Into the FOG at Doi Puico... and Breathe in Fresh Pure Air

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My trip to Doi Puico in Sob Mei is on the weekend of 17 - 18 December 2016. Doi Puico is not far from Chiang Mai so we start our day not in a hurry and leave Chiang Mai at 8.30 AM. On our way to Sob Mei on two motorbikes, we encounter with a little rain in Doi Lor. So, we are quite afraid that it might be raining heavily in Sob Mei. Luckily that there is no rain when we arrive in Ban Um Da Nuea. From the parking lot, it is approximately 800 meters hike to the top of Doi Puico. The trail is pretty steep so it is energy consuming. Once we make it to the top and take photos here and there, the fog comes over and covers everything in just a short time. Therefore, we barely see anything. I feel a bit upset as well because I don't have any drinks with me. After that, we woke up around 5 AM and found that the fog is still everywhere. I guess we can't do anything as we might be here in not a good time. I kind of give up and plan to fold up my tent and hike down at 8 AM. Guess what!! The fog turns out to be gone around 8 o'clock. I am panic searching for my battery since I have not much battery left anymore........ How many photos can I get? ..........(This trip is on my own and a friend. We brought everything from Chiang Mai on a motorbike. The total expenses is around 1,000 THB including petrol + foods and drinks). Jame is my company on this trip.

This is the trail up to the top of Doi Puico which is about 800 meters from the parking lot.

Location: Ban Um Da Nuea, Tambon Mae Khatuan, Amphoe Sob Mei, Mae Hong Son, at 1,406 meters above sea level. It is about 14 kilometers from District Office of Sob Mei.

To get here: You can get here by a motorbike or a pickup truck, no need a four-wheel drive (compact car is not recommended). The road of about 14 kilometers is partly concrete and partly unpaved. The unpaved part is full with dust.

Sherpas Service
P' Chatchai, the officer who looks after the top of Doi Puico
Call: 097 272 7693
Round-trip private transfer
Sob Mei – Doi Puico 2,000 THB
Mae Sariang – Doi Puico 3,000 THB
Sherpas service fee 400 THB (go up and come back down), 1 person per 1 Sherpas

Sherpas Service : You need to contact the number given above. The Sherpas is local and he will help you carry your belongings up to the top of the mountain as well as set up the tent.
- Don't make a loud noise after 9 PM (very strict)
- Take care of your own trash (very strict)
- Save water
- Follow the rules on all of the announcement boards



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