In the last review, Dek Jew took you to the Surin Islands, visited the Moken village, swam and snorkelled to see clownfish or "Nemo".

Now it is a review in the part of accommodation where we were staying @ Khao Lak in the same trip. And we stayed at a beautiful hotel like Casa de La Flora in Khao Lak.

In Khao Lak, there are so many beachfront hotels like this but Casa de La Flora differentiate from the others by it own unique design. Rooms are beautiful and comfortable, accompanied with its own pool in every room. However, the room prices are quite high.

We have the answer why the Casa de La Flora should be one of your choices. It has more than its looks and its unique design that you can see. The price that you need to pay comparing what you will receive is really worth.

Are you ready?.. Let's go to see how good is this place, to find the answer why we love the Casa de La Flora and why we really want to go back there again.

**This review is SR. The complimentary that Dek Jew and family will receive from this trip are:

- Round-trip flight tickets from Bangkok to Phuket.

- Airport shuttle service.

- One day trip to the Surin Islands.

- Accommodation at Casa de La Flora, Khao Lake for 2 nights includes breakfast.

Dek Jew started traveling since Dek Jew was only 5 months old. You can visit Dek Jew's travel stories by follow the link below:

Let's start our trip...

We arrive to Phuket lately in the afternoon. After receiving our luggages, we are heading to get on a shuttle van. This time we don't rent a car but we use the service of Andaman Passion take us from the airport to the hotel.

It take about 1 hour driving from Phuket International Airport to the hotel in Khao Lak.

Finally we arrive at Casa de La Flora, the hotel that mommy really desire to stay once. Having read many review about this hotel and today we arrive here is the real. So excited!

Receive a Welcome Drink which is fresh coconut juice. It is really sweet, nice flavour and refreshing.

After drinking a welcome drink, one of the staffs is bringing a small bottle of essential oils and Amenity Set for us to choose and use in our room.

I want to say that the hotel choose a Thann brand as an Amenity Set for using in a hotel which has very pleasant fragrance. We choose a fragrance of Oriental Essence which contains in a green bottle. The fragrance is really good and it makes me want to buy this to use at home.

The first day that we stay here is on Friday. Every Friday evening, the hotel usually arrange a Cocktail Party on beach for every guests who is staying in the hotel.

We go to our room to keep our luggages and rush to this spot very quick. Here there are many delicious canapés with tasty cocktails. Guests can walk to this station for ordering drinks. The staffs are pleased to offer great services to all guests.

I really like this one... A small piece of pineapple rapped with cheese and ham. The combination of these ingredients is incredibly delicious. I eat many pieces of this dish though.

The drinks that we order are Fruit Mojito (Strawberry and Blueberry) and Lychee juice for Dek Jew...All drinks are really tasty.

There is a super delicious dish of fried sausage and Dek Jew takes many pieces of this to satisfy a stomach.

We sit nearby the sea complemented with great atmosphere like this but please don't ask why we don't have any pictures of the sea. The reason is that the sky is not clear on the day we arrive. We can't even see sunset or sunlight and suddenly the sky goes dark....So pity.

A video of Prim (Dek Jew) taking a tour to Casa de La Flora: A Cocktail Party Episode.

Now let's go to see our room!

Our room type is Duplex Grand Pool Villa, which has 2 storey and swimming pool.

Every room in this resort has its own pool. There are 8 room types which have different design and functional space.

We take this pathway to our room....There are many trees along the pathway which are really green.

Entering to the room, we will firstly meet the bathroom floor.

The door on the right-hand side it is the entrance door of our room. The area behind the mirror is a part of the bathroom and the important thing is that our room doesn't have any bathroom door!

Therefore, this room type is only suitable for couples or family like us. If you come with friend, you should book a room with a bathroom door. It will give you more convenience and comfort.

Taking some steps down on the stairs, there will be a living area and swimming pool, while upstairs is a bedroom area.

