Welcome to my free day at Kaeng Krachan

The period that we go is in December


1. We take the public van from Victory Monument directly to Kaeng Krachan (just tell them when you buy the ticket) Ticket price 200 THB + 50 THB to get off at Kaeng Krachan.

2. From Kaeng Krachan to Khao Phanoen Thung, we rent a car from national park for 1,200 THB/ 4 people and stay one night up there. (We are so lucky that we get a car of national park officer so whatever we see he will stop a car and explain to us).

Cost for stay overnights

1. Rental a tent for 500 THB/ 2 people for the first night

2. Rental a tent for 800 THB/ 4 people for the second night

PS. There is no photoshop on these photos.

When we arrive, it is so WOW!!!...It is really beautiful^^.

Do not just enjoy the view too much otherwise you will forget to rent a tent from the national park. The office will be closed around 4.00pm.

Let's do it>>>>

What to do here!!!

1. The symbol of arriving...taking photo with Hornbills

2. Looking for food

As we do not prepare any foodstuffs so it is quite important for us.

The price is a little bit more expensive than outside but overall is okay.

3. River view

It is a very drought year as you can see the water level is quite low...T_T...

4. Taking a photo over the rope bridge

5. Waiting for the beautiful sunset

After the sunset, it is time to prepare for our dinner before it is getting darker then go for showering.

The bathrooms are clean, safe and not too far from our camping area. It is shared bathroom but it is separated men and women so do not worry.

In the darkest night, we can see the sky much more brighter with the light of those stars.

.... ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★....

Good morning!!!!!

Waking up, taking shower and waiting to go up to Khao Phanoen Thung....

We have informed national park officer that we are going to Khao Phanoen Thung and want to stay for a night. We also leave our contact number there perhaps someone want join the group or we can join them. Sadly, no one is joining just us.....

There are only 2 rounds to go up to Khao Phanoen Thung:

1. In the morning 05.30am. - 07.30am. for a day trip

2. In the afternoon 1.00pm. - 3.00pm. for stay overnight

Also there are 2 rounds to go down:

1. 9.00am. - 10.00am.

2. 4.00pm. - 5.00pm.

We have been waiting for joiners until the afternoon but there is still no one want to go up there with us. (It is might be because there are not many tourists come here during weekday).

So we all have to go up there without joiners; "1 car for 1,200 THB for 4 people for 1 night"

The officer will arrange the document for us. 15 minutes later the car that we rent is arriving to pick us up.

Praying for luckiness before departure>>>

During the way up, our driver is so quiet so we try to talk to him and find out that actually he is the national park officer, his name is Jacky. We are so lucky that we have him as our driver. He guilds and explains everything along the way such as many kinds of birds or animal footprints.

If you come with other private car, we might not get any information like this.

We have to stop at Baan Krang Camp Check Point for officer to check number of people before going up to Khao Phanoen Thung.

P' Jacky also tell us that there are only a few tourists go to Khao Phanoen Thung as the weather at Baan Krang Camp is colder than at Khao Phanoen Thung.

Finally, we are here at Khao Phanoen Thung...

Leave everything and come this way at the viewpoint...

There is no hot water for showering in the 10 Degree Celsius.

And there is no electricity after 5.00pm.

So be prepared!!!

Leave everything and go to viewpoint KM. 30 where we still can see light fog in the afternoon...

Viewpoint KM. 36

After enjoying the wonderful view for a while we have to go back. As the welfare shop is about to close so we need to be hurry to order our dinner...

We order 4-5 dishes and every dish is very delicious.. and these are how they look>>>>

At the late night, the sky is so beautiful...^^

The fogy sea hunted trip is starting in an early morning...

Viewpoint KM. 30

Viewpoint KM. 36

Luckily that we have P' Jacky as our driver because whether there are fog or not he still takes us there.

On the way back, our great driver also shows us wild animals along the way such as monkey, gibbon, ect...

And this special flower... Rafflesia, a kind of lotus that is growing on the ground.

It is located near be Baan Krang Camp...

Arriving at Kaeng Krachan, we take a boat to enjoy wonderful view of the dam (about 800 THB).

After that we come to take photos at the rope bridge...

It is a time for leaving...

We are lucky that our driver drives us to the bus terminal. Or if you want to get on the van from here, you can call them pick you up at Kaeng Krachan and pay for 50 THB extra.

It is such an impressive trip for us...

Now it is time to say goodbye....Hope to have a chance to come back here again

And thank you all for reading until the end, we hope you enjoy it.

See you on my next journey....

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 Thursday, April 27, 2017 3:48 PM