This is a long trip. Starting from sighting a fog at Hin Pad, stay on the raft at Khao Sok, Visit old city of Phuket, Play with water at Koh Ta Chai, visit my senior home at Phatthalung, count down on Koh Ngai and finish the trip at Khao Sok again. This trip starts on 24 December 2015 - 2 January 2016.

Day 1

1st day we travel by personal car from Bangkok, heading to Surat Thani province. The first destination is " Hin Pad", Khiri Rat Nikhom district. I arrive in the evening and hurriedly find a 4x4 car to go to take the picture on Hin Pad. The road to Hin Pad has to use 4x4 car to go up. There are a cars of local people to service. The round trip service fee of 4x4 car is 200 Baht/ 10 people. At that time, I go there alone and have to pay 200 Baht. So sad, no one share the fee with me.

Take a picture for a while until evening, I think to myself that I haven't found an accommodation yet.

I plan to go up to take a picture of the mist and sun rises so I ask Khun Put, our driver, to find a place for me to make up a tent. Then he asks be back that why do I have to make up a tent, why not stay in his house because I plan to go up in the morning. I smile and feeling surprised because I just want to ask him for available space to set up the tent only. He also invites me to join the dinner. " Sometimes his gentle is not for money or any compensation" Thank You very much.

Day 2

I wake up around 4.00 am. People here wake up quite early. Khun Put see me wake up and tell me that I definitely can see a mist because last night was raining. After I finish my personal business, then I hurriedly take my camera and go up to Hin Pad in the morning.

Atmosphere during dawn time until the sun rises. It is very beautiful and I can really see the mist as he told me.

The route on the way back from Hin Pad

After that I say goodbye to Hin Pad and drive to Khao Sok national park. I take not so long to reach Ratchaprapha Dam

I find a parking lot and keep the car at the port ( service fee is 80 Baht/ night). After that I find a boat to send me to the accommodation. Today my destination is "Klong Ka raft". It calculate as a charter fee of 2,500 Baht since I come here alone so I plan to find someone to share to lower the price. I am really lucky that Mr.Ton and his girlfriend allow me to join with them and divide the cost by 3 and he collects my money on;y 800 Baht. Thank You to allow me to get on the same boat with you guys.

Take around almost 1 hour to travel by boat to Klongka raft ( The signal is not good only AIS signal is available )

My accommodation is the 3rd cottage house, public toilet 700 Baht/person/night (Contact Ms.Ying 081-0777271)

I take a pictures of the boat and feed the fish while waiting. They use corn kernels as a fish feed here. It is 20 Baht/ bamboo flask.

In the evening we go out for paddling, near the raft. And the rain is surprisingly fall which make the different atmosphere.

After that I am preparing to have a dinner. The food that the hotel arrange for us are Yellow curry, fried fish, omelet, fried vegetable and because I am hungry so I forget to take a picture of the food for you to see it. After dinner is finished, I go back to the accommodation. There is 1 fan inside the room. If you want to charge the battery, you have to go to the center point. It is not available in the room. The fan and light can turn on only in the evening because the electric generator will turn on during this period until dawn only. But, I open the window and door when sleeping to make the wind blow through the room. It is cool, don't have to turn on the fan. That night I can fall a sleep easily while listening to the sound of the wind and water.

Day 3

Last night I sleep early, so around 5.00 am I wake up and take my camera to take a picture during dawn.

This morning Mr.Suthin, manager of Klongka invites me to have a sit on the raft to drink a coffee, look at birds. He knows that I go there alone and afraid that I will be lonely haha. Thank You for inviting me to see the morning atmosphere.

Mr.Suthin and his sincere smile.

Around 09:00 am. I pick up my stuffs and say goodbye to Klong Ka. Thank You Ms.Ying and Mr.Suthin that take a very good care of me. A boat driver drops us to take a picture during the way back at Samgler mountain or another name for calling this place is Gui Lin of Thailand.

From Rajjaprabha Dam, I drive in a long distance and heading to Phuket province. Before I reach Phuket, I have to cross Sarasin Bridge and I think it has a beautiful view so I stop there and take a picture.

I stay at Ai Phuket Hostel l in Phuket. Ai Phuket Hostel is located in the Old Town which is near a walking street. I stay here for 3 nights. The first nights, I stay in a private room ( public rest room). The price is 600 Baht/ night. The 3rd night I stay in a dorm room with 8 beds ( public rest room). The price is 299 Baht/ night. Total expend for 3 nights is 1,499 Baht.