In brief, this villa has 3 floors with elegant and chic design. Every part of the villa is quite spacious. Let's have a look at every part, beginning with the bathroom area. The delimitation line of the bathroom area is this counter basin.

There is a very long counter basin with 2 tabs where two persons can use at the same time.

Behind the counter basin is very large bathtub. It is absolutely large as three persons can soak themselves comfortably here.

Dek Jew enjoy swimming in this tub like it is a small swimming pool.

One side nearby the bathtub is a shower area which has 2 Rain Shower, where parents can take a shower together with their children.

Another side is a wardrobe, a make-up table and safety box.

All bathroom amenities are kept in storage boxes.

Let me mention about the rectangle stool at the make-up table. It is a stool which has a changeable colour LED light. Dek Jew is really like this stool and turn on blue light and switch to purple light many times because it is a personal and favourite colour of Elsa and Rapunzel.

The amenities of Thann have really pleasant fragrance. Actually mommy chose the green bottle but Dek Jew prefer the red bottle. Therefore, one of the staffs bring the extra amenity for us with 2 different colours.

Let's walk to the bed room upstair.

Inside of the bedroom such as floor, wall, and ceiling, all are decorated with wooden panels along with beautiful lighting. Giving a feeling of warmness and coziness.

We can see an ocean view from the bedroom's balcony.

The room has TV and Apple TV with keyboard. Easily access to Facebook and watch Youtube from the TV.

Now, let's walk down to the living area.

There are also TV and Apple TV with a keyboard here.

A refrigerator, minibar and a coffee machine are placed in this corner.

(In the evening, the staffs will do a turndown service and will put a local snack as well as a chocolate on the bed)

Walking out from our room is a pool area.

The pool is really big like a real swimming pool with privacy atmosphere.

A video of Prim (Dek Jew) taking a tour to Casa de La Flora: Get into the Room Episode.

After seeing our room, we take a walk around the hotel area. Firstly, we will have to have a look at a hotel map which will give an idea what is located in the hotel area.

The hotel is located in parallel to the coastline of Bang Niang Beach.

We spend most of our time in the evening at the hotel because we took a day trip to the Surin Island the whole day. That's why you will see that we have more pictures at night than pictures in a day time. Plus, the weather on the day we arrived was not beautiful.

Therefore, we have clear and sunny sky in the pictures only on the day before we go back home...

Anyway, start from the front of the hotel. The hotel's entrance and the lobby are adjacent next to road.

The lobby area is decorated in simple style with airy ambiance.

There is a stair to go up to the Presidential Suite and we would like to visit this room type but unfortunately it is occupied. So we are unlucky at this time.

In the front building, there are a souvenir shop, a library, and a fitness room.

The souvenir shop look quite chic and modern.

Relaxing corner and library.

The fitness room is situated under the lobby floor.

Walking through the Lobby, we will see this sculpture which is in front of the spa area.

A pathway to villas. Inside the hotel area is decorated with variety kind of trees and stones.

Here is an area in front of our villa.

In the evening, the main pool has been brighten with lights.

We have reached one of the most important parts of the hotel which is La Aranya Restaurant.

Here is the only one restaurant of the hotel. It is located next to the beach. The atmosphere is really nice complemented with live music.

Before we sleep, the sky was so cloudy but this early morning is totally different. The sky is full of stars which is a good sign that all cloud are gone. Today we are heading to the Surin Islands and we are sure that the weather will be clear and beautiful.

Daddy get up early in the morning to shoot some pictures once again with the Twilight in the sky.

Early in the morning, there is no light around the main pool area. It looks a little dark.

This chic chair is the must in our pictures.

This is an Infinite Pool which looks like it is a single piece connecting to the sea water.

Early in the morning at La Aranya Restaurant.

The atmosphere of the seaside in the morning is really nice. We visit here in the end of January. when the weather is not too hot but not too cold. It is just perfect!

Sitting here in the morning while cool wind is blowing to my face. Such a good moment.

Normally a breakfast here is a la carte, as well as a buffet line.

Let's see what's on the buffet line. Which one can be our choices for this morning.

