Doi Angkhang, Doi Chompoo is a well-known place because of the beautiful of Thailand's Sakura. There are a flower from Phaya Suer Khlong trees and Sakura trees of Thailand. These trees are brought to plant in Doi Ang Khang from Japan by the Royal Project. The trees are plant along the brae. When Sakura is blooming, the roads on this hill are fulled with a sweet and scent of pink Sakura.

I am happy to come back again during the period of blooming of these flowers here. Greeting travelers who come to travel here to feel the cold weather in the northern part. The province that fulled of traveler ever is Chiang Mai, the province that is familiar to all people. The weather is so nice, it is the period of splendor Sakura blooming in Thailand. It blooming to greet the coming January of the year and we choose to traveling here to see the beautiful of it at "Angkhang, Doi Chompoo".

It is convenience to travel during winter period, eyes and mind are seem comfortable, good weather, beautiful view. Those things would not definitely blow to our room, we have to go out and find it, look at it, and somehow touch it. Sometimes difficulty occur during traveling can teach us a lot of things. Sometimes we have to face with a bad weather on the day we arrive. But if we look on the other side of it, the day without a sunlight can also give us another picture in mind, it can also give us another feeling of memory. Everything is beautiful, classic by itself. The fog cover all over the mountain, starting from the early morning until noon although this land haven't touch with the sunlight on that day.

The royal project here has breeding many winter plants to conserve and sustain the initiative of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej' idea, our King Rama 9. This is the first agricultural research station of royal project. "Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang", it is located at Mae Ngon Sub district, Amphure Fang, Chiang Mai Province, average point above sea level is 1,400 meters. This place change from planting an opium to agriculture a winter plant instead. It is a perfect planing and useful. Mountaineers get the job, the output of planting a royal project plants are enough for them to consume and generate a lot of income to all people on the mountain here.

"Fresh strawberry" is well known at Doi Angkhang. Strawberry farms here are located between a hill and fog. There are a lot of strawberry tree planting along the brae. There is a light rain and a thick fog on the day I go there. Actual " Nor Lae strawberry farm" here is a place people like to visit and see the sunset. If I have a chance, I will come back to this place again on the day the sun going to set down below the hill of this place.

Doi Angkhang is a mountain that easy to go there. We can conveniently drive a car up here. If you don't have a car, there is a minibus providing for passengers. The roads have already developed for traveler, full of food. Grill pork on pan can easily find it on this Doi. Fresh coffee of this place is good when compare to other. A tea farm here is also plant in a widen area. The taste of the tea leaf is nice smell and is well selected for traveler and supporter to consume and satisfy with its taste.

There are so many people on Doi Angkhang. I was surrounded by a chaos since the number of people is greater than the number of Sakura trees.To find a peaceful corner to sip the coffee, feel the atmosphere, take a photo, drink a cup of latte coffee and write a postcard to record the journey make me feel warm in the middle of the cool weather and it is the most relax time I can slowly sip a coffee, slowly breath in the atmosphere and everything go on unhurriedly.

Doi Angkhang makes me feel like I am going back in time to the movie "The Letter, love letter", some part of the movie make us cry. It is the memory that come from this place. The warm feeling in the middle of the cool weather is real on this mountain and if we come here with people we love and spend a good time together here, that sweet moment in the movie, it seems like it is touchable and unforgettable for me.

Doi Angkhang, Chiang Mai

January 2017


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 Sunday, February 5, 2017 7:08 PM