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Today I would to take you all to the place that is almost forgotten. It used to be where people are coming for foggy sea, cool weather and the beautiful sunrise. Nowadays, it becomes a second tourist attraction place, not famous as it used to be.

Doi Pha Tung

Located at Baan Pha Tung, T. Por, Vieng Kaen, Chiang Rai. It is 1,635 meters from sea level. It is only 30 KM. away from Phuchefah and there are new tourist attraction place that is not away from Doi Pha Tung such as Phuchedow and Phuchedeun.

There are mountaineers such as Mong, Yao and Haw lived here.

Doi Pha Tung have a very beautiful sunrise and sunset, where you can enjoy both amazing moment. The fog that covers the mountain in Laos side is also a wonderful view that attract me to visit every year. It is very beautiful and different in each year..

After I talked to the villager, he tells me about the history of Doi Pha Tung as it used to be the battlefield of Communist. The time has passed by Doi Pha Tung become the famous tourist attraction place that people want to visit. There are many resorts and restaurant built up and car rental service go up and down the mountain. Moreover, the community also has even for Winter Festival and New Year Celebration of each year. At that time, it was created a lot of income for people in the community.

Nowadays, tourism at Doi Pha Tung is lifeless even still has plentiful of nature, easy to get there and a lot food. Moreover, Doi Pha Tung has product of royal project such as coffee, strawberry, crape goose berry, etc. This place is also well know about Sakura Thailand or Wild Himalayan Cherry which will be blooming all over the mountain. I used to come here during Wild Himalayan Cherry Blossom at the school, I was so jealous of the children here that they had such a very beautiful school. They were having so much during lunch time. That moment is still on my mind.

Villagers said that there are less tourists coming to Doi Pha Tung because there are many new tourist attraction places such as Phuchedow and Phuchedeun or it is just a pass way to Phuchefah. Many resorts and coffee shops that used to be blooming start to shut down as well as camping area that become an empty space.

My intention of this trip is to collect more photos so that I can tell the story of this land to encourage all tourists to come to Doi Pha Tung again. It is still very beautiful, plenty of nature and the beautiful sunrise from Laos, this place and those amazing views are still waiting for everyone to come and visit.

There are also variety of forest flowers which is very beautiful and we can easily see them here along the natural trail.

There are 3 viewpoints at Doi Pha Tung where we have to walk which are Hill 101, Hill 102 and Hill 103. Hill 101 is the place for the most beautiful sunrise where the sun will come out at the middle of Pha Bong. Hill 102 is where we can see the foggy sea from mountains in Laos area. Finally, Hill 103 is the top of Doi Pha Tung where there is a very amazing view that decorates with big stone cliff. If you cannot walk, there is a horse service that you can easily ride up to the mountain.

Personally, I really like Doi Pha Tung because we do not have to be in a crowd and fight each other to see the foggy sea. If you have friends or even yourself who would like to have a wonderful time like me, I would recommend this place as another good choice. I guarantee that you will be so impressed with all those amazing view around you and it will be always in your memory.

I make a promise to myself that I will come here in winter of every year the most beautiful sunrise and foggy sea in the morning. We all have different feeling to each place and the place that make us feel good always attract us to come back. I will definitely invite my friends to hiking and enjoying the natural trail at Doi Pha Tung. I am so glad when hearing people fall in love with Doi Pha Tung again and hope that this wonderful place will not be forgotten...

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