If mentioning about Kanchanaburi, there are not many things you may think of. One of those must surely be Bridge over the River Kwai, Sangkhlaburi and Srinagarind Dam, right? But who knows there are plenty of attractions around Muang Kanchanaburi. Okay, today I will bring you guys to travel in Kanchanaburi ri ri ri ri ...

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And I would like to thank you "Pungwaan Resort and Spa" very much for accommodating the trip // salute beautifully.

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Everyone who visits Kanchanaburi certainly must take hipster-style photos at "Bridge over the River Kwai". This time I try editing photos with VSCO Cam to match with the atmosphere.

The Bridge over the River Kwai we see currently is the second one. The first bridge was built by Japanese army located in War Museum area, near present bridge.

Upon leaving, I see brother-sister couples playing live music. So cute! ^^

Not far from the bridge, there are ruby market and War Museum. Walk just little bit.

The ticket fee is 40 THB for whole day, unlimited time .. The museum displays instruments and appliances during World War 2, including history of "Death Railway" as well. The atmosphere is very quiet making me feel haunt a lot, haha.

As I mentioned earlier that Kwai River Bridge we see today is the second one, the first one is located inside this museum. The statue well represents why many prisoners of war died. Apart from that, the area of museum also tells stories about World War 2 too. Walking around gives me lots of knowledge. More importantly, I have a chance to read ancient newspaper.

Walk towards exit way, you will find a person selling carving soap. I would say it is so pretty and perfectly suits for being souvenirs. It is totally handmade items because he shows carving at that point. If you come by, don't forget to buy some. ^^

Moreover, inside the War Museum is also a location of "Phra That Kwai Yai" as well.

After that, we travel around city with condition of avoiding any crowded places O_O The driver bring us to worship "The City Shrine".

I have to say I have never missed a chance to try Chi-Chi Sticks, LOL. I like the sound when shaking it. >< Then we intend to go around paying respect to the Buddha because there are many temples in Kanchanaburi. We start at "Wat Chai Chumphon Chana Songkhram" which locates beside Mae Klong river. The view is splendid but the temples is currently renovating space on riverside. We will see beautiful riverside atmosphere very soon.

After that we plan to go to a cave ... at "Wat Tham Mungkorn Thong". It is slightly outside the city, near "Wat Baan Tham", but it is about to rain. So, we decide to end at Wat Tham Mungkorn Thong.

At this point, we almost turn back. OMG!! How steep they are!!! I walk pass a monk. He may notice our reaction, so he said "Go ahead. Only 95 steps".

What! .. 95 steps .. Do I really have to carry all the fat in my body up there? My friends try to cheer me up, so does the driver. Okay, I will go inside the cave to see what's inside.

Upon reaching to the top, I have to say I am extremely tired, for a non-exercise woman like me ..

To ask if it is worth to come up here? So worthwhile to carry the fat, LOL. The view is spectacular. But when I walk to the bottom, it suddenly rains. So, this is the end of our trip. Go back to resort and prepare for "Sai Yok" tomorrow ..

Continue for Chapter 3 very soon ..

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 Sunday, June 28, 2015 3:34 PM