Pha Sud Phan Din

I walk pass many shops and come across the officer booth and tourist bus, this bus will take tourists to Pha Sud Phan Din, it is quite far from here around 2 kilometers. There are also the professional guides in each bus as well. I get on the tourist bus because it might be difficult to way due to strong sun. On the way, I prefer to take a walk to enjoy seeing the beautiful view along the way.

Once I arrive at Pha Sud Phan Din, I have seen that there are many tourists. I need to await for a while in order to take the nice photo without people in the background.

I must say that I enjoy seeing the spectacular view a lot.

Then, I continue walking up to the mountain to see Siam Tulip.

Since I have not well prepared for this trip, I do not have the supplement battery for my camera once it is used up. Hence I need to take the photos with my Iphone instead.

It is time to see some stones but I could not be in this place that long because the weather is very hot.

I really regret that the battery of my camera has gone over, otherwise I could take more photos.

Finally, it comes to the end of the individual trip. The trip which I have not prepared in advance.

Even though , Siam Tulips would not blossom as much as I expect but I am still happy and enjoyable of what I have seen.


 Monday, October 31, 2016 1:56 PM