Mae Pranorm has been invited by Nok Air to join "Smile concert with Nok Air - KRABI 365 (days)". Krabi, the must..once is not enough.

The travel campaign of Krabi 2015-2016 has been officially launched “Krabi, the must..once is not enough.". The main purpose of this campaign is to raise the awareness that

“Krabi can be visited all year round and Krabi is more than just a sea paradise". KRABI 365 Days fair is from 8-10 May 2015 at Crab Statue square, Mueng - Krabi.

I will take you to many famous affordable restaurants in Krabi, attend Smile concert with Nok Air, go kayaking, and visit Tiger Cave Temple.

If you are ready, let's get this trip started!

Firstly, let's start this trip with this KRABI 365 (days) VDO!

And this is the VDO clip to sum up the Smile concert with Nok Air.

Another VDO clip from Nok Air.

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We fly to Krabi with Nok Air this time.

Today we are flying with Nok Sanook which comes with complementary Wi-Fi on board.

(There are 2 aircrafts of Nok Air that offer free Wi-Fi service on board which are Nok Sanook and Nok Budsarakham. These two aircrafts will be rotated to fly in all destinations and luckily that today our flight is one of them so we get a chance to use it while on board.)

This is our flight.

This is Nok Sanook, the one that offer complementary Wi-Fi.

Once the aircraft has taken off then you can start to connect to the Wi-Fi on board according to the instruction card given.

We enjoy having the bakery and drinks while using the Wi-Fi on board.

It doesn't take long and we have arrived to Krabi and today main activity would be attending the Smile concert with Nok Air and the opening ceremony of KRABI 365 (days) at 6 PM.

I guess they will take us to have lunch then go to check in into the hotel before going to the concert and the ceremony.

Today's first meal, Nok Air takes us to Ruen Mai Restaurant for lunch. Ruen Mai Restaurant is very famous for its delicious menu at reasonable price.

The restaurant is well-designed and decorated and there are a lot of people eating here.

The menu with the price list.

This set menu is very tasty.

This one looks very simple but it is simply delicious.

And this one is hot and spicy.

In summarize, Ruen Mai Restaurant is as good as its reputation and I would recommend it as well. Done having lunch and it's time to go to chill a bit at the hotel before going out again later.

This trip Nok Air has booked Maritime Park & Spa Resort for us. The resort is located in Downtown Krabi and not far from tonight's event venue.

Let's pick up our room key!

We get this VIP pass for the concert meaning that we are able to go near the stage to take photos.

Let's take a look at our room!

The room is spacious indeed.

There is a huge bathroom too.

The view from our balcony.

We have assembled at 4 PM to depart to see the opening ceremony's parade.

The event is taken place at Crab Statue square.

This is how the fair looks like right before the ceremony get started.

Let's find something light to eat while waiting!

The parade start to come around 5 PM, it is very lively and fun to see.

The opening ceremony is done by the Minister of Tourism.

After the opening ceremony has completed, the stage is starting to turn to be the concert venue which will start around 7 PM.

Our dinner today has been organized by Nok Air at Poo Dam Bar& Restaurant located near Crab Statue square.

The food are all superb, I guess you can see how good it is through the below photo as well. There are so many people.

We are done with our dinner and now let's walk around to see what they have here before the concert get started!

Nok Air also have its own game booth for you to participate in.

Right on time at 7 PM, the concert has started by Khun Dung, Patee Sarasin from PP Project followed by Jo & Kong NUVO and Boy Peacemaker consecutively.

Jo & Kong NUVO.

Last but not least, the concert ends with Boy Peacemaker.

This shot I got it captured with Boy Peacemaker before he got up on the stage, he is very friendly.

And his performance is incredibly brilliant.

The next morning has come and after having breakfast we are ready to go to Thalane Bay for kayaking at Sea Kayak pier.

Thalane Bay is a perfect place for kayaking because it is a huge well-preserved sea forest. We will be kayaking through abundant mangrove forest and beautiful scenery of canyons.

We don't know how much does it cost because Nok Air has taken care of all expenses. In case you want to know please contact Sea Kayak from the contact detail in the photo below.

There is a short session informing about all rules, regulations, and things to do while kayaking.

If you don't know how to kayak, you can hire the paddler at additional 100 THB.

We take the half day program which is about 3-4 hours.

We kayak not far from the shore because Mae Pranorm is scared.

This is the furthest we can go then Mae Pranorm starts to scream and ask to kayak back.

Since we did not go too far, we then get some photos from our friends who kayak further away.

They said that they had so much fun, it is a pity that we couldn't go.

Thanks to Nong Nejune for these all beautiful photos.

Then let's move on to our next destination, Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Thumsua)!


In 1975 when the Venerable Chamnian Silsetso (Luang Phor Jumnien) was looking for a new venue for ecclesiastical residence for meditation, while he was meditating he dreamed of a place called "Thumsua (Tiger Cave)" where it is surrounded by mountains and there are many caves and it is located in Krabi province. After that dream, he felt in love with that place and felt like he has been there before.

After a certain search for the place in his dream, he finally found this Thumsua which is exactly the same of what he saw in the dream.

Luang Phor Jumnien then led 53 monks and 56 nuns to move from Wat Sukonthawas Temple to here. This place is used to be called Na Ching Meditation Center since 25th March 1975 according to the name of the village. The name has changed into Wat Thumsua on 2nd August 1990

To get there

From Downtown Krabi, turn left at Talad Kao (Old Market) intersection then drive along Petchakasem Road (Highway no. 4) direction Nuea Khlong District.

Then turn left at Thumsua T-junction to Ratsadorn Pattana Road (Highway no. 4037) and drive further around 2 kilometers.

Let's get into the cave!

For those who like the top view can walk up this stairway to the viewpoint but I would say you got to be fit enough.

And again since we are not young anymore so we are not that good at walking up the stair. Therefore, we kindly ask for the photos of the view from our friends.

It's time for dinner and we are at the famous Ruan Tip Restaurant. The restaurant is huge and there is a lot of people, I guess because they serve good food at good price.

The menu.

Mae Pranorm highly recommend this restaurant.

They have prepared a huge set dinner for us and every dish is delicious but we can't finish it all because it is just way too much.

After dinner, we are back to KRABI 365 Days fair but there is no concert tonight.


Not far from Crab Statue square, there is a walking street. The walking street is opened every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 4.30 PM to 10 PM.

After walking for a while, we have found a Crispy Roti's stall, it looks yummy and a lot of people are queuing in line.

Look how popular it is! This can also confirm how good it is so if you walk pass by, don't forget to stop by and try.

It is time to go back. At check in counter at the airport, I see some people bring their bicycle to check in with them. After asking from the staff, I have learnt that you can bring a bicycle to check in with you for complementary without any weight limit but 1 passenger can have only 1 bicycle to check in.

Once it is a boarding time, the announcement has been made by these two beautiful ladies.

I wonder if we will fly back with the aircraft that offers complementary Wi-Fi on board again this time.

Warm welcome on board by this beautiful flight attendant.

Finally, it is time to say goodbye to Krabi but we are sure that we will be back again because Krabi can be visited all year round and once is not enough.

And our Krabi trip ends here.

I would like to use this space to thanks to Nok Air who have invited us to join this amazing trip.

Lastly, thanks to for giving a space for us to share great stories and useful information!!

Thank you all fans and friends for your kind support, don't forget to come to Krabi, the must..once is not enough

Love you all.........................................

Mae Pranorm


 Tuesday, June 9, 2015 10:12 AM