There are many people think that Aow Phangnga only has Khao Ta Pu, Khao Ping Kan and Koh Pan Yee for tourist attraction places. But actually there are many more places that you can visit. There are 46 islands at Aow Phangnga and each of them can attract you to come back again.

1. The Forest Islands of Phang Nga

The most beautiful viewpoint of the forest island is at Koh Yaw Noi and you can see many islands from here like the heart of King of Nagas.

Viewpoint from Koh Pa Nak in the morning

2. Koh Hong

Koh Hong is an island that is surrounded by mountains and block it from that outside like it is in a room.

In order to get in there, we have to take canoe from in front of the island.

>>>Like that!!!<<<

In side the cave ^_^

Inside is so peaceful and very beautiful.

Red hawk is the local bird, flying above us.

There are also beautiful stalactites but I would like you all to see for yourself...

3. I-Tim Cave...Koh Pa Nak

Koh Pa the island that has so many caves. Some of them can get through but some of them cannot pass because the water level has been rising up and close the cave entrance.

Inside, it is not difficult to breath as the cave is quite high and airy. Moreover, there are also have an amazing stalactite as you can see....

Some of stalactite is also shining in the dark...

At the end of the cave, there is a very big stalactite that looks like an Ice-cream cone. (I-Tim means Ice-Cream that's why they name the cave like that "I think")

Many tourists come to visit the beauty of stalactite in the cave...

4. Lao Ku Du ... Ku Du Lagoon

There are 3 big stones standing next to each other like a family and it is a symbol of the place.

Inside the lagoon which I personally call "Ku Du Lagoon"... It is so amazing and very beautiful. It is not just very clear water but also plenty of fishes.

Most of foreigner tourists are rent the boat from Koh Yaw Noi to come here but it is still an unseen place for Thai tourists.

Even there is no beach but it is still beautiful as it is.... ^_^

5. Viewpoint at Koh Nok

Koh Nok, the name does not feel familiar to me, it is an island that next to Koh Yaw Yai. It is a small island with the beach that has a lot of shells. (The beach does not beautiful as in Andaman Side)

But the highlight is the "Panorama Viewpoint" of Aow Phangnga.

See!!! The islands of Aow Phangnga

Even it does not have a very beautiful beach like the other but it is so peaceful.

6. Separated Sea at Koh Yaw Yai

When the water decrease you can walk along way on the sand in the sea...

A very long sand ridge so that you can cause to the other side of the island.

And also have Koh Yaw Noi to be our background with the blue sky....

There are so many beautiful places on Aow Phangnga but we do not know...

So just go out and you will see...

Aow Phangnga...You are so amazing


Hello Phang-Nga

 Sunday, March 26, 2017 4:21 PM