To mention about Bobae Market, most of Thai people know it pretty well.

It is well known as no.1 place for garment wholesale.

This place is full of fashion clothes in different styles.

It is also crowded with people who come to shop.

Includes both Thais and foreigners.

However, in the middle of liveliness, there is something peaceful hidden inside.

On top of Bobae Tower is a location of a hotel called Prince Palace Hotel.

It is a large hotel with 744 rooms in 3 buildings; A, B and C.

It also consists of 7 restaurants, 2 swimming pools, 1 fitness center and 1 spa.

And today we will escape from city's jumble to rest at a spa named Darawadee.

Darawadee is Prince Palace's spa located on 12th floor of C building. This spa has multiple rooms to welcome guests.

Once entering, the atmosphere is peaceful, no noise from outside.

Apart from that, aroma even makes me feel more relax.

Darawadee offers various services including head massage, body massage, foot massage, Thai massage, herbal compress massage, body scrub and body mask.

And this is Thai massage room.

Today we are doing chocolate mask.

Chocolate is on of products made from cocoa seed. It is little bitter.

But is still popular among all ages and genders.

More importantly, many researches identify its benefits for having Flavonoid

IT helps reducing skin's reactivity to UV rays as well as increasing moisture.

So, it is the cause of chocolate spa.

Apart from that, chocolate also contains vitamin and other minerals for reviving extremely dry skin and lessen skin irritation.

Add more moisture to the skin as well as reduce skin rashness. Slow down degeneration and boost growth skin cell.

Urge restoration of tissue, strengthen pore and reduce acne.

Then we wash body in Jacuzzi plus massage by vortex system.

Darawadee has private Jacuzzi room.

After spa, let's survey around the hotel.

Prince Palace Hotel is considered as large hotel consisted of 3 buildings.

It is unbelievable that there is such a big hotel on top of Bobae Tower.

Darawadee is connected to B building which is a location of hotel's swimming pool.

The pool at B building is much larger and more quiet than A building.

Not only spa and swimming pool, Prince Palace Hotel also provides fitness center too.

There are many machines since the hotel opens for subscription too.

Subscription fee is divided into 1 month and 3 months.

Walk down from Darawadee is a lounge for relaxing.

This area is another viewpoint of Prince Palace Hotel.

At C building, there is a Japanese restaurant named SHINSEN SUSHI BAR.

It is 1 of 7 restaurants in the hotel. (Why there are so many restaurants????)

If you come during weekends, you will find buffet at THB599 per person.

SHINSEN SUSHI BAR's interior makes us feel like we are in Japan, no matter table, seating or even Sakura tree.

The food is fully offered.

After yummy Japanese food, we are going to see bedroom. Our room tonight is DELUXE ROOM.

The room has generous space ... enough for 10 people.

Most of the decorations are made of wood giving classic yet luxurious feelings.

Electricity is controlled by electronic system. Television can be turned on from here. At first we were finding where to turn on.

Tea, coffee and kettle are provided.

Bathrobe and slippers.

Bathroom is equipped with amenities and hair dryer.

Soap, shampoo and shower cap.

Finish from bedroom. We go to the pool between A and C building.


For 360 degree image :

There are more people than the one at B building which is not surprise. Because this pool bar is very beautiful.

There is also food and drink services.

Our first meal of the day is Prawn Curry+ Naan Bread.

It is very intense with spice.

Another menu we try is Pork Cordon Bleu Burger served with cold drink.

It is on promotion, from THB530 to THB399.

The atmosphere of COCONUT POOL BAR & SUNSET BEER GARDEN at night is bustling.

But if in the evening, it is in other words romantic.

Move to the pool on B building ... super quiet.

We still have enough time to survey the rest of the hotel.

On 32nd floor of A building is another restaurant named CHINA PALACE.

According to the name China, this restaurant specially serves Chinese food.

Opens everyday diving into 2 period; 11.30-14.30 hrs. and 18.00-22.30 hrs.

Once floor beneath, 31st floor, is a location of Thai cuisine called Krua Mahanak.

Open hours: 18.00-1.00 hrs.

On the same floor, there is another restaurant "SKY LOUNGE & KARAOKE". It is also 1 of 7 restaurants in Prince Palace Hotel.

It provides privately soundproof room with fine stereo. You can order food in here.

It opens everyday separated into 2 period; 11.30-14.30 hrs. and 18.00-22.30 hrs.

This is PRINCE CAFE which is probably main dining-room of Prince Palace.

Because it serves all day including;

Buffet Breakfast 6.00-10.00 hrs.

Buffet Lunch: 11.30-14.30 hrs.

A La Carte Dinner: 18.00-23.00 hrs.

Let's see what they offer in breakfast.

We have breakfast at PRINCE CAFE opening from 6.00 to 10.00 hrs.

Start with salad.

Corn flakes and cereals.

Strawberry jam, orange marmalade, butter ... what about bread?

There are variety of breads available.


Fried egg ... boiled egg or soft-boiled is self service.

Sausage and ham

Pickled mustard green to eat with boiled rice.

Stir fried noodle and fried rice

Sushi roll ... comes in bite-size.

For beverages, there are water, orange juice, grape juice, tea and coffee.

After the meal, we go to COCONUT POOL BAR & SUNSET BEER GARDEN.

Though the name is Sunset, we can also see sunrise.

The hotel contains 744 guest rooms, 7 restaurants and plenty of facilities.

It also owns tabernacle ... Yes, this hotel has tabernacle holding Buddha's relics from Sri Lanka.

You are welcome to pay respect to the relics fro your prosperity.

Lastly, we wish you the best of luck. Till next review.

Contact Information

Prince Palace Hotel

488/800 BoBae Tower Damrongrak Road, Klong Mahanak,

Pomprab, Bangkok 10100, Thailand.

Tel. (662) 628-1111, (662) 628-1000

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