After I Check-in, I still have time left to go to see the sunset so I drive to Laem Prom Thep viewpoint.

I patrol to see the recommended restaurant from my survey but the restaurants I plan to visit are all closed but Go Benz restaurant is closed during New Year festival. Sam Gong soybean milk is also closed. Lastly, I end up at Koong Tung.

For more detail :

I want to sleep early for the first night in Phuket because I feel tired from the journey and I plan to go around the Old Town to take a picture tomorrow.

Day 4

Early morning at Phuket, I want to boost my energy. I cross the road at the intersection, near the river which is not quite far away. Then I can see Ro-Ti in a soup. This restaurant still uses a traditional stove which makes it look yummy and the restaurant is always fulled of people.

After I make myself fulled, I walk around the Old Town area. This building is a Sino-Portuguese Architecture. There are both a traditional building and a new renovate of its color to make it looks new and colorful.

I stroll until I reach middle of the road. There is one cute shop name Ran Nung Sri & Coffee so I take a break to find something to eat. The atmosphere inside is very good.

After that I go to visit Phuket Thaihua Museum, admission fee is 50 Baht.

Walking a lot consumes my energy and make me feel hungry, so I choose to have a local food near Chumcha market. There are a lot of foods here. I have Hun Pra Chang noodle, Hokkien fresh spring roll, Roba (pork fried entrails) and O-Aew ( snow ice with red syrup)

After the meal finished, I go to the temple to worship before the end of the year. The first temple is Wat Chalong.

After that I visit PhraPhutthaMingmongkolEaknakakeeree ( Wat Pra Yai ). Buddha is big and white located on the peak of Nak Kerd mountain. Some part going up to the mountain is quite steep.

In the late afternoon, I drive up to the 3 Aow viewpoints. From this point I can see Aow Kata Noi and Kata Lon.

In the evening, I drive to take the picture of the sunset at Kalima beach. The evening light reflects the sea surface, so beautiful.

There is a walking street at Thalang road near the accommodation ( walking street opens only on Sunday). So I go there to walk around and find something to eat. Also I have an arm painted. 1 pattern is 100 Baht.

I take the whole day travelling in Phuket. I walk a lot today and also walk in a walking street too. So, I feel exhausted when I reach the room. Tonight I plan to sleep early because tomorrow I plan to go to Koh Ta Chai. I ask an accommodation service team to help me buy a One Day Trip tour program with "WOW Andaman". The price is 2,500 Baht, including round trip car service to the accommodation

Day 5

6.00 am. the bus arrive at the accommodation to Thap La Mu Port, Pang Nga province. I reach the port around 8.30 am. Then I make a registration and fill in the detail about travel accident insurance ( On the left side of the picture is a registration point to Similan island, on the right side is the registration point to Koh Ta Chai). The staff of WOW Andaman will give a color wrist strap to indicate the different destination.

Breakfast is provided here. I recommend that people who has seasick should not eat a lot. Nausea medicine is also provided around there, you can take it anytime.

Diving equipment receiving point. But I am not going to join it so I haven't go and withdraw it.

Everyone has to take off their shoes before getting on the boat at the port.

Around 9.00 am, Mr.Artty, our guide of today, calls us to make a group and inform the traveling detail. After that we prepare ourselves and get on the boat.

It takes around 1.30 hours to reach Koh Tachai.

First activity, tour guide bring us to walk through the natural trail to see crab, chicken, Mae Gai bat, Mor La Kod Shell which takes around 20 minutes.

For lunch, WOW Andaman team has arranged the meal in a food carrier, ready to serve to tourist.

After that in the afternoon, our guide bring us to have a dive. But I don't go with them because I prefer taking a picture on the the island. So guide says, he will come back to pick us up at 15.00 pm. During that time I go to play with water and walk around to take a picture.

"Mr.Artty" our guide of this trip, takes a very good care. I feel sociable and impressed with his service.

The time passes so quickly, I aware it when I have to go back. I really like this place, like the clear of sea water and fine sand.

Back to the port, the shoes are arranged in line.

There are food, snack, water waiting to serve before you leave.

After that I get on the bus and ready to departure back to my accommodation in Phuket.

I sleep right away after reaching the accommodation because tomorrow I have to drive a car to my senior home at Phatthalung. At Phatthalung, I make an appointment with friend to travel to Trang sea. I am so happy to travel with friend because I travel alone for many days.

