In the last September, I was invited by Tourism Authority of Thailand to join Chill Out Thailand #2 Project and the concept is to discover the places that have Thailand Tourism Awards (Kinnari Awards). Our destination for this trip is the Eastern part of Thailand which are Chonburi, Rayong, Chanthaburi and Prachinburi. So I accepted their invitation.

This journey takes 5 days 4 nights and we start from Chonburi, Chanthaburi and Prachinburi as the last. We have a great opportunity to visit Thailand Tourism Awards Places, we also visit other interesting places near by as well. So let's find out what we have got here>>>>


Sanctuary of Truth

Naklue, Banglamung District

(The outstanding Recreational Attractions for Learning 2013 and The outstanding Historical and Cultural Attractions 2010)

The beautiful charming wooden castle is located at Wong Phrachan Bay, Pattaya. the castle is so elegant with it sculpture and architecture design that reflects the believes of people from different religious. Moreover, it shows the ability of Thai sculptors and Thai architects. It is hard to believe that they build the whole castle without using any nails. If you have a chance to go inside, you will understand why the entrance fee is so expensive.

The place opens everyday 8.00hrs. - 18.00hrs.

The entrance fee: Adult 500 THB, Child 250 THB

For more information please visit or or Call 038-367-229-30

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

Najomtien, Sattahip District

(The Excellence Recreational Attractions 2006/2010/2013 and The Outstanding Recreational Attractions 2008)

It is the most popular tourist attraction place in Pattaya (Even it is actually in Sattahip). There are many beautiful garden styles with variety of flowers and plants. Moreover, there is elephant show and light show at the theatre of the garden with the capacity of over 2,000 seats. They also provide a resort in this beautiful garden.

It opens everyday 8.00hrs. - 18.00hrs.

For the entrance fee : Adult 150 THB, Child 80 THB

For the entrance fee + Show : Adult 400 THB, Child 250 THB

For more information please visit or or Call 038-422-958

Thai Island and Sea Natural Hostory Museum (Khao Ma Jor)

Samaesarn, Sattahip District

The museum is at Khao Ma Jor with exhibition building on natural history. We can enjoin the beautiful view at the viewpoint (Building No. 5) where we can see Baan Chong Samaesarn, Koh Rad, Koh Samaesarn and Koh Kam. It is such an amazing ocean view of the eastern sea. When you take the boat to the island, you should not miss this museum as well.

The museum opens 9.00hrs. - 17.00hrs.

The Entrance fee : Adult 50 THB, Child 20 THB

For more information please visit or or Call 038-432-475


Tung Prong Thong - Pak Nam Prasae

Pak Nam Prasae, Klang District

(The Outstanding Community-based Tourism Attractions 2013)

Due to the help of people in this community, it makes this place become famous faster than expected. A part from trying to improve tourist attraction places such as Tung Prong Thong Mangrove Forest, Prasae Warship, Prasaesin Bridge, and old market, the local government also jumps in to control the rule of all kinds of taxi and cleanliness of the community. I would suggest you to take Trailer Motorcycle to go around the area and stay overnight 1-2 nights at homestay that would certainly enjoyable and relax.

There is no entrance fee here except for the parking

For more information please visit

Tam Tung Prong Thong

Pak Nam Prasae, Klang District

This is a recommended Isarn Food Restaurant "Tam Tung Prong Thong" and the name is very easy to remember. There are a lot of many especially, papaya salad and other spicy salad which are very delicious as well as grilled chicken, pork or beef. The restaurant atmosphere is very airy where you can stop by to fulfill your stomach then call for Trailer Motorcycle for a tour.

The restaurant only opens on weekend and public holiday from the late morning till the late afternoon.


Kung Kraben Bay Royal Development Study Center

Klongkud, Tha Mai District

(The outstanding Community-based Tourism Attractions 1998/2000)

When we talk about Kung Kraben, most people will think about a restoration of mangrove forest and the most plentiful natural trails of Eastern Thailand. However, there are something else to do such as visit aquarium, fish in floating basket, Laem Sadej Beach or biking along the beach.

The center opens everyday 8.30hrs. - 16.30 hrs.

No entrance fee

For more information please visit or Call 039-433-216-8

Thai OASIS Sea World

Pak Nam, Laem Sing District

This is the first place of Dolphins show in Thailand which is managed by Thais and it has been operated for more than 25 years. The place is getting old (still under renovation) but the show is still very impressive. You can swimming and take photos with dolphin but there is extra charge. Moreover, restaurant here is also guarantee the fresh of all seafood, so do not forget to try local many such as Mu Chamuang (Pork) or stir fried noodle with seafood.

The place opens 9.00hrs. - 17.00hrs.

The entrance fee for the show : Adult 130 THB, Child 80 THB

For more information please visit or or Call 039-499-222, 039-363-238


Yusuksuwan Museum

Dong Kee Lek, Mueng District

This is a personal museum of Khun Narong Yusuksuwan where he keeps all ancient items that he has been collecting. The most interesting is there are over 10,000 lanterns which are age over 80 years. If he is here, he will show how to light the lantern. Moreover, there are a lot of thing that we cannot see anymore but we can find it here. This is such a good place for new generation to learn and see what we use in the past.

The museum opens everyday 9.00hrs. -17.00hrs

For entrance fee : Adult 80 THB, Child 40 THB

For more information please visit or or Call 0-3721-8511-2

Chao Phraya Abhaibhubate Hospital
Tha Ngam, Mueng District

(The Outstanding Health Tourism in Medical Center 2006, 2008, 2010)

Why do have to travel to the hospital???? This hospital is named as the beginner of Thai Traditional Medical, Thai Herbs moreover the building is also very beautiful and has an interesting history. Now they also invented Abhaibhubate Day Spa, the treatment will depends on personal elements and Abhaibhubate Spa Cuisine, the health restaurant. It is another health tourism place.

Chao Phraya Abhaibhubate Buiding opens everyday 8.30hrs. - 16.30hrs.

Abhaibhubate Day Spa opens Wed. - Sun 9.00hrs. - 20.00hrs.

Abhaibhubate Spa Cuisine opens everyday 8.00hrs. - 20.00hrs.

For more information please visit

Abhaibhubate Day Spa and Abhaibhubate Spa Cuisine Call 037-217127

Prachinburi National Museum

Na Mueng, Mueng District

(The outstanding Historical and Cultural Attractions 2004)

This national museum is the place where they keep all antiques that found in the Eastern part especially, Prachinburi, Nakhonnayok, Sakaew and the ancient city "Sri Ma Ho Sod". Most of them are in Dvaravati or Kom Style. People who love arts and history, this is where you should not miss.

The museum opens Wednesday - Sunday 9.00hrs. - 16.00hrs. (Close Monday - Tuesday)

For entrance fee : Adult 30 THB, Child 10 THB

For more information please visit or Call 037-211-586


Bang Yang, Baan Sarng District

It is a very peaceful and romantic resort beside Bang Parkong River where you can get away from busyness and enjoy the natural life here. Both staffs and owner are very nice and kind. Food here is also very delicious. Everything here is so perfect together.

For more information please visit or or Call 089-949-1956

Baan Mai Ked Homestay

Mai Ked, Mueng Distrcit

(The Outstanding Agrotourism Attractions 2013)

Anything that you would like to do just tell them, they will take you to do whatever you want to such as kayaking, visit the falls, city center or visit the villager's orchard where there are many kind of fruit that you can try for free.^^

For more information please visit or Call 081-458-9531, 081-454-4148

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