(All pictures of breakfast is a combination of two day while we are staying here)

Food ordered from the menu has a wide variety of Western, Thai and Chinese cuisines.

This is a rice porridge for kids that's why it looks dazzling white.

Western-style breakfast for daddy.

Pad Thai (Stir-fried Thai noodles) is also delicious.

Having breakfast with a beautiful view like this is perfect. The sea water is really clear and light blue.

After satisfying our stomach with delicious breakfast, let's take a walk around. The morning atmosphere here is really refreshing.

A main swimming pool with clear water makes me want to swim here. As I have a glance, there are just a few guests around this area. I guess that they can swim in their room since every room has it's own pool.

We took a tour to the Surin Island all day. We hope to be back in time while we can see an egg yolk is slowly dropping into the sea (a sunset).

We are really excited while we are on the way back. Glad that finally we catch up this in time...So happy.

Back from the island trip, Dek Jew also continue swimming in the main pool. This kid has such a lot of energy :-)

Let's move our body to see a beautiful sunset at La Aranya Restaurant. The light is as beautiful as we saw at the main pool.

Are there anyone else who could have a romantic atmosphere like these two?....So jealous.

Imagine if there is a cocktail party here instead of the bad-weather day like yesterday, it would be a lot better.

The atmosphere is pretty good...The sunlight is really beautiful.

Today, there is a special dinner table which is separate from the others and located near the main pool...Looks so romantic.

Moving back to the main pool again. The sunlight is still beautiful. Dek Jew swims here until the sunlight is gone.

This evening we have dinner at La Aranya Restaurant.

We ordered a set menu, 1 person with 1 set, which each set has an appetiser, a main course and a dessert.

The highlight and the most impressive dishes are dessert. All dessert dishes are really delicious...I really miss it and I want to eat again.

It is such a short moment here. Today we will have to go back home.

This morning, the sky is very clear. The sea is really blue and beautiful ....Ahhh...I don't want to go back.

In the period that we visit the resort, we haven't seen full sandy beach of Bang Niang Beach. I think it because of high-tide period and full moon.

Actually, we carried some equipments to play sand but we are unlucky at this time. The kid can's play the sand at all. Besides, we don't even know what colour and what quality of the sand here.

This morning, the main pool looks so beautiful and makes us want to swim right now.

All pools here do not contain salt and chlorine but is has been put a special chemical substance which is better and more safety than salt and chlorine.

Dek Jew begs for swimming until the last minute.

A video of Prim (Dek Jew) taking a tour to Casa de La Flora: Swimming in a Main Pool Episode.

Coming back to our room.

Dek Jew is really enjoying the pool and the bathtub.

A video of Prim (Dek Jew) taking a tour to Casa de La Flora: Swimming in the Villa's Pool Episode.

Before returning home, we have an opportunity to visit the Beachfront Grand Pool Villa.

This room type has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living area in the middle and a pool next to the beach. The view from this villa is amazing. You can absolutely see ocean view from every room...So beautiful.

It is nearly the time to leave this place. Today, the sky is pretty clear and the sea is really beautiful. It makes me do not want to leave this hotel. 3 days and 2 nights here passed by so fast.

We take this car to the Phuket International Airport. It is really comfortable with massage chairs and wi-fi in the car. This makes the 1.5 hours from Khao Lak to Phuket International Airport to be such a short drive.

A video of Prim (Dek Jew) taking a tour to Casa de La Flora: Going Back Home Episode.

We finished our trip with a lot of impression.

This trip Dek Jew had a chance to take a tour on the Surin Islands which was the first experience of seeing and learning the lifestyle of Moken people.

And it was the first time in life to go snorkelling.

You can view the "Snorkelling on the Surin Islands" episode by clicking this link (Thai language) =>

Ps. having stayed in this beautiful resort was really impressed.

Dek Jew have to say goodbye for now. See you again in the next review.

Thank you for traveling together with Dek Jew.

Dek Jew Chill Out

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