Day 6

I end the Phuket trip with a gruel, Dim Sum and prepare myself and heading to Phatthalung province.

I reach Phatthalung and meet with friends and seniors. After that I go to have dinner at Sripakpra Resort. The place also provided a rooms too. The distinctive view of this place is Yor Yak.

First night in Phatthalung, I stay in a homestay of my senior named Art-Made Homestayศิลป์-ทำ-โฮมสเตย์-549233221843160

My senior present a special menu " Saku Beetle". I have to try it, you have to try it yourself if you want to know the taste haha. And that night my friend and I have go to sleep and prepare our self for tomorrow to traveling to " Koh Ngai"

Day 7

I meet with friend at Pak Meng Pier, Trang province, in the morning to get on the boat to Koh Ngai,Trang province.

Around 10.00 am., starting to get on the boat and departure. The boat that I get on is a long tail boat. The fee is 3,500 Baht for chartering. They will bring us to travel to Koh Muk, Emerald cave, diving at Koh Kradan. Then they send us to Koh Ngai. The fee of sending us back is 1,200 Baht. There is a diving mask snorkel for service to customer who are going to go diving and see fishes, coral reefs.

At Muk island, boat driver bring us to swim together as a group through the Emerald cave (No picture). We stop the boat at Koh Kradan to go up and take a picture. Then, go diving around. the island.

Around 14.00 pm., the boat send us to Koh Ngai. My friend and I stay at Koh Ngai camping for 2 nights. The accommodation is a big tent, fit for 2-3 people, the price is 600 Baht/night. We book 3 tents, but I bring the tent by myself so I pay the accommodation for 200 Baht/night, including breakfast. Other meal, I order the menu at the accommodation. The price is not quite expensive. Contact the accommodation : Mr.Wichai 084-4410361.เกาะไหงแคมป์ปิ้ง-346695522201534

Eating while seeing the sea

Evening atmosphere on Koh Ngai

Night atmosphere on Koh Ngai. The rain is heavy but not that heavy. The sky is fulled of stars so I take a pictures for a while.

First night on the island after the party, I go to sleep. The tent I set up is next to the sea. I can hear the sound of the wave clearly. It is another night that I have enjoy sleeping.

Day 8

Morning of the end of the year, Good morning to the light of the new day.

Today we play with water for the hold day. Coral reef line is not far away. If water level is lower, you can walk down to see it.

In the evening, our group has a party for the end of the year on the island. We have a small barbecue. Seafood stuffs, I order it from the accommodation but we bring our own beverages.

Midnight now. Happy New Year 2016 ^^

Day 9

Good morning to the first day of the year. Friends ask me about staying at Klong Ka which I have visited before during we are on the island. It make them to feel interested to go there. Finally, I call Khun Ying ( the staff who taking care of that place) to book the accommodation.

In the afternoon, the boat come and pick up us from the island and send us back to Pak Meng pier. The boat takes around 40-45 minutes and after that we go back to home stay of our senior at Phatthalung to get the car. After saying properly goodbye to the senior, we then heading to Ratchaprapha Dam.

We arrive here in the evening and then park the car at the parking lot, the price is 80 Baht/ night. After that we get on the boat to Klong Ka. Chartering boat for round trip is 2,500 Baht, same price but this time it is cheaper for me because I come here with friends so the price is shared and I pay so not many.

We have dinner when arrive at the raft. After that we separate to each room. Khun Ying arranges 3 houses because we go there totally 9 people. The accommodation costs 700 Baht/person/night.

Day 10

This morning at Klong Ka, I am just getting to know this place for a few day ago and then I have a chance to come back here again. The atmosphere is very good and it is surrounded by a mountain.

In the morning, there is boat service to take us to see a bird but we choose to paddle it, play with water at the raft. This time I come with friend so my friends take a picture while I am jumping into the water for me haha.

Around 10 o'clock, we pack up stuffs and ready to go back. On the way back, the boat will stop at Gui Lin of Thailand to take a picture.

Before going back to Bangkok, we have a meal at Lum Phu 1 restaurant, near Pak Nam Tapi, Surat Thani province.

I enjoy driving in this trip, 2,567 km. All routes passing over 10 days, I have met many places, many people, friendship and kindness of people during the journey. Thank You every situation that gives me a good memory to record on my " Travel note" in this time.


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